This is Hideri

This is Hideri
She is very cute.

>We must contain it.






Do you think Hideri has a big farm boy cock?


>big farm boy cock
Is that actually a thing?

It's so fucking huge the mangaka feels compelled to draw him a bulge even though he's wearing a loose skirt, tell me about it.

she's also a boy

Yes. It grows due to cattle wrangling.

This is going to make the traditional "old, fat businessman propositions an idol" situation awkward.

Yes, his cock dwarfs the two cocks of the other two combined.

>tfw you'll never see cowboy Hideri dominate cattle with his farmboy super strength
It hurts.

Fuck you with your disgusting trap

"Trap" implies they're able to fool somebody. Hideri just straight up looks like a long haired boy, not a girl.

That hair isn't cute, it's stupid

I'd eat his dirty ass for whole day!

oh damn, that art is official? niiiiiiice

>Looks like a boy.
The fuck are you talking about?

Yeah it's from the mangaka's Twitter, she posts lots of sketches there.