Golden Kamuy OP by MWAM

AOTS Confirmed?

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HIT ME ON THE ENDANGERED SPECIES LIST this time around? Fuck if I know if those eaten are endangered though.

I do wonder how this is going to go. We're way past what can be covered in 13 episodes and some of what happens is a bit, well it be interesting

>been away for a month
>come back to Golden Kamui Anime
Holy shit. Best time line?

The ED band hasn't done any anime songs before, right?


Gonna be fun. Especially with how macho the whole thing is, seems like a great fit for the band.

You don't have to be afraid of the word bara.

A-anons... I don't know moon, can someone explain or put a link to the music? Sorry for being so ignorant.


Thanks, user.

>AOTS Confirmed?
AOTY if close to manga and without censure. To the trashbin if not.

>close to the manga
I really hope so. I want to see Ainu culture and brains delicacy plus manly men doing manly things.

>the animal meat process will be darken to hell
So long as the narration is still intact I guess I can live with it.

Me again, sorry for being a fag, but that song for GK isn't already in other anime OP?

It's Geno Studio again, lads.

Kinda nervous 2bh.

Hope it does well enough to get a 2nd cour. Wonder who will get the streaming rights?

We would be lucky if is just stills the anime, with some beautiful stills.
Also, are there any news of the rest of the cast? Asirpa and Sugimoto sounds fine to me.

Noda said to the anime director that he poured his soul into his manga. Director wants to respect his wish.
I think it will be fine.

>is so accurate that Netflix pick it up because Crunchy wants to obscure all the episodes.

Whats with the big white dog?

holy shit YES YES YES

that's a wolf, last of his species

We probably wont get to the crazier stuff yet, maybe Nihei if we're lucky.
Can't wait to see best boy animated though.

I haven't read the manga, how much gay shit will be in this on a scale of 0 to 10?

but that's not sugimoto

Hinna Hinna

there's really not much of it in the beginning but in later arc which I doubt would be adapted there's some "manly" moments with "wrestling" and stuff

Makes most sense that Netflix acquires GK.
Another thing that I'm most excited based on that interview with the anime director is that he said they would keep the weird erotic humour that GK emits.
Wouldn't be the same without the horny.

I doubt netflix would be interested in something made by such a new studio

Wasnt devilman crybaby an experimental project?


>Masaki Yuasa
>that code geass writer
>50th anniversary project of Go Nagai's career as mangaka
experimental it may be but it already had big names attached to it

Kokkoku is doing okay for the first episode.Cool studio intro as well.

They actually had a collab last year, shoulda known

>another OPOTY by them

I was hoping something like that one Hokkaido-themed song by Wednesday Campanella, but I guess MWAM fits the action part of the manga better.

I like Shakushain too but that won't fit at all.

>first Kokkoku
>now this
Holy shit how can one studio be allowed to do this?


I'd understand if they cut out ed gein: fashionista, or the bestiality professor. But otherwise, agree.

>I understand if they cut everything and just make other anime instead.


I doubt the anime will reach that arc anyway.

I want a loli ainu.

>not adapting sumo wrestling

Bullshit. And it's directly followed by Tanigaki and Inkarmat finally fucking, therefore I need it.

Also, Ogata fainting because he got horny was priceless.

I wouldn't mind some OVA about the most "triggering" events. I actually wouldn't mind OVA format at all if that means more freedom.
Anyway. if Noda and the director were so invested, maybe is going to be good.

1000% or nothing. Edogai arc features best boy Tsurumi.

Then explain neo yokio.

>Man With A Mission
I wanted someone actually good! The Kokkoku OP is god-tier

Database is the perfect OP for Golden Kamui

And the ED band sounds like shit too
Dammit Geno

Do NOT lewd Asirpa.

I understand and respect Noda's sacrilege kink but I know the bear-fucker arc wasn't very well-received by the western fandom. Dunno how the japanese took it.

Which is a shame, because it featured some amazing character highlights for both Tanigaki and Ogata by contrasting the two of them and where they're at.

What'd people say on bear-fucker's arc?

Asirpa is already of marriageable age.

I don't represent the Western fandom but I did say "holy shit".

>bear-fucker arc wasn't very well-received by the western fandom

Fuck em.

Disgusting and unnecessary, basically.

Yeah, for me it was when I realized Noda was definitely for sacrilege and it wasn't just me imagining things.

Can anyone even remotely touch Man with a mission?

I want to see animated chest hair being pulled out of our beloved bear cub.

But there was some pretty good character interaction in it, like the other user said.
I also found it really funny

I don't know
I like MWAM but I feel like Golden Kamuy fit better with a more outlandish OP.

I misread that as WHAM!

Agreed. Some people just can't stomach fictional animal rape I guess.

I'd like something that fits the setting well. Maybe some rock with traditional Jap instruments thrown in or something. MWAM doesn't really fit, and neither does the ED band which seems to be some EDM shit

>lewding the daughteru
keep it up

I know and agree, but the animal fucking was fairly confronting.

It also straight up might not conform to whatever the tv broadcaster's censorship laws are, so that's something to consider.

I lost it when he fucked a tree.

That would make GK unnecessary itself.

Like this but with Ainu instruments?

There aren't many lewds. the leaks dropped and I'm nuttin'

Is he supposed to be Shiton's brother or something? Will bearfucker have his legacy continued?

What makes you say that?

The eyes. The stache.


Good point; I don't care about him so it didn't register.

>neo yokio

They sure thought it was.

they're retards


Shirtless horny punch saga continues. I love it.

Loli loev brains.

The way Noda draws the faces during funny moments is fucking hilarious to me.
I don't know how he does it.

Mommy. Issues.

>THE SIXTH LIE's drummer Ray said they also think "Why us?"

lol. But they said they'll work hard and that they read the manga in order to write the lyrics, so there's that I guess.

I wonder if they'll get genuine Ainu voice actors for this

For the extras? That's a neat idea. That'd be nice.

All of them? Well, real men have mommy issues, not issues with whores.

Asirpa herself speaks Ainu often

Kek, this is actually good.

Being a reader of this manga, I am aware. In fact, I'm such a fan, I paid attention to the initial cast announcements several months ago, when it was announced Haruka Shiraishi would be voicing Asirpa.

Like I originally said, your best bet is that MAYBE they'll do it for the ainu extras/Asirpa's grandma. And that's only because Noda poured his heart and soul into this and wants the director to do the same. If it was anyone else I'd say you were dreaming.

I think I read somewhere that they were going to have an Ainu expert supervising the pronunciations and all of that.

Just Ogata desu. Speaking of,
>talking about real men in response to a picture with shiraishi and ogata

user pls

I didn't check the announced voice actors yet but I imagine finding a main role voice actress that is fluent in Ainu would be near impossible

What's even going on here

It's the way he softens their features by rounding out the eyes, nose, and cheeks.

It makes the characters look more infantile, which creates a humorous contrast to everyone's constant scowling, especially since most of the cast is overflowing with testosterone.

So that's what Asirpa's cartoon face looks like. A baby. It's so obvious and I feel like an idiot for not putting two and two together sooner. Thanks, user.

Golden Kamuy is perfect for Netflix though so I guess they would take it if they could. Also is this show popular with the fujos? The manga is already selling pretty well, so maybe they woul want to attract new audiences with it. Dont forget that Netflix is mainly trying to get more japanese people to their service. Gaijins eat anything up anyway.

I for one welcome the jpn fujo overlords. Most of them are dedicated to their fandom and make the best content.
GK will be fine thanks to the manga.