Violet Evergarden

Will you count it as "Mary Sue" genre?

Note: Mary Sue show doesn't mean it's necessary bad.

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Violet is a cute dog.

>A Mary Sue is an idealized and seemingly perfect fictional character. Often, this character is recognized as an author insert or wish fulfillment.

So she is then, seeing how author of this series contempt about war.

I will count it as boring AF
almost fell asleep watching the episode

>doesnt have her human arms anymore so probably faces a good amount of difficulty doing basic stuff
>completely socially incapable
>cant make her own decisions (yet, I assume)

She doesn't come off as a mary sue to me desu, her only skills/good points are that she's a powerful war machine and is really attractive ( you can count autistic dedication to tasks too)

I couldn't make it 10 minutes through the first episode. Does it get better?

What is this show about? Why is everyone so hyped about it?

04/10 needs more fighting.

KyoAni's saber

Yeah but like, what's the show about besides the waifu? All I've got so far is grill in war who's apparently a Mary Sue and SAKUGA.

KyoAni's beautiful animation is all I care about.
The story's nothing special so far.

Nah. Violet's inability to function in normal society is enough to make her not a Mary Sue, even if it's portrayed in a sympathetic light.

>numerous injuries
>literally disabled
>no social skills
He inhuman power is (was) somewhat out of place indeed.

The visuals. It's like Sup Forums being hyped about a game with shit gameplay for its graphics.

user, there's no such thing as a mary-sue genre and yes it is a bad thing to write mary-sues and gary-stus, but it's what sells. As to whether Violet is a mary sue, we have yet to see. If the entire cast falls in love with her, romantically or otherwise, and treats her like she's perfection incarnate among other things then maybe. It depends from case to case but those are generally some of the factors.

Got it. Think I'll pass on it for now then. I'm more of a story/gameplay person over graphics.
Sucks because competent women are my fetish.

An orphan girl is raised by an army major and grew up as a soldier during a long war. War is over, the major's dead (?), she's wounded and knows nothing but obeying orders and fighting. Now she's trying to adapt to civilian life.

None of the characters feel believable to me so far so I'm not very optimistic about the show's story although it could be good in theory.

At the very least the story is about a child soldier integrate into society.

user, Mary Sue's are often damaged, brooding and with a troubled past.

God damn it, that actually sounds pretty interesting. I really hope they don't fuck it up.
You guys think they will?
I'm much of a kyoani person - only things by them I've sat through are Haruhi and the Haruhi movie.

>None of the characters feel believable to me so far
And what are your pretensions to Lt. Colonel and old lady?

>You guys think they will?
Honestly? Yeah. As much as I don't think Violet is a Mary Sue just yet, it seems very possible she will be. I expect saccharine melodrama in the vibe of Kyokai no Kanata.

I'd like to be wrong real bad though.

Ah, the old lady is fine, she's only been in one short scene.
Hodgins has no character whatsoever, he's just a calm nice dude that does nice things, it's not much of a character. I mean, it's only been one episode so I'm jumping to conclusions big time. Hopefully he will get proper development.

>I have to talk about it because it's Kyoaniii
What kind of level of autism is this

Also stop suing these normalfag terms pls

>he's just a calm nice dude that does nice things
because of guilt and to honor memory of his friend.
At the same time he obviously struggles to tell Violet the truth about major.
More complex than 90% of characters this season.

>Mary-Sue. A female fanfiction character who is so perfect as to be annoying.

It's nowhere close to that, but it's not a suprise since it's Kyoani some people will start being petty because they can't just enjoy something, they are scared people will talk always talk about it but they end up making a lot of threads themselves.

>More complex than 90% of characters this season.
Not him, and I more or less agree with you, but you probably should use arbitrary statistics like that.

Why do internet autists have to ruin all easy very specific terms
Why do you people have to make everything fucking meaningless

It is, when it is written as a parody. Medaka Box comes to mind.

Yes she is.

She is Saber turned into Berserker.

How the fuck is Violet a mary sue?

How in any fucking way is she a mary sue?

IS Violet even still strong with those fucked up hands?

Robot hands make you STRONGER. She just needs to get used to them.

>Robot hands make you STRONGER
there's no indication it's true in this setting
so far they look clumsy, slow and terrible to handle

>edgy war-weapon goddess taking people out left and right
>not a mary sue

How about you watch it yourself and don't ask Sup Forums you dolt.

>anyone who isn't a weak piece of shit is a mary sue
I hate this meme. Also her combat abilities have zero relevance to the story.

It's funny how people are shit talking the anime after 1 episode.

She not the only one who is a servant class.
The enemy nation had too, but he got scapegoated.

Ishikawa's previous role is literally a perfect example of how you can handle an autistic combat android without him looking like a special snowflake.
Violet's power seems absolutely undeserved and the show would be better if she was just a disposable replicant with no outstanding abilities.

Do none of you cunts have any fucking idea of what a mary sue actually is anymore?

If it makes no sense, has no plausible explanation and bares zero relevancy to the story, it's called "bad writing".

Mary Sue's aren't necessarily "flawless" characters, but those who are overpowered/made out to be superior/not like the others just for the sake of them seeming totally unique and special.
In fact, most of the Mary Sue's are somehow mentally damaged/scarred for life, AKA edgy power-fantasies.

Violet is also described as having "literally perfect womanly features" or some shit in the novel, which also isn't crucial to the plot in any way.

Not even fucking close to what it means.

It's the weapon girl genre, a sister gerne/offshoot of KEYshit. Try to get you to like someone by making then perfect and showering misfortune on top of them. More misfortune, more unfairness. Cry already.

Is it really that hard?

2B is Taro's worst protagonist and a non-character, fuck off

Get back to whatever shithole you've crawled from.

