She's a retard but she LOVES bananas!

She's a retard but she LOVES bananas!

Do you give her one?

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Is it socially acceptable to fuck retards in Japan?

Only if you plan on having children.

>Only if you plan on having children.
but wouldn't that only spawn more retards and who is going to fuck those??

Japan needs more workers, it doesn't matter how smart they are.

If she won't eat A-kun's banana, then I'll give her mine.

>enjoy ryona
>all the violence against her doesn't turn me on because her retardation is a turn-off
This is the worst feeling.


But if you do that the retards will start over taking the mentally sound population and then the tards start to breading closer and closer within the family tree. Now its only a matter of time until your entire country is full of mentally handicapped inbreds and ends up like the middle east.

Hehe, I throw a banana out the window

They say behind every successful man is a woman.
in Akuru's case that's very true and he'd like her as far behind him as possible.
in a few years time she might be his only option...

Dumb people die...

i think she is intellectual

It's also not a turn on because she's basically made of rubber.

Any retard can pretend to be clever, it takes a real genius to pretend to be retarded.

no, that's why otaku are alone

Imagine she'd really exist. Such a great body wasted on a monkey

I enjoyed this show more than I thought I would

>he can have a Banana if she studies, if she gets a first in the test give her even more
why wouldn't this strategy work?

why wouldn't you, it's hilarious

You can trick her into absolutely anything lewd though.

That require her brain to understand the concept of agreement.

She might think you like her though.

So the manga ended and they never revealed fuki iinchou's real name?

Her mom is better.

The dog was better

You can cut the sexual tension

what was dog's name?


George. Though "George" rejected the name so everyone still calls him Dog.

The question still stands, bang or no bang?

RIP Sup Forumsnon's penis

How did the manga end? Is Akkun stuck with 2(or more) retards for life?

All modern bananas are grown by workers enslaved by imperialist AmeriKKKan fruit companies, so no.

Also they taste bad.

From what i understand, it's the usual Hiroyuki back to status quo ending. Also applied to the bowl, basically Yoshiko is treated as a lost cause, Iinchou is going backward at accelerated speed and Sayaka is too insecure, even when Akun genuinely tried to flatter her it turn into mockery.

A-kun pls

So the Gal won by default then, right?

Even better!

Nah, she turn into a dyke and Ruri'll eventually turn into Yoshiko 2.0, their future is kinda bleak, even Aho-mom is trying to throw Yoshiko away. But hey, that's what open ending for.


>she turn into a dyke

explain further, they can't ruin best girl like that.

What to explain? She turned into a dyke by carpet muncher, that's that.

How the fuck does this have +10 volumes. I'm pretty sure half the punchlines to these are banana.

b a n a n a

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Aho Girl.

Would you violate them?

Lewd president is best girl, I'd violate her all day long.

I'd have to get my banana slicer to cute of the banana in order to assure she doesn't try to swallow the entire banana

But what if she likes swallowing bananas? Does she suck them and eat them?

its not advisable to give a retard food that isn't swallowable