How do I into making anime look better?

how do I into making anime look better?
Whats the preferred playback software of the current year?

I remember it used to be a huge thing back then. Most dead fansub groups made infographs to utilize madVR and other filters on mpc-hc.
I still have those filters but I dont know if they're good anymore.
which do you use?

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Download mpv senpai

Also turned on the banding filter in the option somewhere up there.

SPV user

I think mpv is supposed to be the new hot thing, but I can't seem to find any guides on how to configure it for optimal anime playback.

For now though, MPC-HC + madvr works just fine assuming you have a computer powerful enough to run it.


MPC-HC is literally a dead project now. It's based off a deprecated proprietary Microsoft Windows-only API called Directshow, along with all the third-party (proprietary) extensions it uses, like madVR.

mpv is a standard Linux program. Designed very well. If you've never used Linux before, you may find the concept of how it works strange, but I assure it's actually very STANDARD, it works exactly like countless other programs do on Linux/Unix systems.

Options are put into a plaintext file to configure it. Or it is run from the command line with arguments passed to it.

Windows makes simple tasks like editing a text file, or running a command line program very difficult, because it's a horrible OS, and the typical person who uses Windows as their main desktop OS is retarded and doesn't understand how to use computers.

You can of course directly open video files from your file manager with mpv.

Buy SLI 1080 ti + Threadripper.

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It comes with a manpage. Open your terminal and type "man mpv"

The defaults are fine, but if you want higher quality scaling, just put this into your config file, located in ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf




I forgot to mention that, but the interpolation is horrible, just don't use it...

Is it heresy to use VLC? That's what I've been doing for the last forever, is there actually a big and noticeable difference?

How does the upscaling in mpv compare to madvr nowadays? I remember a while back it didn't have anything that could compete with NGU.

>read superior manga
>never have to worry about this stuff
>save on disk space

>Windows makes simple tasks like editing a text file, or running a command line program very difficult, because it's a horrible OS, and the typical person who uses Windows as their main desktop OS is retarded and doesn't understand how to use computers.
t. Linux fag

No that's fine.

Don't let any autist here tell you otherwise. The difference isn't huge. I use mpv with a custom conf file, but I would still recommend VLC to any normie.

It has Jinc upscaling (ewa_lanczos), as far as nnedi3 or other uber autistic shit, it might be possible with vaporsynth or user shaders, I don't know, wouldn't recommend bothering.

But what manga viewer do you use??

I want to know this but for Mac. Can anyone help me?

It's worth it for pan shots that don't make me want to tear my eyes out.


Do you understand how to use computers?


Yes? mpv

Good thing is that you're using a Unix system, which mpv is designed to be used on.

Standard interpolation doesn't fuck with the image like svp and such do

I'd say please be satire bit I already know all too well that this user is completely serious unfortunately.

Summon daiz

>But what manga viewer do you use??


Sort of. Ok, I will try it out. Thanks.

Honeyview and

I've been using mpc-hc madvr since time immemorial.

Honestly those who still are going for MPC makes no sense. MPV has everything you ask for in a small program and is always updated also open source.

What seems to be the problem in using it?


It needs more exposure. Before this thread I didn't even know it existed at all.

Can someone tell me how to make this big volume/seek bar in MPV smaller?

I don't really see any reason to change my current player. If you post some convincing reasons why anons who use mpc-hc should switch. please do.

seeing this dissuades me from using mpv

Been using it for years. I'm lazy and don't give a fuck about switching.

>What seems to be the problem in using it?
The fact that it lacks a proper GUI.
Most people can't be bothered with coding and stuff.

I’m still using K-Lite, anything wrong with it?

we mpv users ain't gonna spend time CONVINCING normies to switch to a better player. the onus is on you to get a better player, IF you care about YOUR video playback quality, that is.

and don't be fooled by, he's just one of the many lazy anons who doesn't bother to read the documentation or do a simple ctrl+f

it's not though. it has the bare minimum of GUI you need for simple video playback (play,pause,seek,volume,subs track, audio track).

if you want GUI you can install it later on by yourself, but the basic mpv just has a clean look.

and 'coding and stuff' is basically non-existent. if you don't want to bother too much, you can just copy paste a couple of lines in a notepad and be done with it (and is still better than VLC already).

(in the end i spent time convincing people to try mpv, baka).

No seriously, I just want to know how to make it smaller. At least give me a small tip on where in the documentation and how.

you have no idea how to use ctrl+f? how have you been doing google searches your whole life. i feel bad for you

nah, only mpv shillers

On the documentation? No, I have no idea what to look for. So yeah since you feel bad, can you point what it is for me?

Search the man page for "osd-bar".

What autist has problems opening a text file on Windows? Command line programs are also just as easy.
> Linux
I'd your going to go on a plebbit rant at least call it by its name GNU+Linux, not just by the kernel.

The deal breaker for me is the availability of android remote control app. Mpc has a web interface that can be control with your Android phone while you watch it from your TV. For mpv if there such a built in function? Or do I need to use remote desktop?

i'm not myself desu, you can ask in the mpv thread.

I'm watching it with kodi on generic fhd tv with default settings and couldn't give a single shit abou >muh madvr. Why are you so fucking autistic? It just an anime.

