Do you think fat characters are underpresented in anime?

Do you think fat characters are underpresented in anime?

Asuka is the best and I love her and she's very beautiful and not at all fat.

One can always hope for a Fat Horny Elves adaption


I think fat people and characters shouldn't exist.

fat people is just one more thing that is somewhat nice in 2D but pigdisgusting in 3D.

Don't worry, the amount of old fat men in hentai makes up for it.

old fat men?

Old fat men.

even fat old men have sex with teenagers and i don't


Kumiko is not fat. DELET


This handsome MC

No. Anime and Manga are a visual medium that has a peculiar and idealized aesthetic.
Fat people aren't pretty, so most anime and manga have no fat people in them.
You can put them in if it's in service of the story,
but I think it's more pleasing to the eye if you leave them out.
Anime and Manga isn't supposed to be realistic, no point in putting in fat people all of a sudden.

Kumiko has gained weight!

Amerilard pls go.

i am not america

Choose your type of body

Is there any slimmer? Preferably with ribs showing.

fatfus will be a thing
you guys just wait for it

what do the moonrunes say

Please stop saying that my wife Asuka is fat or she will punch you in the face

If the girl doesn't look like a literal washboard, it is worth your time.

X - guramaa (glamorous)
I - slender
A - kahanshin fukkura (plump lower body)
O - pocchari (chubby)

So basically just what you would expect.

X and O, I isn't bad and A is just terrible


All of those are good

They're overrepresented. There should be 0 of them.


who is examples






Toddlers being fat is nothing new

Less than 4% of Japanese are obese, compared to 35% of Americans and 20-30% in European countries.



O > I > X > A

The fat tuba girl from the same show.

She's not toddler though.

A is the best type, but that picture doesn't do it justice

Kyoani girls are the chubbiest in the industry.

I please.

literally 90% the same

I can't stand these teeth otherwise I would've watched it already

I still cannot comprehend this image.

Fat people is just burgerland thing.

Why? All your blood went into your dick? Their heads a bit small though, I admit.

this is image from heterosexual anime

She's kumilicious

I, easily.

>interrogation marks

Why not all four?

Nah, they're just overrepresented in real life.

This is thread about girls, not female pigs.

My wife Asuka is not fat.
Delete your thread inmediatly.

I like chubby

That A is a literal B for Box


X and I please. If I wanted O I'd just go outside


That this isn't an h-doujin pains me so much.


I want to dick her.


Stay away

Want to dick Nanoha, too. She's quite delicious.

>not Nanohangry
Wasted opportunity.

Stay away

Feito isn't safe either. With that ass she's getting the D.

Just go away. Go fuck Hayate or something.

Hayate really doesn't do it for me.

Stay away

But she's easy

That's what an average weight looks like. If an anime wants to include a fat character, they should at least have the guts to make them seem actually overweight.

I and O are grand, X looks okay, A just looks weird.

I want to feed X and turn her into O.

I don't mind an ancient Belkan AI. Pink haired one. She's hot.

>has never seen a fat person before


This is not near to be called fat. This is a bodies of the finest semen demons.

Only X really. The rest look like a bunch of children. Who the fuck likes this shit?

X is pretty good.

It's an average weight where the average metric is actually in the unhealthy range

None of them is slim enough for my liking.

i saw many fat, but fat in reality is disgusting like all human

Healthy =! Fat

X looks softer than O and I'm not sure if that was the intent.

Nice thread keep going

I and I would go to the gym together and get /fit/, so I choose that one

Fat "people" a shit.

I love girls who love good food

Jesus Christ, Asuka is so perfect.

Are you me?

No, there's barely any fat people in Japan, so.

Any other than A seems good to me.

They are becoming popular outta no where.

Japan is surely increasing their testosterone with these healthy ladies though.
>inb4 the average Japanese man becomes like that one military bodybuilder