How do you go from this

how do you go from this

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to this
I can't say I dislike it but the inconsistency is putting me off

what inconsistency ?

She seems to be lacking a bit of belly paunch, which is a shame to me, but not really that important overall.

she seems to have gotten a tad slimmer, and I wouldn't expect a firm/compact ass like that on someone from the first image, who seems to have quite a bit more meat on her

I'm seriously mad at myself for liking her haircut and glasses so much.

is this the autism thread

I hope mangatranslations release a compilation of the translated chapters this year.

She's pretty much what I want out of life.

She is literally author self-insert.

I did it again guiz xD

Shimimaru is actually female though.

I fucking love this manga.

Too bad the guy who translates this is waiting for entire volumes to come out and can't into cleaning.

Yeah. But at least is getting translated, that's something.

Yes, of course, I'll take what I can. I would rather prefer if it was someone less autistic though.
I believe it's the same guy who is responsible for the infamous GTO translations.

>I would rather prefer if it was someone less autistic though.
pro tip: you don't want less autism, you want more.


What's infamous about them?

That kind of "inconsistency" can be achieved with like a week of dieting.

This manga is too 3DPD for me.

What's with the watermark?


Well, a different kind of autism, then. The type that wants to create good content.

Why hasn't anyone bother to TL Killer Queen yet?

>I believe it's the same guy who is responsible for the infamous GTO translations.
Is there proof of this?
I always wonder what happens to manga scanlators, especially the ones who leave fuckhuge blogs in the credits page/

>My mommy wants to fuck me
>No wait she isn't
>1000s of chapters and no progress

Oh man muh nostalgia.

Can't believe I actually read this shit.

killer queen is the 5th part, isn't it?
it's on the panda
you must be confusing this with something else

>Great Teacher Onidzuka. I translated the first 11 volumes, then it was licensed by TokyoPop.

I wonder if the writing on the t-shirt is a reference to One Point English.

It's a literal statement.

you mean a week without eating anything?
plus she doesn't seem the kind of person that would go on a diet like that, and is depicted with a bit more fat in the later chapters
I would hope it was a reference to something at least

Why is it that porn artist can't write for shit? It's like any porn artists that gets serialized only does boring and stale stories with no real progress. Or worse, a pure comedy.

There's something sexy about a dominating author womam self insert

Behold the results of a college student's pitiful budget

You can't be more wrong about this manga user. It's believable 3DPD fun

Their writing is fine.

Stories don't have to make continual progress to have good writing. Comedies and slice-of-life are some of the hardest stories to write correctly without getting stale or becoming samey. Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro and Dasei are both examples of well written stories by eromangaka.

I've read quite some interesting stories from eromangaka
some were from eromanga even, the queen series for example had a good story if you ask me
maybe you're just tired of the same old same old faceless man NTR?

I want to self insert into the author if you know what i'm saying

>killer queen is the 5th part
I was wrong, I was thinking about queens game, sorry

>characters can't get fater/thin over the course of Xtime.