Ito Junji Collection



Long Dream is one of Ito's best shorts, ever. Simplistic, no supernatural flair or in-your-face grotesque, just quiet, sheer terror.


I'd love to see a full manga about that concept. The whole creepy sci-fi feel in that chapter is perfect. Seeing his body evolve and his language change as he lives thousands of years into the future in his own dreams.

I started reading this after the 2nd episode, favorite so far is Balloon Hanging.

I appreciate episode 1 more after reading more of his shorts and finding out that mc is a comic relief character, not a one off.

Finally best girl showed up

I saw this episode yesterday and then I slept a long time last night. I hope that doesn't mean anything ...

Hey, at least you get to live out your 2D life

Truly living Sup Forums's dream.

Adaptation when

There's only like 3 good Ito Junji stories. Why do people overrate this man so much? It's all just so forgettable.

Because his art and concepts are good. Nobody reads this shit for the stories.
I'm going to continue enjoying Ito's works until I can find someone better at absurd horror.

No. It's mediocre at best.

Name something better, then.

Not an argument

legit curious user passing by
name one

>it's bad but i'm not going to say why, it's just bad lol
>i can't even name something better either
Fascinating argumentation skills you have there.

Not an argument.

Whom are you quoting?

>spoonfeed me


I felt so jealous watching this episode.
had insomnia for 2 months now ;_;

>hurr le spoonfeed
So basically, you don't actually have anything worth saying and just bait people?

Don't sign your posts.

I'm quoting your retardation.

read my initial reply

Strawmen aren't quotes.

Been a long time since I read this, how did Souichi's curses become real?

>insomnia for 2 months
Lucky bastard. 22 years here. I haven't slept normally since I was 6. I'd still take this before dreams that last for decades.