Was she a Mary Sue?

Was she a Mary Sue?

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Isn't that the point?

I haven't finished the manga. Did the it work overall a s story with a literal mary sue as the lead

Did it work out overall as a story*

It kinda worked out, but not because of her. Not even by a long shot. Also the style-shit was some of the worst content in manga.

everything past this point is shite but it worked well until

The wedding arc had some good moments, even if most of it was kanji bullshit. Sporty Medaka was good too for the chapter she was there.

I got up the like a few chapters into the arc after Kumagawa's, I think they had just stayed a scavenger hunt or something.
Anyway it got pretty boring, it was less tongue in cheek than I thought it'd be based on how everyone talks about it.

Yes that's the point, the series is a parody on battle shonen. I thought everyone and their mother would know that after the whole Devil "tropes and cliches don't work anymore" Style.

She is one, but that's exactly what didn't make her one as well. She basically lacked empathy towards others.

Yes, she was everything that is wrong with Shounen manga and everyone hated her for it. A parody of a shit is still a piece of shit.

She makes Rey from Star Wars look like Ray from Ghostbusters.

I'm glad I kept on reading though, the ending made it worth it.

That's a very interesting comparison, user.

The point is irrelevant. TvTropes taught me mary sues are a thing and thus I need to point them out ignoring things like context and actual story.

I miss Medaka threads

I liked it when it wasn't a battle shonen and just a perfect stuco president one upping a crisis of the week in gloriously over the top fashions.



Already a thing.


OP: youtube.com/watch?v=ycfdfinG_P8


Why do people take that site seriously for anything except finding shit?

>that file name
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>you'll never get fucked by Medaka so hard that you can't never find sexual expeirence like hers, maybe except for Ajimu and buttload of skills

are you retarded?



No you, faggot.

It keeps finding ways!

Too bad the anime ended where the manga got better.

That's one way of putting it.

I knew a deal with the devil was made when keit-ai was created

it only got good when she fought that string guy and went ssj pink. I had to stop because the series made my brain melt


>i-it's supposed to be intentional

That scene was a punch on the guts.

It was intentional tho, that was the whole point of the manga being both self-aware and serious both at the same time.

It was a "serious" parody.

I know, and it doesn't make it any less SHIT.

You just don't get it

Doesn't change the fact it was intentional.

No, she is just an overpowered shit with the same design of rias with a different hair collor of course she is a marie sue.
Even Erza is better

This shit series will never have a new season, misogi fags BTFO.
Overrated edgy shit, seriously many people will come mainstream by him

>Dropping a series when it just starts getting good

Man, I think one of the things I like the most is that some of Zenkichi's only actual friends are Kumagawa who he hates to the point of being able to feel him with his eyes shut via disgust and the guy who tried to shoot him and dropped a roof full of swords on him.
And was literally willing to murder someone for him, that was one hell of a chapter

Why was Medaka so unlikeable?

I don't think she was that unlikeable. Sure you don't read it for her, but it's not like she doesn't have her moments.

Yeah but who cares she has a nice body though.

I want a piece of Medaka’s box

She was an "ironic" mary sue like every character the fucking hack writes.


Isn't Medaka's cousin also his friend? They were working together

Ajimu was the only good thing about this manga, then the hack writer killed her off with a fucking rubber band. What a shame.

This post is very fresh. I wonder which equalist might be behind this post?

I dunno about that. I work with a lot of people and I'm not what I'd call friends with them

They did their whole career together and started their own business. It's not the same as meeting someone in your work-place.

Oh shit, right. The guy with the spinning top, I thought you were talking about someone else.
Did they even really interact that much in the manga?

Manga is like a year, and the ending is ten years after that. Seeing that we almost never see much of the SoL moments, any short of friendship or relationship is possible.