What makes mpv objectively better than mpc? Not your opinion but actual facts why mpv is better. I'd like to know but if there's really not much difference I don't see any reason to switch from mpc + madvr.

MPC + madvr is actually better. But there are no MPC on Linux, so Linuxfags would say you otherwise.

>But there are no MPC on Linux
Ooh so that's why. Holy shit, that's hillarious.

VLC is trash.

Explain why, and prove why the alternative is good enough to be worth the bother

Artifacting, bloat, ugly UI.
The alternatives are better OOTB, the "bother" is optional.

There literally is.

No. There is not and newer would be. MPC uses Windows only DirectShow.

>actually better
yeah, no. i've used mpc+madvr for years, contemplated long and switched to mpv a month ago. never looked back.

Why was that? What makes it better? There's all these opinions about mpv but not one person has been able to specify what makes it better.

The biggest thing was resource consumption. If you use mpv + 1 min of tweaking, you get a really good mix of quality/resource needed. and then if you want user shaders (mpc equivalent of madvr kinda), you can continue tweaking. most 'plebs' that use mpv are satisfied with the barebones mpv + minimal config.

and because of the lesser resources, i can open up .ts files waaaaaay faster with mpv now.

and this is just the tip of the iceberg. honestly takes me too long to list down and compare things objectively, since everyone has different needs. just give it a try for an hour.

>Tried mpv
>Compared it to vlc
>Saw literally no difference
Am I retarded?

Some people physically just can't see the difference. I mean objectively you need to have perfect eyesight in an ideal scenario to compare screenshots.

If picture is the same to you, the next you can look at is resource consumption, seeking quality (vlc stutters like shit when seeking), and other troublesome file formats like .avi, .ts, .wmv (depending if you watch these formats)

And i forgot one thing which is upscaling. If you watch 720p on 1080p for example, proper upscaling and make the picture look much better.

mpc+hc requires madvr for it. mpv has it built in. vlc doesn't have it (iirc).

Screenshot made with MPC+MADvr. 720 upscaled to 1080.

Screenshot made with MPV. See the difference.

I watch on 1440p monitor, so I guess I'll try it out some more
Eyesight is pretty shit though, been using glasses basically entire life

yeah if you use 1440p you should really consider mpv (or at least mpc-hc + madvr). you pretty much always benefit from upscaling (unless your eyesight is that terrible).

head over to the mpv thread on Sup Forums if you need help when setting up. i'm there most of the time. just mention you are the poor eyesight guy from Sup Forums so i dont be a dickhead to you.

How do you do that?
I was using Moonlight Streaming for watching anime on my phone in my bed but sometimes it keeps stuttering for no reason

Sub-rendering aside, which you should probably switch to XySub for, the MPC cap looks a lot nicer though?
Or is that your point?

Are you using a sub renderer at all?

it's not a fair comparison if you don't use the same/similar upscaling settings. saying this is mpc+madvr vs mpv like this is like saying mpc+madvr vs mpc. mpv is not mpv if you don't configure anything. use your brain before spreading false screens

Watching on windows media player, looks good, no complaints.


Using MPC+EVR and I don't actually see a difference in mpv even when using the conf of people who claim it's much better.
I think the only upside to mpv right now is that you don't have to install 3rd party shit and can do everything with the one file.

mpv is for the cool kids, i switched to it because i had to use shitty laptop for some time and mpc was laggy there

mpv is for linuxfags

it's still works fine

> always updated also open source
So, the same as MPC?

i use win10 and i hate linux autisms, all im saying is that it just worked better when i needed it so now im using it on my pc too

Looks like an improvement to me.

are all included in profile=gpu-hq by the way.

> if you don't use the same/similar upscaling settings
Well, MPV can't into MGU, so yeah.

Or just use the superior options available in mpv

NGU is the best method, really. Nothing gives you better quality.

FSRCNNX is clearly better

For some reason I always enjoy these baseless statements. It's like you people don't know why something is better but instead just go with whatever someone first told you is better without questioning it at all.

No, NGU is better.

Is it true that Bilinear algorithm is equivalent to NNEDI3 if your screen resolution is the same as the video one?

>it's not a fair comparison to show the best MPC can do vs the best MPV can do
>stop spreading things that makes MPV look like a meme player
We get it, you don't watch anime.

It's not the best MPC can do. It can do better, but my GTX 1050 can't process it.

You mean
>Mpc with setup vs mpv with no setup
Mpc would look even worse than that mpv shot without madvr garbage.
Mpv is objectively superior for anime compared to MPC too.

Then make a comparison yourself, faggot. Do you need me to tell you how?

My settings are a complete mess. I don't know what works or what is placebo. What should I get rid of?

# Video settings

So i installed MPC-HC with madvr using the k-lite codec pack and get some static sound and lagging, guess my i3 laptop can't handle it,using EVR solves the problem but everything looks off,any workarounds ?

> guess my i3 laptop
Processor isn't important. The most important is a video card.

If you have a toaster, consider switching to mpv instead. It's less resource intensive and if you don't have a video card or just have integrated graphics, it will be better than just vanilla MPC-HC. I would suggest you get shinchiro's mpv build since it comes with installers that registers mpv to windows and configures a simple mpv.conf file for you.