Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 156 spoilers:

Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 156 spoilers:





So they are going to save her after all.. Some people are not going to like this.. lol

Mutsuki was saved! Oh boy..can hear some people now.. (I personally don't have a problem with it.. kind of happy actually.)

A lot of people are going to be happy about this and a lot of others wont.

Those real?

Anymore images?

Mitsuki is the coolest guy!

This kills the nugg

Eh if Ghouls can be good guys despite most of them developing psychopathic personalities due to regularly murdering and eating humans, I don't see why Mutsuki would suddenly be worse than Hitler and unredeemable within this setting.

The question now is who will win the Urinebowl?

Urie's husband already filed the marriage papers off screen.

how did he survive getting his head chopped in half and the narrator stating that he died?

Good Washu genes.

The Memerration was a joke.

Yes it was a Japanese meme when he for naked and died offscreen.

>and to repeat myself, none of them are aware that the headquarters are under attack

There is already a thread, learn to use the catalog fag

For fuck sake Urie i know you wanted to tap that twink brown ass but Mutsuki doesn't deserve to get away with all that crap.

>Mutsuki doesn't deserve to get away with all that crap.
She literally did nothing wrong despite being mad.

Peak Memerration.

Mutsuki is my wife, maintain distance and respectable demeanor around her at all times