is this Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Super Vegeta? An i thought that just puffing up your muscles was a waste of speed and ultimately useless.


>dude what if we took SS Blue, but SPARKLY
That's all the explanation you need. And all the explanation you're going to get from Super.

Only when it's trunks route
Vegeta seemed to figure it out with out slowing himself down too much.

It's super super saiyan blue

It's Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Second Grade, AKA Super Vegeta Blue

How strong is Cell now? Since 17 is blue level, 18 is decently strong and Cell is himself + these 2. Cell probably could beat Jiren.

They're never going to animate Cell again, outside gags. Or they'll give him a cheap re-color form without spots.

It reminds me of Trunks ssj rage transformation. Just like it said like father like son.

Depends on how many poachers he kills

>It's super super saiyan blue
but huge

>rage transformation
what was that exactly?

SSJ2 with God Ki for a moment he goes to grade 3 in SS2, but the moment God ki appears his musle mass goes back to normal size. He is trying to balance God ki with normal ki but failing due to not being calm what's needed to go full SS blue.

>An i thought that just puffing up your muscles was a waste of speed and ultimately useless.
Super Vegeta=/=Grade 3

giving him SSG and then Mastered SSB was way better storytelling.

sounds like ass pull power boost

can we just agree that this is super sayajin 2 blue?

It's grade 2 not ss2

They never explained it properly. The only reason we know the name of the transformation is cause of a game.

afaik it's supposed to be the state of full control over the SSB transformation

This. Vegeta knows the best proportion to get big power and don't lose too much speed. This is why he BTFO cell-2 when being super Vegeta.

Also now he knows he cannot be arrogant anymore.

Super sayan god form in the manga is quite something.