NEW Valvrave


Don't worry, it's pachiko.

Wait is this real? wtf


Didn't this flop spectacularly?


But I never even finished S2

Pachinko should just die.


Saki getting the dick in this?

>MFW it's actually real.

What the fuck were they thinking, greenlighting this?


It sold a lot, actually.

First time that I would welcome it.

>It was finally banned. "CR Fever Revolution Machine Valve Rave"! Although it is still only this ...
What did they mean by this?

Oh wow it actually is pachinko this time.



It's Pachinko, folks.

>Although it is still only this ...
This makes me hopeful for something more.

I want 4 cour of Cafe Ange SoL instead

>tfw VVV twitter still has 26K followers

>it's pachinko
Oh thank fucking god.

I'd be up for retconning season 2 with a pachinko story

Yeah, you can see it mentioned several times on the site itself, above the company names.

You hate fun?

It begins

Eru erufu > Haruto

Shoko a shit.

Thank fucking god the though of them ruining this beauty with an S3 makes me sick.


How do yo feel about Code Geass R3?


Worst idea ever, I'll still watch it.

S3 any fuckING DAY NOW
Let me dream


Why would they made a pachinko for a (relatively) obscure, unsuccessful anime?

What a time to be alive, new vulvarape.

Saki got the dick before and after Haruto


Reminder that S2 was boring shit and killed the series for good

Does anyone have the girl L-Elf doujins scanned. I can't find them.

Cross Ange is next right guys?
Sunrise please



>Why would they made a pachinko for a (relatively) obscure, unsuccessful anime?

What I want to know too. There are many more better know anime.


Maybe it was cheap to buy the rights for this one.

It actually sold pretty well.

Dead throwaway franchise. Is a successful source series help in making a pachinko success? Shit is just gambling bullshit.

Don't give me false hope.

Yeah but the show was ages ago. It would make more sense if they go the rights when people still have some memory of it.

Damm I wanted more Eruerufu

Does anyone have the image which summarizes this whole shit?

that's literally their business though

To promote future works of course

Usually in this case they try to make a movie to test out the grounds before risking money in a full series.

guys, im crying
im so happy

For pachinko? Or for any VVV news?

It did flop, hard.

People still have memories of it judging from this thread, I'm sure japan has some around too, not that its a prerequisite for pachinko gamblers.This might be just a ploy to get more money from the parlors but I'm just talking out of my ass here.

It wasn't boring, but once we started getting answers, theories died natural death and so are discussions. It still was fun. What really killed this is the season break. They should have run it as 24 episodes in a single run, then hype wouldn't died until the end. Literally the same thing happened with Aldnoah Zero, though second cour was way more underwhelming compared to VVV.

i just googled sankyo and theyre pachinko makers
god fucking damn
s3 anytime soon right haha...

Which is it



>33 ips

33 gaijin won't contribute much to the nip gambling industry.

Kakumeiki Valvrave 2013 Spring 6,044
Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd season 2013 Fall 4,390

not a big hit, not a flop
mediocre sales if you ask me
zegapain got a movie with worse sales

People assume it didn't sell much, because it was a (shitty) trainwreck. But there was some hype in Japan around it, which boosted the sells quite a bit. There's a lot of sidematerial to it that never got translated, because it didn't catch on as much in the west as it did in the east.

Then they wouldn't have had time for executive meddling

Is the cream and coffee line just a gg-tier translation or do they actually say that?

>Dat glorious Haruto&Saki sex episode
Shit was a fucking earthquake
Good memories lads

It didn't catch on anywhere.

Too bad the rape scene was leaked a few hours earlier. Shit would have been fucking amazing if Sup Forums went into that episode completely blind.

It would be even better if not fucking chinks working on it and spoilering everything. Oh boy the hype was real.

t. Valvrager

They do actually say it.

Don't start with that /m/ boogeyman bullshit.

holy shit it's real

It's gg being a bad sub group.

I bought PRESERVED ROSE on itunes.

neo-Sup Forums can't appreciate trainwrecks so they have to call it shit because they think it'll make them fit in

let's pray neo-Sup Forums won't shit up the valvrave threads while it's airing

Fucking pachinko.

I like Kakumei Dualism more. Nana Mizuki is the best.

No. Rewatch it.

>No archives of the Valvrave threads left

I can't even finish season 1.

Not my problem.

So whose kid was the shota Eruerufu in the flashforwards?

Holy shit yes. I unironically love Valvrave.

saki and eru erufu

That was Eruerufu descendant. That was 200+ years later after all.


>200 years timeskip
>kid still looks like his grandgrandgrandgrandfather


He was genetically engineered from L-elf and Haruto's DNA.

>all that lost shit in the masterpost

You gotta be shitting me.

>all that community effort lost forever

You can spout your personal defective taste all you want but is the reality. The show had the lowest niconico ratings ever when it aired and held them for a few years, fanart died quickly, every review, especially in Japan, professional or otherwise continuously blasts the story and characters as awful with the only praise being the op and ed. It was not well liked and even aniplex cancelled merchandise for the show.