Pre-2000 Anime Thread

What have you been watching recently, Sup Forums?

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Just finished Black Magic tonight. Great little OVA.


Just Gamba.
Ginga sure is Gamba with dogs and bears now that I know Gamba.

shadowskill, vampire princess miu, iria

the first two were complete fucking garbage. utter waste of time to say the least. the latter had pretty impressive visuals, considering type of the project. the character designs and environmental shots were way more detailed than what i expected and while i thought that the characters were absolutely horrible, mostly due to how one note and flat they were, i still like the world building and general approach. pleasant surprise to be honest since i didnt expect much and i cant rid myself of the feeling that it has a strong influence on outlaw star. the character designs just look way too similar, kei in particular.


I watched it after someone mentioned it here a few weeks ago. It's so-so in my opinion.
Especially how the robot can kill entire squads of armed men in seconds, but just walks menacingly towards two women at the end.

>and while i thought that the characters were absolutely horrible

Hey. You. Get fucked.


not my fault that almost the entire cast is a bunch of walking cardboard cutouts. now go back to fucking your brother.

>watched seasonally since 2000
>never seen anything pre-2000

>Why does my action anime based on a cheese live action movie about monster fighting not have complex characterization

There's a show being shallow and then there's you being an idiot for expecting otherwise

Not even evangelion?

Read enough threads on Sup Forums I feel like I've watched it already

>characters being shallow is now supposed to be an upside because they are intended to be shallow
thats not how it works buddy.

Logh Gaidens. Does it count?

It's literally Terminator except the helpless chick is helped by another helpless chick, so the Terminator has to be toned down. Still a fun piece of animation if you're not taking it seriously.


If i watch enough porn, will i feel like i have had sex?

If I watch enough anime, will I learn Japanese?

I've learned enough jap from anime to watch without subs and converse in shonen meme phrases

am i retarded or deos the second sakura taisen ova look better than the first one?

Just finished this yesterday.
It was ok.

What kinds of show is Moomins? Episodic or does it have some sort of story?

Should I try Ginga then? I am really enjoying Ganba so far.

I need to rewatch Iria, but my impression was that it's firmly inferior to the movies, which is a shame.

Shit son I have this on VHS somewhere.

>Should I try Ginga then?
The opening is WYSIWYG, simple but entertaining.
The first arc which is about (somewhat) more grounded bear hunting in Hokkaido isn't wholly representative of the series, it did badly in Jump and turned into battle shounen with talking dogs.

Would you a Moguro, Sup Forums?


Going to rewatch Utena, I'm interested to see Anthy's actions through a different perspective


The fucking live action looks creepier then the goddamn anime.

Holy shit.

I just watched vampire hunter d from 1985 yesterday and I finished dominion tank police the other day

>vampire hunter d from 1985
my condelences

been watching Dear Brother. shits fucked

I also watched ninja scroll for the first time. 10/10 anime. I dont know how I never watched it before

I thought it was ok

This is what happens when you set Keita Amemiya loose.

Just finished this. Great machines take over post-apocalypse lots of great violence and tank destruction.

Dragon Half is funny as fuck.

D is fine. Bloodlust is where its at though.

I thought that there was going to be a twist where the android didn't want to actually kill the creator's granddaughter, but was actually in love with her or something. In the end they just destroyed it though, so who knows. It would have made the story more interesting, and explain why it didn't just cut them in half with its lasers.

Doesn't look like my kind of anime. Think I'll try Giant Gorg.


Utena really gets a lot better on rewatch. There's just a lot of foreshadowing you don't spot the first time, it's really interesting.

I wish we got more Birdy.

I wish the manga would just get scanlated.

Giant Gorg rocks. Aged better than VOTOMs imo.

Gorg is a masterpiece so you can't go wrong there.

And Patlabor, while we're at it.

The anime was better though



I want to put my dwarf in that dwarf.

I thought 1985 was the only Vampire Hunter D for ages. I couldn't believe so many people said the D was good after watching that... and then last month I accidentally came across Bloodlust on MLA then realized I had been complaining about the wrong anime for years.

Watched patlabor early days and movie. It was kinda boring. Movie was really similar to gits movie, i guess this is where Oshii found that his style, since ovas were different. Also watched mugen no ryvius(well, it's started in 99, so it's kinda counts), this shit had one of the most retarded sets of characters i've remember, but it was solid sci fi anyway.

What an utter trash human you are.

where did that come from?

At least watch some of the classics, you're really missing out. Most of my favorite anime are from the 00's, but stuff from the 90's have a charm of their own and I can't get enough of it.

Fun shit.

Gorg is guaranteed fun. And occasionally it manages to be pretty decent sci-fi as well.

Why does the Sword of Light have a Tenga for a hilt?

I began watching Banner of the Stars 2 last week, but only saw the first two episodes before I got busy with something more recent. It felt good to hear that iconic music again, and I still love the language.

Only have two episodes left of Cowboy Bebop now, will finish it any day now, just need to be in the right mood. It hasn't been my favourite, but it's okay but also a bit boring.
I finished this last week. At some points it was so boring I was just groaning and kicking with my legs. It was painful.

Those who hunt Elves is pretty great desu.
Saber Marionette J
and a shitload of other anime

>At some points it was so boring I was just groaning and kicking with my legs. It was painful.
why do you let yourself be held hostage by a cartoon? why dont you just drop it if its that bad?

Finished Lupin III. Was decent but I definitely prefer the first half. Started Part 2 and the first episode is garbage. What am I in for?