How did Asuka come back to life after instrumentality? Did it absorb the souls of every person that ever lived...

How did Asuka come back to life after instrumentality? Did it absorb the souls of every person that ever lived, or just the recently deceased?

Instrumentality didn't kill anyone, it just joined everyone's consciousness so they wouldn't have to deal with the unbearable pain of being unable to connect emotionally

Shinji didn't want that because reasons and Asuka wanted his cock

The end

>Asuka wanted Kaji's cock

Because like Shinji, she was inside of an Eva when it happened, so most likely their machines' AT Fields protected them.

Asuka was killed by the MPEs pre-instrumentality
But Unit 02s AT Field would've been destroyed when it was torn apart

>Asuka was killed by the MPEs pre-instrumentality
No she wasn't

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Asuka was dead, she came back to life to life the same way kaworu did
She didn't "reject" instrumentality because worthless bitch was fucking dead

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You need to find an ancient Reifag (who will help you) if you actually want to ask a serious question about Eva and get a truthful answer.

>Impaled by a dozen Lances.
>Ripped apart.
>Sync ratio was higher than normal due to her realizing that Her Mother was her unit.

She was killed and brought back through Shinji's desire.

>Impaled by a dozen Lances.
>Ripped apart.
Just a flesh wound

Rei collected her soul like the other people that died

>Asuka was killed by the MPEs pre-instrumentality
Doesn't matter. If you're tang'd, you join the consciousness, otherwise the Rei clones wouldn't of bothered tanging all the other corpses around the base. It's even made explicit when Gendo's body isn't tang'd after being bitten in half; he wasn't allowed to join in paradise for all the shit he pulled.

I understand that Asukafags like you are retarded and that you like making up shit that never happened but bitch was dead and it's kinda a key point for shinji's mental state prior to 3rd impact

>It's even made explicit when Gendo's body isn't tang'd after being bitten in half; he wasn't allowed to join in paradise for all the shit he pulled.
has there ever been a mastermind fucked over more throughly and more quickly?

Someone is upset.

Don't waste your time, you're talking about characters, they only care which Asuka outfit looks cutest and such.

actually, she wasn't dead yet, just very hurt. Due to having a high connection with an Eva the body of a pilot can receive damage too, true, but if they stop the connection(maybe because the eva died before making asuka feel the same, or maybe because Asuka after realizing she can't win after all that she stopped the connection herself) then they won't get hurt further. Thus unless the mass produced evas actively attacked the plug, asuka would merely be hurt a lot.
Remember that the only damage we see Asuka receive is her eye, hand and some of her gut, but we couldn't see how much of her gut got damaged.

The fact that after the end she had bandages on pretty much confirms that she didn't die.

because if she died and then got revived will all the damage she received prior, then she would be dead even after instrumentality. If she got healed after getting revived means there would be no point for bandages.

In other words, she was still alive until she got tang'd

Those aren't "Rei clones" they are all Rei because she is omnipresent wherever a soul decended from lilith exists

I feel that I should make the distinction because Rei is a clone herself in universe and she has multiple clones of herself in universe and that her character is a clone of a previous character and that her character has been cloned more than any other other character......

Is Asuka reaching out towards Rei in this gif?

Don't be pedantic, user. You know what I mean.

Have you ever seen a joke in your life, user?

It gets even worse if you buy in to the interpretation that his 'masterminding' was literally his wife tricking him in to turning evil and irreparably traumatizing their son so that she could become immortal.

>actually, she wasn't dead yet, just very hurt.

Only took the 1st line to see you are pulling shit out of your arse and making up your own storyline
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What is the only result of a Lance of Longinus contacting a mortal?

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As you're obviously too stupid too notice the post 3rd impact fuckdoll is a combination of Rei Asuka and Misato ......

distinction is important seeing as there's people who think an impostor is Rei in 3.0

>there's people who think an impostor is Rei in 3.0
Anyone that thinks this doesn't have a clue what they're talking about and can be safely ignored.

because shinji didn't want to fuse with her, because he loved her.
Go watch episode 25/26 again

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>redefine the meaning of dying alone while the rest of humanity gets raptured
at some point you feel bad for the man

How could you not bad for Gendo? He's a bad end Shinji. He only wanted to bring back the only person he could show affection to. It's never shown but Yui says Gendo is sweet with her.

>tfw the only person you can show affection to turns out to be a madwoman with a god complex who manipulated you and your son in to causing the apocalypse solely to fulfil her desire to exist for eternity in Unit 01
>tfw your reward for all this is being literally cucked out of the afterlife

He fucking deserved it. Gendo is a cunt.

I have to be pedantic because Reifags are autistic perfectionists and Asukafags are retards who will make up their own version of history unless you stop them from lying.

I know exactally what you mean but my point was that Asuka did not express free will.
Infact it could be said that allowing Asuka to live again after she wished to die (or not exist) could be construed as a form of spiritual rape

Gendo knows he's fucked up, his last words were "this is my retribution". He loved his son but couldn't bring himself to have a normal conversation with him. He didn't give two shits about instrumentality, he only wanted to see again the wife that had left him behind. Gendo is a bad person for sure and he had it coming but you can't say he was just a dick. Take Shinji, make him shut himself completely in and then leave him like that for decades. That's who Gendo is.

There's literally a line that says anyone with strong enough will that longs for individuality can make it back, you dolts.

Op is confused because Asuka dies

This thread this shows how fucking stupid Evafags are. Nobody can agree on anything and basic fucking points that determine the whole 'meaning' of the film and the fate of the characters are flat out seen in totally different ways by different fags, to each of whom their own interpretation is just obvious.

It's hilarious.

2deep4me - the post
> Conflicting interpretations are bad my dudes
> Everyone should agree on everything that's how you tell a show is good.
Pop culture was a mistake.

> Conflicting interpretations are bad my dudes

How are you getting that out of it? One of my favorite shows is Utena. The point is not simply that things happen to be ambiguous, but that fans act like their interpretation is clear as day and claim that the series has some specific message that you should be able to see if you just paid the slightest attention, even though there are tons of details that flatly contradict that in each instance that they just tend to conveniently ignore.

Its the way fans here act so cock sure instead of recognizing that ambiguity that pisses me off. On top of that all the ambiguity that is there actively hampers any understanding of the characters since you can barely take anything they say or do at face value.

Sorry user but you are the retarded here, the guy had a pretty good point