In which Hayasaka is up to no good.




cute pout



The fuck is happening?




Yuri spin-off then?

He knows? Or does he still believe the maid and the gyaru aren't the same perfect girl

It's only 5 pages?

He still feels guilty about rejecting her.

I know Aka is Madman, but dont you even dare to ntr ous Aka

So this is Hayasaka in disguise?

Whats even going on? Why is pres at karaoke with Hayasaka and other randoms?

Probably got invited to a mixer, so Kaguya sent Hayasaka, just in case and she's still incredibly butthurt about the rejection.

This is going to be an elaborate plot to test Pres' resolve and love for Kaguya isn't it? This will also cause Hayasaka to genuinely fall for Pres which will ultimately cause her to suffer because its an impossible love wont it?

President gonna preaches her with 6 hours of bible.

wait, is that really all?
Artstyle looks off for some reason, especially this page. That Kaguya in the corner looks unfinished

Tragedy repeats by itself. Pic related.

What tragedy?

It's early pages, not the whole chapter, and the scanners washed the hell out of the pages.

Awful cleaning does that.

This is 100% this

>everything for my ojou
>falls in love for same person ojou likes
>she has no chance
>future plots will revolve around not winning or helping ojou get together with the person you like
>only thing left for her is suffering

Hayasaka is not a fucking doormat like Tsugumi. She trolls and berates Kaguya like an older sister would.
If Hayasaka actually ends up falling for him hard enough, I can see her going actively after him with the excuse of forcing Kaguya to act. Which would be heartbreaking in another way.
But Hayasaka is way too mature for that. It would also make no sense story wise to make the first rival literally Kaguya 2.0.

That's probably going to happen.

I was shipping Hayasaka with Ishigami
Oh well gg

Looks to me like Kaguya only sent Hayasaka to prevent Shirogane from 'cheating' on her.
I'd be more worried for him actually discovering who she is in school and who she is conspiring with. It's not like he's unable to connect the dots.

I can't handle this. Her Haysaka persona reminds me too much of Yume.

Hayasaka looking a lot like Witch there

Nah, even if Hayasaka falls for Shirogane she would probably just go the mistress route since he can't get away once he starts dating Kaguya.

Goddamnit Aka i wanted a different love interest for Hayasaka not prez. Pls no love triangle, it´s too overdone and i don´t think Hayasaka likes him like that either.

I don't think so. Her lies aren't big enough for that to be the disguise.

Is this yuri?

It´s her maid persona but i dunno why she wouldn´t use pads if her goal was to test prez resolve anyway. Maybe she figured prez likes em flat? She probably shouldn´t tell Kaguya.

>no narrator at the end
Oh fuck it's on now

>You're specialty is acting, right?
Oh fuck he knows

Because she's maintaining multiple consistent distinct identities. Some of whom have bigger tits.

He woulsn't have freaked out if he didn't recognize the honest, hardworking beautiful maid he rejected.

Thats actual Hayasaka, Pres even calls her that this chapter

He calls her Hasaca, which is her fake maid name, so he doesn't know she's the gal that goes to his school

He´s aware that she´s putting on a facade but he doesn´t know that she´s working with Kaguya or is enrolled at Shuuichin.

>Kaguya going for the Sera look again
Now all she needs is the sociopathy


Her whole yandere shtick (including the stuff she´s doing this very chapter) is already close enough.

She's still loyal to Kaguya above all else. Her actually doing something that would hurt Kaguya that badly would be horribly out of character for her.

Only in my dreams

I'm still holding out for Kaguya requesting assistance with making that football team.

So many kids will result in a bloodshed over the Shinomiya inheritance.




Anons I’m scared

If it cones to that, I’m dropping this hard and will go to Japan to personally strangle Aka.



>Kei chapter established that siblings have similar preferences
>series also established that Hayasaka and Kaguya treat each other like sisters instead of master-servant
You all know where this is going.


Did Kaguya want to strangle subject F?


He still can't sing?

It's the lyrics
>I'm so sad, I'm so sad, I'm trembling
>why can't I be your number one?
>I wish I had never fallen in love
Hayasaka is having her revenge.

wow and here I thought all the C93 kaguya doujins had been scanned.

I think it’s just part of the plot to make him feel bad for “rejecting” her. Kaguya’s in on it.

While I still think Myu deserve someone like her the sudden twist may be too hard to shallow.

Kaguya just wants her to spy on Shirogane, the whole make him feel bad is her being extremely butthurt.

Probably butthurt, yeah, but I doubt she actually likes him.

>Kaguya looking like Sera with the hat
>Hayasaka looking like Yume
what does it all mean? The top right panel is literally Yume.

Anime fucking when?
Return of Evilguya when?

>Operatioon Cuckuya commence

when her father appears

The only girl I cared for on that piece of shit, and she hsd to suffer, at least I have that small doujin serie

scanlation when, can't read moonrunes

>can't read moonrunes


>learning japanese to read weebshit

I started out doing that, but it actually helps for other things like recipes, reading journals, etc. I still like weebshit, too.

Why else would you learn it?

>that face
Kinda reminds me of this one.

Kei and Hayasaka look too much alike

Holy shit that's hot
Maybe Aka's watching Citrus or something

the one where he knocks her up and asks him to marry her, while all the other girls find out that they'd merely had fake pregnancy tests and actually lost?

I hope this series ends soon so Aka can revive ib.

please don't aka

she exclaimed

Fuck off, you worthless piece of shit. Let him do what he wants.

He wants to revive ib. He's only doing Kaguya because it got popular.

>Final chapter
>Prez confesses to Hayasaka in front of everyone
>Kaguya stares at them with empty eyes
>Hayasaka notices and smiles
>"Oh, it seems like Kaguya-sama wants to be confessed to(o)

Yep, wish we could find more stuff like that for the usual no winning girls

Agreed. IS had this adorable non-h for Charlotte, which was actually better written than the romance in the actual novels.

So often the girls that win officially feel so damn *forced*, you know? I mean there's good ones, like when FRX-00 clearly wins at the end of Yukikaze, or Nine getting Soji, or of course the main characters of Acchi-Kocchi.

but those harems... goddamn.

Kei has her sunburst eyes.

stop it

I dont even know whats the point of a harem, when there is a obvious "main" girl every time, and usually just wins by some shit near the end, and no because she clearly was the one with the most development or something


She's going to start liking him. Opens the way for drama and potential comedy.

Sadly often enough she isn't even. She just... wins. All the other girls get more development (and probably started with more personality than "complete bitch that met him a few times when they were like, two, not that two toddlers would even care to remember this shit") and then she wins.

Because the main guy is so fucking worthless that of course even when it comes to choosing women he'd obsess over the one that treats him like the scum she probably caused him to become in the first place.

>You should be honest with your feeling sooner, Kaguya-sama
>Don't you know love is war?