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>Asperger's 2nd drew! This is a story >about food #アスペちゃん

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>Hello, I’m Aspe-chan.
>I’m a girl with Asperger’s.

>I have Asperger’s myself, and because of that, had a lot of difficulties as a child.
>● Not understanding detailed nuances
>● Sensitive about certain feelings
>● Not being able to deal well with unexpected events… and more
>So I made this comic to spread awareness of what it’s like to have Asperger’s.

>For those unfamiliar with Asperger’s, Aspe-chan will guide you through the daily life of what it’s like.

>Aspe-chan doesn’t understand detailed nuances.
>Ambiguous instructions confuse her.

>Particularly hard-to-understand words are “a few,” “those,” “over there,” “firmly,” “nicely,” “whatever.”
>At work: “Take out a few of those.”
>“I have no idea what this means!”

>“What do you mean by ‘those?’ And how many is ‘a few?'”
>“What?! Normally people just understand! ‘Those’ are those things! ‘A few’ is a few! Like three or so.”
>If they don’t say it specifically like that, then I don’t know what to do.
>Sometimes that means I get yelled at….

>When you ask someone with Asperger’s to do something, it’s hard for us to understand ambiguous words.
>But if you ask using specifics, we can do it no problem! Aspe-chan loves getting things done exactly as asked.
>Bad words: “a few,” “those,” “quickly”
>Good words: “three,” “those things in a specific location,” “finish by a certain time”

>Aspe-chan in elementary school.

>She was being scolded by the teacher (I don’t remember why).
>“If you’re not going to try harder then go home!”
>Aspe-chan’s inner thought: Oh, I can go home?

>“Okay, I’m going home. Bye!”

>“You’re not supposed to go home!”
>“…but you said I could.”
>(And I was scolded even more afterward.)
>People with Asperger’s often take things literally.

>Ever since I was little, people would always say things to me like: “can’t you do it normally?” or “why are you so strange?” or “weirdo” or “you act funny.”

>My “normal” was not “normal.” I couldn’t do the “normal” things everyone else did.
>I wondered if I was a bad kid. I thought day after day about what “normal” was.

>But something “normal” is just something common that anyone can do.
>Normal things: walking normally, not spilling food, not falling in weird places
>Amazing things: things that people can’t just imitate
>So rather than worry about what I couldn’t do, I started thinking positive about all of the things that Asperger’s let me do that others couldn’t.

>Some good personality traits of having Asperger’s are: intense focus, excellent memory, and more.
>● We can focus on completing a project
>● We can become super knowledgeable on a certain subject
>Rather than just being able to do “normal things,” I think it’s much more amazing to make use of those skills and do something no one else can do.


It's something abour how her mom made her two foods that she likes but her being an autist thought she had to eat them at the same time and it tasted bitter but she liked it.


>“Okay, I’m going home. Bye!”
Kek, literally me as a kid.

you were joking, right?

Nice, how accurate is this and the examples anyway?Sometimes the examples dont really convey the actual meaning or made it a lot more confusing.Thanks for the TL.

>Sometimes the examples dont really convey the actual meaning or made it a lot more confusing.

hey Sup Forums, we found another one


As a kid I would go to a restaurant and ask for eggs how my mother makes them expecting them to know. Is that a symptom?

nah just dumb

As a kid I would stand in the dog's water bowl and quack like a duck. Is that a symptom?

that's normal

>aspe-chan likes to eat the same things everyday
Okay this is already getting too close to home.

I dont read enough asperger literature to say the manga is true to it. Misinformation isnt helping to the cause or to its education.

the author is diagnosed.

chicken soup is very healthy for you so it is not unnatural to have it everyday

>The teacher said I should try harder or go home
>So I tried to go home

Pretty sure literally everyone with autism has done this as a kid.

This manga is starting to make me think I am an aspie.


Eating the same stuff all the time is relatively normal. The difference between an aspie and a normal person is that the latter may object if you try to give them a different food, while the former starts crying/gets extremely angry/throws food around.
I'm pretty sure if you were a legit aspie, you would have noticed by now.

Where did the term "sperging out" come from again?

Autism is a spectrum disorder. Not all autistic people spaz out if they aren't given specific foods. It's much more likely that they'll freak out if you don't warn them that you're cooking something new beforehand, or worse if you tell them you're having, say, spaghetti for dinner but cook steak instead.

>t. high-functioning autist

isn't she hot as fuck?

Poor people do it too, are they aspies?

No aspies but people with autism would be the one yelling and screaming, and depends of the level of their autism. Also, at least they won't kill you a week later as a result of you offering them a different food.

I could eat the same three foods for the rest of my life, so that feels familiar.

Pretty much all aspies who were brought up with some half-decent discipline know that freaking out is not acceptable as an adult.


The pics were hot but her cosplay weren't accurate.

Now I got what you meant, I thought you were talking about the manga character.

