Tower of God

Do you guys read Tower of God? I know it isn't strictly manga but i feel it really doesn't get enough attention. It's 9/10.

Just like you said it's neither anime nor manga. Its shit and you are dumb.

got bored with the current hell-floor arc.

the best arc was everything up to the first betrayal

the next best arc was the one where he got the thorn.

the hell train and hell arcs both kind of suck.

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I’m of the opinion that most manhwa is garbage because Koreans don’t know how to write anything worth while or draw anything that isn’t pretty young boys and girls shooting lasers around

Tower of God is trash

Hell train was kinda boring i agree, but it has gotten more interesting now. It's kinda confirmed the entire tower is a fucking super computer and the world is digitalized. So irregulars are just normal people who enter the tower while the normal people are just ai.

It's shit after the first Part.

True they actually bend the plot around this by saying that they barely age in the tower. Meaning even the old dudes still look like young boys/girls.

Haven't read the recent chapters yet, because I like to binge read. I like it. Fuck that backstabbing whore.

This arc is pretty good, started slow but I've read the previews and Data Zahard is awesome.
Even the Yura story is pretty interesting and the sworn enemies are a great tool for character development (see Koon and Androssi).
Rak is getting some screentime too and it's a good thing.

then what is the irregular who killed a moderator inside the simulation?

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The data world only has people who recorded their data inside after completing the train.
Enryu didn't even climb the tower, he's too OP and we'll see him much later.
We have already seen Data Zahard, Koon family Head, young Yu Han Sung, Koon Machenny and others. Baam's father should be there too.

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Pacing is slow as shit, but not like it has ever been different. I like the current arc more than the name hunt station shenanigans we had a while ago. Feels interesting that more and more big names appear in the story, bam's past etc.

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Pretty much this. I've stopped reading this weekly because I can't stand the "cyber world" setup and I'm honestly tired of everything needing to be framed as games or some kind with overt rules. I'd like it if the author would just start moving things a bit faster since we now have another big chunk of plot to chew on regarding Baam's upbringing.

Needing to stop and play games got boring before we got on the Hell Train arc and it didn't help that the train has been going for a couple years now.

it's not even close to 9/10 heck even 7/10 would be to good for its current state. The characters are dumb as shit and can only use their most recent skill they learned just to see them be useless again for another 40 chapters. The story moves on to slow and I can't wait for another arc of backstabbing cunts. First season of ToG was good but since then it's utter crap.
Instead of killing Rachel off and let Baam find a new goal we're stuck with this cunt for the rest of our life and in the end it will be some bullshit of "I had no choice ugu".

Love it because it actually feels like a journey.

dropped it at the hell-level arc, I cant get interested

It was popular here during the first season. Shame 2nd season is shit.

>we're stuck with this cunt for the rest of our life and in the end it will be some bullshit of "I had no choice ugu".
It's gotten to the point that people are just giving her stuff to keep her alive because she's such a shit fighter she couldn't even handle anything herself. No other lightbearer at this level is this bad at surviving. Shark stand was a fucking mistake.

Yeah, Bam told her to fuck off as well so she isn't even relevant anymore. However I think she will become bams rival and will play an important part in the endgame. She is an irregular after all so she might have some hidden potential.

Fuck off, Sup Forums was always alright with manhwa, see SAO.

>Bam told her to fuck off as well so she isn't even relevant anymore.
How is she no relevant?

Korea means instant boycott for me.

I might have a look when Korea apologizes to the vietnamese comfort women they enslaved.

>She is an irregular
Is she? I thought remembered headon inviting her to the tower.

I'm gonna wait for it to have a bunch of chapters first since nothing is interesting me. I'm more interested in Kubera and God of Highschool, a bit with DICE, but DICE's progression is slow now

Kubera's pretty good but god of highschool is absolute garbage

She is but due to technicality. Irregulars are people that open the door themselves, chosen by the Tower, but Rachel slipped in together with Baam. She is technically normal, but since she entered that way, she is fudamentally an irregular and isn't bound by the contracts.

God of Highschool is more because I like battles and shut like that. Basically the same reason I watch Dragonball.

Kubera is due to the story, all the more since now I am fully understanding how the whole plot works and how the Chaos Tribe screwed everyone.

World got too big for the author. First part was great, then the author didn't know what to do with his characters and introduced a shitload more. Hroryang and the yellow-haired pokeball kid are fucking insufferable. It's picked up after the squad got back together, but the damage's already done.

She isn't really needed for the plot to forward, nor is she working against the plot forwarding. She is neither a protagonist nor an antagonist. However as I said earlier she might become a rival to Bam later on but at the moment she is just a useless character with no plot significant.

Wasn't Rachel the author's favorite?

Who the fuck is hroryang? I have such
hard time remembering all characters in ToG, like that guy with the sleeping bag or the other characters from part1.

Pokekid is probably related to Karaka though and looks almost exactly like Jahad. He is one of the most mysterious characters.

the big guy in a coma right now

he's cliche as fuck and his personality is almost completely identical to Baam's "I fight for m-muh friends." He's fucking insufferable and I want to drop the manga every time he shows up. In fact, I have dropped it

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Is that the human ignition weapon guy? God how long has it been since that shit happened? Reading ToG weekly really makes you lose all sense of time since the arcs are so ridiculously long.


Yeah that's true, his personality is kinda shallow. But his back story seems interesting at least.

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Dropped once it became about the girl

>god of highschool
is fun, is at the same lvl of retard fun of DBS
DICE is garbage in every fucking aspect
and ToG is stuck in a boing arc, and the last two arcs were shit, what a shame