Naruto Kishimoto a hack

Fellow Sup Forumsutists. How do we fix the Naruto franchise?

Give his son an anime of his own

Just fucking kill it off already

But reboots are so life-fulfilling when they're done by a different, intelligent, actual talented veteran.

Kind of like George Lucas Star Wars vs George's friends Star Wars

Ban it from Sup Forums.

Give it a gay ending

It's shit and there is no way of saving it. kill yourself

It's already saved.


>Implying Sup Forums can fix anything.
Wew, lad

delete boruto and shippuden

Stop watching it after the Pain arc and pretend nothing happens after that

This probably doesn't belong here, but is there a goddamn reliable torrent for shippuuden anymore? Specifically the [Taka] subbed episodes.

Just dl it off watchcartoononline

Even more reasons Narutards should be permabanned

Let Obito live, delete Kaguya, and just delete Naruto's entire faggotry from the war arc onward, oh and probably kill off Sakura

Mah nigga. Thanks, user.

Naruto is anime whether you like it or not. Go cry in a waifu thread faggot

Get the fuck out of Sup Forums if a newfag Narutard like yourselves wants people to give him torrents on Sup Forums.

Man when people bitch about naruto threads it makes me curious what the reaction to a diabolik lovers or vampire knight thread would be

No. 167111418

It went to shit the second it became typical power level bullshit, and strayed away from being about ninja ops. So cancel it the second the land of waves arc is over.

That didn't work, because now we have faggots like you here.

Was Kakashi the ninja with the most believeable amounts of chakra?
>uses 2-3 jutsu skills and is already complaining about almost being out of chakra
Why couldn't all the other faggots be like that, instead of having seemingly endless amounts of it.

There's nothing to fix, it is the GOAT battle shounen.


You narutards will always be outsiders. Kill yourself, cancer.

Don't be angry that Naruto is better and far more successful than your favorite moeshit animu.

Kill yourself.

I will, and you can keep watching your moeshit forever. It's a fate worse than death.

Kill all the Uchihas. Then revive them just to kill them again.

Why would you want to fix the War and Peace of the modern era?

A man of culture, I see.

nardo likely has a more consistent stream of threads than your favorite anime does

we can't