Buyfag thread

Have you completed any sets?

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My wives.

>still no Vert/Green Heart figure
Why must I continue to suffer? What did I ever do to deserve this?

I want Mai

I pre-ordered the special editions of these two

Question. What company makes the best loli figs?

Orchid seed

Lewd ones? Probably Amakuni and Orchid Seed. If you just mean little girls in general most of the companies make good ones and you might as well ask what the best manufacturers are.

The MUV-LUV TE figures, nendos, plus Meiya and Sumika. Also own the pair of Valkyria Chronicles 3 nendos

Question to TCG bro.
Are there fakes for sets? I was checking Wixoss set one boxes and found bunch of them from Taiwan that 30$ cheaper than japan. Are those fakes?

>The MUV-LUV TE figures, nendos, plus Meiya and Sumika
I want them

Is Alphamax the best maker for swimsuit figures?

Capcom vs SNK mai best mai.

>Optional part (extremely sadistic)

I want, but how are aniplex figures? And what are the chances of another manufacturer making a figure of her? Or will aniplex horde all the rights?

They're generally pretty good. I like their Bikini Warriors figures and their Skytube line, dare I say it, could compete with Native.

Aniplex figures are very good but she is a shit girl from a meme show. Why do you want her

I'm sure someone will be interested in this. Not a GK.

I already am. Will buy so I can cum on it once and then resell it.

I'll be cumming on it multiple times, every day

Closest I am to complete one is the Crypton Vocaloid Nendoroids, but KAITO got lost in transit so fuck him.

she is a loli, not a gnome

>gnomes look like THAT

I may have acquired a new fetish.

Can coldcast figures bend/lean or it's just bullshit?

I haven't finished the full set but I have something like 5+ of the Yamato 2199 girls.

Yuki, Akira, Nurse, Niimi, Yurisha off the top of my head.

TOM has a coupon for $20 off Fate stuff, making their overpriced prices not quite as overpriced. If you factor in any points you might have and free shipping if you get it, it's not too bad of a deal.

she is a dragon who are selfish and don't really give a fuck (about appropriate to her "age" physical hormonal changes in human and all the stuff)

The complete µ's Birthday and Festival set, also 5/6 of the (in my opinion) good looking Bikini Warriors.
I was thinking about starting the Aqours Birthday or Festival set, but I'm in need of more space, so I will probably only get the ones of my fallen angel waifu.

I've never seen a coldcast or a polystone figure lean. They're brittle/hard, they'd break first.

Good taste my friend, can't wait for the Alter Halloween one.

I was thinking of completing the 7S main line but then again my collection is small so I rather not get some scales of that line which I don't like much.

I also have Dark elf, Mage and Hunter, I woundn't mind getting Valkyrie and Kunoichi too

Underwhelming, and I'm sure they'll be asking 12k or more for it. What did Maidragon do to deserve this treatment?



just order her and shut up.


Payment request fucking when?
Also payment request for Rei Ayanami WHEN?!

>half of the official image she comes from is Dia in a witch outfit
>no Dia figure announced from Alter

Why do they hate best girl?


That was unexpected. Looks nice though.

>not paying for the best chun figure instead

Good Nepgear figure when?

Bongs, if something is marked as "comic book" will I definitely not be taxed on it?

Directly after the release of a good figure of best goddess.

Release date when?


Eh.. Maybe next Christmas would be appropriate?

This.I want a figure of my goddess. No, I NEED her.

Neptuniashits need to go away.

I live in New York, can someone explain to me how I can import loli doujin without getting in trouble? Is this map correct?

You won't get in trouble, that map is BS. Unless you're buying like $2000+ worth of loli porn you'll be fine.

Can you explain how it’s not illegal. I keep reading about “obscene laws”.

Shut up. You would buy her.

On the slip on the box it will say something like PVC Plastic Figure or w/e no one cares enough to open lul

Or comic book.

And is customs opens it and finds loli doujin then what?

Manda said "Adult Toy" for me before.
>pic related

You're getting into stuff you shouldn't just trust Sup Forums with.

>the face of mind-break

>sorry my taste is so shit

Then they'll for sure send a SWAT team asap cause you are a fucking danger to society.

>"adult toy (used), for personal use only"
It wasn't even a lewd figure. Thanks, Manda.

Please, no. I don't need 4 burgers.

I refuse to acknowledge this as a "set".
I am with you fellow Vertfag.

They're so beautiful and sexy.

I've got all 4 nendoroids from Dog Days, all 9 of the Muse Training Versions, and all 3 girls from Konosuba.


I like you.

Had anyone traveled to Japan bought stuff and brought it back with them? What's it like? What can you buy?

Something, something, they have bad taste.

Thanks. You're not bad either.

>Has anyone traveled to Japan bought stuff and brought it back with them?
No, we have yet to be graced by such a pioneer. You could be the very first, user. Godspeed.

I did before I became a buyfag

Is this map real

NEXT forms still suck, btw.

It was once considered to be. To do so now would actively contribute to the degradation of accurate information across the internet.

Looks fine to me.

I want pic related but the base looks pretty bad without buying the other two.

Throw out the base. Display her on your dick. Be sure to take pictures.


Finally got my serval she's adorable


What’s inaccurate now.

The set of ALTER's Yussha is complete until they make all the Hero club.

You can't be a general and be an asshole.
What's going through customs like?

>Have you completed any sets?
A few.

I want to buy this innocent man but his price tag is $1K+ and I don't think that includes shipping and customs

Grails are truly a curse

Same, I want a Schierke scale more than anything but if theirs ends up being 800 or more i'm going to kill myself

>only $600
>missed the exclusive version that only comes with an extra goblet
>regular version is still up for PO

Am I fucking autistic for not just ordering the regular version?

What would be worse? Having a Schirke Scale for 800$+

Or an affordable but it's made by Griffon?

You shut your whore mouth.

If I’m importing 80 doujins into the US, am I gonna have to pay a fee? Will they open and inspect? The most I’ve imported was like 15.

Meant for

You should've waited for a better and more memorable character like Gehrman or Eileen or Crowsteel jk

Obscenity is purely based on your community standards and fellow citizens. The map is bullshit because that bar is pretty fucking high to declare something as not having artistic value. You'd only get fuck if you have actual cheese pizza or decide to take a plea from an over-eager prosecutor.

What are you saying? English please.


I'm a leafcuck and I literally carried GSC's Madokami by hand but no one really gave a shit. Besides that I don't really remember much since I was underageb& way back then.

She's already been defaced by awful CGI, even a Griffon scale would be an improvement.

Probably not, Taiwan has a large scene. Probably just not a money set and they are trying to unload them.

I agree the older designs are better.