Violet's autism is not endearing, it makes things difficult for those around her and makes them feel uncomfortable,look at the whole thing that happened at the Evergarden family. That and her lack of common sense and manners makes her not a Mary Sue.

Yes, I'm well aware she's just a soulless plot device but she's the protagonist of route A no matter how defensively you shit yourself, Sup Forums-kun, now fuck off with your shilling of normalfag friendly Taro games

user, you seem to be mad for whatever reason, but please, try to contain your autism.

So what exactly is Violet? Android? Replicant?


Fullmetal Saber-chan.

It had to be a retarded powerlevelfag. Only your kind could come up with such moronic arguments.

How old and tall is Violet anyway?
I'm pretty sure Hodgins and Gilbert is around over 6ft.

First episode was so cringe. It reminded me of Kyoukai no Kanata and all the fake as fuck "moe" attempts in that one.
>KnK: look at my cute huge glasses, look at how clumsy I am, oh no I need money, please love me aren't I cute?
>VEG: look at my lavish blonde hair, look at how autistic I am, nom-nom my hands can't feel so I have to use my mouth like a baby, please love me aren't I cute?

Also, the transition from that intro montage with the flying letter to Hodgins coming to take Violet was so damn weird. Come to think of it, the whole episode felt edited like whack. Why is the same music track playing from one scene to the next anyway? That was jarring too and it messes up the sense of time. This felt like a chopped down episode from a much longer one. Will we get "VEG Episode 1 Extended Edition/Director's Cut" on blurays or something?

Stopped reading right there.

Thank you for the notice.

user, please explain me how her "killing machine" abilities and a giant battle axe were necessary for any purpose other than making her look cool.

Is a Mary Sue bad if it's written well?

Is looking cool bad if all you wanted was to enjoy?

No, you can enjoy whatever the hell you want as long as you're not claiming it to be a masterpiece.

>looking cool
user, it looks retarded.

It's not a Mary Sue character if it's written well.
Do you guys just parrot terms endlessly without understanding their meaning?

>Mary Sue's aren't necessarily "flawless"

Yes they are you retard that's the whole point of the term

>"Mary Sue" genre

Are you really implying teenagers' deviantart-tier murderer OCs aren't Mary Sue's?
It depends on the way you're portraying your character's flaws, not whether there are any at all.

Why people on Sup Forums even using a er that comes from a normalfag movie? "Awww that's such a mary sue"
It's obvious this was a thread made by some retard normalfag from Sup Forums

Has there been a Mary Sue whose Fiat protection allowed a worthwhile narrative, or does that sort of deus ex safety net prevent character development for all characters involved?

Is this copied from TV Tropes or something?

It was so slow and lacking on interactions that it's not even possible yet to assume if it qualifies as Mary Sue or not. But if I had to guess it, I'd say yes. This smells like Mary Sue.
No, it repeats the same shit you already know until somewhere around the 20-minute mark. It doesn't get any better, but at least things start moving, a little.

I bet you're a normalfag yourself you stupid faggot.

like there's been a masterpiece since Sup Forums started shitting memes. Lemme roll over in an OVA hellhole

Episode 1 is pretty much walking in circles until the end when Violet decides she wants to be an Auto Memories Doll.

so every protagonist from action series ever is a mary sue? K retard

Gilbert is 6ft deep in a grave

I love Aeris as much as the next faggot, but there's only ever been one definition for Mary Sue

He's alive.

Tell me how a Mr. Exposition is complex.

>postman on heels

I want to cut that hair strand.

No, but I did have to google define" fiat". Is it really that bad? I like china's new shows. I saw The King's Avatar, and though the animation was bad, and the writing was also bad, I enjoyed the VAs

Normalfag Sup Forums term confirmed
It's like i am reading something straight from r/eddit, it even has text spacing

If she's a immortal goddes why does she have clikicty clackity robo hands?

>mary sue genre
So woman melodrama?

Nah, Mary Sue means 'Characters that I don't like' now, so these days, basically every single anime.

The problem is that VEG is not an action series.
It's about an integration of a child soldier into society. There's literally no reason to make her anything more than a simple child soldier, if anything, still being vulnerable despite having some actual combat experience would make her way more relatable like it was with previous Ishikawa's character, 2B. Giant axes and super special powers look absolutely alien and tasteless for this story. There's a hope that being a cripple with shitty prosthetics debuffed her a lot so action will never get brought up in the future, but just a vague hope.

are we sure he is not a male stripper?

Not to defend but isn't tvtropes just a fagged out extension of ED? What has happened to the fun internet life that used to exist?

I agree with this. Her being overpowered would be fine in an action story, it would be a pretty standard anime move. But right now it just makes the character less relatable while adding nothing to the story.

is this show boring? like is something happening or is it going from one place to another with boring conversations

user, she's a war veteran going through PTSD. She is unrelatable to a vast majority of viewers regardless.

Why do we even judge shit that isn't over? Ya it might be pretty flashy noise, but can't we wait til the noise is over? This whole thread is why I only watch shows when I'm two seasons behind. Sup Forums has gone batshit. Memes aren't wort it anymore

Quite the other way around, it's always an interesting theme. I would argue that it's a saving grace of a few shit series like SNK. You don't need to go through the same experience to understand the issue and feel bad for the character.

Shouldn't PTSD be, by average, the most common approachable theme? Who comes out of war hale and hearty? THE BAD GUY! Save it for the 2nd season.

I've read spoilers and the whole shit about cultists and her looking like a split image of their goddess of war only adds retardation to what could've been an otherwise nice dramatic story.

But there's action and your complains were centered on how she is during action scenes, this term is just dumb,if you want to know what a real mary sue is look at Medaka, no way Violet could be put in the same category or genre

Anons, the key word being debated here is relatable, not interesting nor approachable.