The previous thread had pics from her twitter. She is pretty cute and hot, but I don't know how much make up she is using, so...

yeah she's a 9/10 but has autism eyes

there are youtube videos without makeup, still qt

>yeah she's a 9/10 but has autism eyes
That makes her a 12/10 just imagine that sex with those cold eyes staring at you

dude she's a IRL yandere

>yeah baby now lick my balls
>how much?
>I don't know girl, just give them some lickaroos
>how many lickaroos is some lickaroos?
>is 4 a good number? should it be 8?
>Jesus now I'm soft, thank you very much.

>wanting to stick your dick in crazy

>people always talk about 69, does that mean i have to lick 69 times?


Comedy gold.

>tfw too sperg to tell if sarcasm or not

Doujins when?

>Doujins when?
she actually draws doujinshi.

She literally got half naked as swimsuit Nero to advertise her latest FGO doujin

Awesome, doujins of Aspe-chan when?

brb making a webm of aspe-chan

Are successful autists raking in cash? Should I try to apply myself?

>brb making a webm of aspe-chan

It is done

anyone wants more webm?

she does a lot of feet stuff

Man her eyes look fucking dead.

This got bullied in elementary school.

Shes like a perfect anime waifu. Probably 100% loyal too.



You can tell how damn awkward she is just by the jerky way she moves. I'm not surprised she'd get bullied when she's not covered in makeup.


Worst girl.

>I keep screaming but God won't listen

Are those contacts or does she have fuckhuge irises?

They're circle lenses. Every Asian girl wears them when they're dressed up.


That's how ass burgers are, pretty fucking weird indeed.


I don't get it?

>literally IRL Rei

>>Particularly hard-to-understand words are “a few,” “those,” “over there,” “firmly,” “nicely,” “whatever.”
Thats higher level Aspergers than normal

>>● We can focus on completing a project
>>● We can become super knowledgeable on a certain subject
Thats nothing really special kid

>sent from mom's basement

Not all of them can control it.

Those are somewhat simplified statements. What it means is that there's a thing called hyperfocus which is pretty prevalent among aspies and let's us focus on a level that's uncommon and sometimes even unhealthy for a neurotypical person.
There's also the concept of special interests which is a bit more complicated matter but in short it's like this almost obsessive interest towards a certain subject matter that takes a large part of our lives and researching that subject goes before eating and sleeping and working and such for many of us.
Neither of these is exclusive to aspergers but they are typical behaviour to people on the spectrum. Having special interest/interests is even a diagnostic criterion.

>tfw you learned all dinosaurs latin names and geological era at age 6

t-that's ok right? kids love dinosuars

Are we sure this isn't a boy? Shoulders are way too broad.

>Are we sure this isn't a boy?
she almost show pussy in some pics.

>tfw used to describe animals exclusively by their latin names on biology tests
make it stop

>Thats nothing really special
It is, if you are 8 and know what is a lepton, hadron and metallic hydrogen.

That's funny, I used to do the same exact thing. People are still reminding me of my long lectures about dinosaurs and the eras when they lived.

>mom let me draw on walls because she wanted to do a new paintjob anyway
>walls covered with math

I love how she tries to show emotions like smiling or being shy, but her eyes just stay dead.

>specialization is good when you can profit for it somehow, not only in the monetary way
>specialization is bad when you are unable to show you are getting something from it

>I love how she tries to show emotions like smiling or being shy, but her eyes just stay dead.

you LOVE?
That's a girl with a mental problem you heartless monster

Please be more considerate.

My dad gave my brother and me an entire wall to paint whatever we want.
>I drew a field with a house, sun and birds
>My big brother drew a galactic war and made some missiles to reach my side of the wall

Is Dinosaur-obsession really that common among aspies? I was super into ships, and only superficially interested in Dinos.

But that's the typical face I see in every cosplay from nips.

I was also obsessed with these cheetas

Did your bro grew up to be a WH40kfag?
I see it a lot, but never really got into it myself. Was more into physics and promotional materials for offices

It's a feeling of superiority stemming from the fact that my facial expressions are more convincing than hers.
>t. ADHD+aspie

Dinosaurs and trains are the two big ones they tend to stereo typically latch onto, because they're some of the first things with a wide degree of categorization that they're exposed to. And because there are a lot of children's books that go into detail on the subject.

What? I'm pretty sure I didn't say either of those things anywhere in my post.

>promotional materials for offices
my sides

I see. Thanks

He is a criminalist

cheetahbros [email protected]

>tfw nature sonic-fag
looking back, it was a clear tell for autism

>tfw saturday morning documentaries

For me it was video game strategy guides. I spent more time as a kid drawing guides for my own games that didn't exist than actually playing video games.

Aspe-chan is cute, I want to hug her as I'm also diagnosed with asperger's.

Do you think she is into touching?

Are you autistic?

>he literally got half naked as swimsuit Nero

Are there pics of that?

so does anyone else count pasta pieces to see if they're odd or even?

I don't count the exact amount, I just count if they're divisible by 2 while I eat them.
At the end of the plate I know if they were odd or even.

Everyone I tell this freaks out and tells me I need a psychologist. :(