Shingeki no Kyojin



>Have a timeskip and a chance to develop Mikasa
>First word out of her mouth is Eren

So ii was rewatching the first fight against annie and i gotta ask, why she's so afraid of eren? i mean he barely could land a hit on her and she has that "oh shit oh fuck" face.

Maybe she was worried he might activate the coordinate.

It was a tactical fight, because she had to capture, not kill him, and a race against time, because Ackermen were on their way and she knew it. A lot of pressure, she can't be reckless. It wasn't "oh shit oh fuck", it was calculated rest and attack.

we never got to know what the fuck she was thinking at that time

>She was crying for all those people she killed
Anniefags are so braindead

Attack titan's power is to scream like a goddamn madman, that's why annie was shitting her pants.

Whose the handsome dude

Nah, Female titan ability is screaming for attention.

nice one kid

I wonder if shifters can sense Ackermans, Reiner's eyes went grey when when manlet was cutting his head, then manlet reacted weird and kicked Reiner. Same with Mikasa, she couldn't kill BR

What I meant is that maybe Ackermans can't kill shifters

Barricades new rearrangement movie song version WHEN?

3/10 speedreaders detected, forgetting the "why?" not understanding a character is pretty stupid user

there's a new one?

Who is that boy?

>Not understanding why she cried for a yoyo
They pretty retarded user

>forgetting the "why"
even reading posts is hard eh? user

Will she ever get over him?

the attack titan's ability is going to be stretchy arms

jean will make sure she does
no everyone needs to have a special ability, isayama didn't think of one when he made him, he just fights for freedom




the artist should have waited for the new looks of the characters to be revealed next month


Don't assume she's dead user. I doubt that Isa can resist sending one of his best characters back in the story


From apocalyptic world to politics titan war
How the fuck will this show end?




I love Annie

as expected, nice argument
she most likely is
with a sol cooking drama

So what's the point? Suddenly manlet is tsundere?

AM and LH confirmed

More like he's afraid to fly but doesn't want to show it.

nuclear bomb

>Seasick manlet
Kek now I want to see this


Are Ackermans dogs or cats?

Is chuugakou now canon? Does that means Annie had feelings for Eren all along?

It's gonna end with Eren transferring his memories to the past

it's this post again

Gabi will eat Reiner and know about Eren

This better be an extended scene with fancy animation.

She didn't know he had it at the time

How is he afraid to fly if he just go around with the 3DMG?


Annie is my waifu

Mikasa is also afraid, probably an Ackerman thing.

Probably just a bad dj.

Dogs. They can be loyal as hell to one person.

it is awfully cute!

A dog would kill its master?


They are cats, are loyal enough to understand when to save their master and when just eat him. That's how cool cats are.

What was Isayama thinking with this



Hanji such a patient wife

>You will live long enough to see Armin trap animated.


i chose plants, better than that coconut atleast

I uhhhh.. what?

Only of those plands are didans.

I hope they add some anime original stuff in this, like the guy licking Armin's face, a boner appearing in Armin's skirt, and maybe even erect nipples.

>Who would win
>Titanium alloy


That's a tricky question though, you can have both the coconuts and the bamboos.
In fact, I bet the coconut will have some brilliant idea which will make the bamboos even more powerful.
Like "these bamboos are made of titanium, why don't we make airplanes made of them?"

you need to stop reading so many trap hentai

>They make fuck huge thunderspears and ride them

Who would win in a battle:
>A 17m and buff gorilla titan
-Controls titans
-Can beat the living shit out of the Armored Titan
-Leader of a elite unit of titan shifters trained since their childhood to be fighters


>A manlet yoyo with Ackerhax

Zeke utilized Dwaynes, and he used them effectively. However he was caught by surprise by the Bamboo. Dwaynes aren't very good as an attack against Bamboo, and their defense is also limited.

Zeke had no experience fighting against 3DMG users while Manlet had already killed a lot of titans

he confiscated Mike's gear, and Bert/Reiner presumably showed him how it worked and what not. Unless they're stupid.

>Manlet manage to kill a entire line of didans without Zeke noticed it
>Still had gas and blades to defeat Zeke
>Reacted fast enough to dodge a surprise attack from the fastest of the didans shifters
>Killed a second line of didans without refill his gas and with just one set blades
>Still reach Zeke when he was being carried by Pieck AKA "Fast Boi Didan"
This was to show just how heavy is manlet's plot-armor,let's also forget that Zeke was heavily nerfed in that moment of the arc(the Warriors in general got nerfed in the final moments of the arc).

Someone translate pls

"What if we made them even bigger, making them giant, or dare I say, colossal, and use them as intercontinental missiles?"
>Intercontinental colossal thunder spears.
Sasuga Armin-sama!

Deepest bamboo lore

I want to see Rico!!

This bamboo shitposting is the best I've seen in a while


>Unless they're stupid.
There is your answer

Is Rico for "stress relief"?

>Lewd Rico.png
You stop that.

>She's married to some literal who
what wyd user?

oh noooooo! Should have had Pieck analyze it and plan the battle accordingly; but nope Zeke has to get his Dwaynes off, almost literally, and Reiner and Bert have to go and get themselves exploded.

Rico is a pure and diligent worker, not for lewd.

she's ugly, look at those eyebrows, has weak eyesight and will give birth to stunted babies, she should be purged like all other eldians

That's just rude.


Rico is for pure, cute AND for lewd.

isn't the ability of the attack titan to control other titans?

I love you user, please post this every thread and someone please edit it over burntmin's face

the fuck have you been reading all this time? no seriously what made you think that?

It is clearly the ability to control Ackermans

What the fuck?

being rescued by ackermans*

LM soon.