ryo did nothing wrong

All you had to do was turn into a woman Satan

That wouldn't have helped, the autism was the real problem here. Akira would have fucked him right there in this scene if only Ryo had came onto him.



not this shit again


Ryo is cute! CUTE!

Will there be a Devilman Lady sequel? Get into the whole timelines and timeloop bullshit?

>wanting the wrath of feminists turned against Nagai

They're already bitching about Crybaby

Everything to do with Devilman is awful apart from the manga, Violence Jack, the first two OVAs and Crybaby. They should steer clear of any of the dumb spin offs.

He did eventually.

Lady is a sequel the continues the story, you can call it shit (it is) and tell people it's not worth reading but you should at least give them all the info to make a decision on their own.

he is literally Satan you stupid cunt

It'll be even worse for Lady.

Devilman Lady is not SHIT. It's an amazing piece of work. Fight me.

Satan did nothing wrong.
>God wants humans to stay dumb and without free will
>Satan is able to get Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thus giving them and all of humanity free will
If you changed the names and told this story to anyone, I would 100% guarantee you they would side with Satan. The only reason why people think he's bad is because they're taught that.

>they're taught that.
>burn in hell with demons torturing you as reward for following him
You can't just leave the other side out.

You're confusing Paradise Lost with the actual Bible

>implying ANYONE will give a shit

What does everything Masaaki Yuasa look like ass?

All of his shows are fucking ugly as sin.

That's the "male" one, user.

>Violence Jack
>The manga where amputee Miki is raped by a dog in front of amputee Ryo
>not awful
Only retards think Violence Jack is good. At least Lady had some kind of plot even if they rushed the end. Violence Jack is just edgy violence and aimless shit that keeps contradicting itself.

You're confusing Devilman with Christianity.

I thought the male-half-turned-female was more appropriate for replying to a post about turning to a woman.

He should have "inspected" Ran more closely to make sure. Fucking Nagai wasting a good ghost shower scene.

But it's God who sends people to hell

So why did God give up covering the earth in his big glowing ball? The thing covered a third of the planet in a few fucking minutes and then just stopped

Got to make the devils suffer. Can't just painlessly kill them off like that.

Nothing wrong with edgy violence. Stop being a cuck.

>be ryo
>I love you Ryo, you are my most precious thing
>huh? I'm a demon
>still, fuck humans
So Ryo's motivation was the uprising of demons all along? Even when he didin't know?

Shin actually seemed to be going somewhere at least before it abruptly ended since Skull King was distinct from Slum King and had Jack/Akiras face. And Zenon was the evil castle he lived in.

Then it had Miki tame Cerberus after her face was forced on a dog.

Not that other guy but fuck you because Devilman is actually one of the best researched pieces of Christian theology in fiction that I've seen. You can really tell that Go Nagai is an Alighieri fanboy, and he uses a distinctly medieval form of Roman Christianity as the basis for Devilman.

It made way more sense in the manga. He did it, Zenon sent demons to kill Akira and hurt his loved ones because he was a threat, and Ryo loved the sweet fuccboi Alora originally was and regretted making him a Devilman.

Finding out he was a mole all along fucked with his head when he learned he wasn't Ryo.

>Zenon sent demons to kill Akira
That never happened. In fact, you said this same exact thing in a thread yesterday and someone corrected you then.

Jack is Amon. Amon now has Akira's face because why not.

>That never happened.
Not him, but in volume 3 there's a demon killed because he was trying to kill Devilman which was against "that person's wishes." The demons attacks against Akira were retconned to Xenon later in novelizations and by Nagai because when he wrote Devilman first two volumes he hadn't come up with Satan yet.

Amon and Neo Devilman are kino. Lady also has some parts that are incredible.

Ryo's motivation is to reclaim the earth for demons and fight against God, but he fell in love with Akira so he wanted to make sure Akira would remain alive. So he makes sure Akira is possessed by Amon.

Psycho Jenny fucked with his memories in both the manga and Crybaby.


>The demons attacks against Akira were retconned to Xenon later in novelizations
Prove it.

it's called art

I've only watched the anime.
Who was Amon?

>These two cuties died at some point.

That enough is WRONG enough

>blocks your path

Just some demon who was strong.

Just a strong fucking demon and Silene's husbando. Ryo taking Akira to the Sabbath was just to get Amon to possess Akira so Akira would be a strong demon and survive the apocalypse.

Why should I care? It was Nagai's covering his ass. Yuasa even took the idea with his random and shittyass cameo.

He really didn't.

>Amon fucked two feathered demon girls all the time till time travel homo hijinks kill Nike.

You say that humanity didn't have free will before eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.

God told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit. They made a free-will decision and ignored him. They had free-will before eating the fruit.

I know its hard to admit that humans make lots of bad decisions and God is probably not the bad guy in humanity's history, but come on man. Humans had free will before the fall.

Where can I buy their tracks?


This isn't the Bible it's a fictional manga series made by a Japanese man.

Even in the manga, there's a clear distinction between Satan and demons, since demons are just parasitic life forms that were native to Earth, rather than supernatural hellspawns.

>God is probably not the bad guy in humanity's history
Why did he damn people who didn't do anything bad just because of their ancestors's actions then?

>This isn't the Bible it's a manga series made by a Japanese man

>Bible is a manga series made by a Japanese man

Satan wasn't even in the Bible, the bible only talked about Lucifer, Satan was a folklore evil spirti and was added later

Which verse are you talking about specifically?

>being this retarded
Lucifer and Satan are the same being.

humans have a sin nature babies sin by crying when.there's nothing wrong. Do some research before making yourself look stupid.

Are you illiterate? Satan is roman cathaloc head canon created during the middle ages. He doesn't appear in the Bible

So saying Satan = Lucifer = Angel is just made up

More made up than made up

Meta made up

>Babies cry when there is nothing wrong
>This is enough to throw them into a lake of fire for all eternity
Literally worse than the shariah
>taking babies for account

is this from the PTE anime or is it a fanart ?

There is no satan or lucifer
only the snake and the angel God uses to tempt humans


This guydoesn't know what he's talking about (assuming I can even understand what he said).

Babies almost certainly don't go to hell. You are judged based on what you know about God/Christ (Romans 2: 12-16) and if you *care* about doing the right thing. Babies don't know anything about anything, so they won't be held accountable for any wrong-doing.

There's fucking nothing about Christ or grace. There's a reason God behaves differently under different testaments. The god is some sort of Sophia or Demiurg here, they completely gave up on salvation. Good grief user

Why do you believe that Satan was only added to the Bible later? Why do you think Lucifer and Satan aren't the same guy?

You think they ever fucked before dying?

So let's see if I got it

Ryo aka literally Satan just had a boner for akira and that's why it made him fuse with amon (strongest demon out there) so he could survive the apocalypse and had some of that dick?

All of this could've been avoided if Akira just fucked Ryo in the ass?

Problem was, Crybaby Ryo didn't actually realize his own feelings until he practically tore the whole world apart and Akira along with it.