Ywn have a girlfriend who will literally stab and slash all her romantic rivals with her hands until they're gone for...

>ywn have a girlfriend who will literally stab and slash all her romantic rivals with her hands until they're gone for good
yanderes are great, and perfect for cuddling

Is she the main heroine?


and I just checked that she's not so not going to bother with this series

School Days

she's the only girl the mc seems to have feelings for though

Men who like yanderes are like girls who have daddy issues and want to get raped.

>Kill literally every girl at school for talking to your fuckboy.

Why is she so based?

And what about it, faggot?

>spend the first 3/4 of the show meditating in front of Buddha statues trying to purge your wanton desire to pin NOOOOMURA down and rape him over and over again until he's dyed your color
>someone slips you a selfie some skank took riding his boner
>"Yes, I see what I must do now."

She's a character in a battle harem that's not the main girl. That's all I need to know.

Read the manga. She's all he thinks about

Don't worry user. MC thinks about her all the time and misses her in the manga, plus he admitted to himself that he likes her.

Yanderes are fucking trash. Unless the girls are yangires and legitimate psychopaths I'n not interested.

She also tries to kill him because she cant have him

I just noticed she has the same fighting style as Shichika.

>At first he was all like, oh I love yanderes I love you, then he was all like, oh please don't kill me please stop stabbing me I don't wanna die. What the hell

Fuck off.

>yanderes are great
Only the most stupid people say this.

>plebs hating on yandere are clueless about them

There's nothing wrong with liking yandere.
It's wanting one that shows a significant lack of mental capacity.

Ow the edge

I can understand your not agreeing with his opinion, but how does that show edginess?
Do you just throw around the word "edge" as if it were meaningless?

Obviously you’ve never experienced a yandere.

Its the best feeling in the world, knowing that someone wants and cares for you to the point of self-harm.

Not him but have the same opinion, seriously we're talking about psychos ready to kill and one is more edgy then the other?

>to the point of self-harm

Don’t pretend you don’t have issues, you’re on the anime board of fucking Sup Forums

Why? They're fictional characters, wanting one doesn't mean anything. The "don't stick dick in crazy" meme doesn't apply. Not all yandere are even that dangerous.

You're still confusing liking one with wanting one. When people talk about wanting one, they don't mean in the sense of wanting one as a waifu, or something, which is of course just a hyperbolic form of liking one.

Those people are deluded 3dfags who treat real women like anime girls They're not getting "yanderes", they're getting headcases.

>Battle harem
I don't think I can do it, anons.

Nigga edge is half the appeal of yandere. They are edgy girls. They appeal to our juvenile edginess. We're all edgy here. You're probably edgy too, since you're here with us.

Why are dark long hair and dark eyes so best?

Good, I wouldn't want my girlfriend to be the only horrible girl in a cast full of top-tier girls.

look into these eyes and say the same thing
you can see the purity in them

busou shoujo machiavellianism

Dear anons, are Yanderes/anything bearing any close resemblance even any thing occuring IRL more often than statistics marginb error?

Thank you user, I owe you one.

BD never OVA subs never

How much time does she get devoted to her in the manga?

well after what happened in the anime, she gets expelled and sent to another school. there's a scene where she dominates all of the students there, but not much else. she'll probably return soon though, since nomura seems to be head over heels for her imo.

>Yanderes are fucking trash. Unless the girls are yangires and legitimate psychopaths I'n not interested.
Except by Katsura Kotonoha, Juvia Loxar, Hotogi Shirayuki, Saitohimea, Roberta, Mikasa Ackerman

It's way more fun to break them, when they're up on their high horse instead. Especially if it's done by the person they obsess over.

can you post the picture without windows start bar thing

this but unironically
she's not even yandere

Who then?

yanderes aren't about self-harm, user. that's the opposite of what yanderes are about.

Could she be considered a yandere? She's already a pedo

Sore wa

In the manga yes. Anime is a lot more harem oriented but plot still revolves around her and mc.

>Could she be considered a yandere?
Explain. She didn't strike me as one.