Was ep 1 the biggest pleb filter of anime history?

was ep 1 the biggest pleb filter of anime history?

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>pleb filter
More like pleb attactor.

It's super popular on meme sites so no.

The whole anime is a pleb filter.

nah, nothing tops Imosae's filter

Episode 2 was shit too, so Episode 1 isn't a pleb filter, it's just bad.

Rick and Morty: the anime.

I didn't get it

>meme sites

>>meme sites

>>>meme sites


it filtered me out, so yes

>>>>meme sites

That's not the first episode of Shin Mazinger

just stop user your embarrassing yourself more

the twist during second half booth scene cracked me up
ep 1 works better as a pleb filter since it's almost entirely non sequitur

If you meant that it was the biggest pile of shit of anime history, yes, it was.

>anime it's so bad that only retarded people with no taste can like it = it's a pleb filter.
>people criticize a really bad series = they are MAD.
Any other PTE fan's mental gymnastic?

desu anyone hating PTE is just oldfags with refined taste trying to make it look bad so newfags drop it and don't ruin it any further
doing god's work, lads


>Pop Team Reddit



also since itsuki is basically me in the future, minus the novelist and cute girls :(

>Australia is a zoo

I wish I got filtered aswell instead of sitting through that shitfest.

you're *

Yeah nice """filter""" you got there Imosae was hot fucking garbage and I regret watching the whole thing.

This is actually pretty funny.

This, and the best thing is the filter also included in the ln.

>Tasmanian tiger

Wat, I thought those went extinct in the 30s

>I saw it
is actually because of those retarded "sightings" I think



It's okay, you can enjoy this and still be cool.

I watched through both parts of ep2 with gusto. Actual changes too.
Re-watching the ep1 in female voices was a waste of time.

will i like this anime if i enjoy pickle rick?

If you are sufficiently intellectual to enjoy pickle Rick then yes.

I still think that Texhnolyze episode 1 is the biggest pleb filter

eva rebuild 3.3

Back in the day there used to be toons of super deformed "comedy" shlock, so the beginning of trigun filtered left and right. Doesn't quite works anymore.

So you are a retard that can't make up your own mind to stop watching things. PTE is a perfect fit for you.

>pleb filter
If anything, it filters plebs in.

Is that supposed to be a filter? Because I'm pretty sure showing that to anyone would make them pick this garbage up.

I like the show but Skyrim and Pokemon references are the opposite of pleb filter.


That shit was fucking weird though, If anything it makes you want to carry on because of the bizarre first episode.

Once, this series was the face of Sup Forums. I don't want this new Sup Forums.

Ino's filter was better

Stop projecting, faggot.

>>>>>meme sites

Dumb kyoanusfag poster.

Considering how fucking popular it is on more known social medias, then that was a pretty bad pleb filter.

u mean like Sup Forums

This, it attracted all the secondaries and normalfags that never read it

Oh, that killed me.

that's just bait to draw out the newfags who call everything reddit in their desperate attempt to fit in

Reddit plebs like braindead imouto ecchi shit now, user.

Considering the thread when this aired is very civil except some /u/ that somehow think this is an /u/ anime, then yeah, the filter worked.

It's not that it worked, it's just that the anime was never meant to get popular in the west in the first place.

Imosae's filter has made it so incredibly overrated and I'm tired of hearing about it.

I honestly don't get how anyone could possibly fall for this and think this was going to be the actual show. Do people just go on nyaa and randomly download shows without searching them up or at least seeing some kind of official art beforehand? I mean, even if you don't do that on your own, those seasonal anime charts are posted all the time so I can't fathom how anyone couldn't have at least caught a glimpse of what the actual characters/anime would look like.

fuck you

It also filtered everyone else.
The only people watching it are watching it so they can make shitposts about it, not to actually enjoy it.


>Do people just go on nyaa and randomly download shows
That's what I've been doing for years, I only check some official art, the title and maybe the tags before watching an anime.

You're literally shitposting about it now, I'm literally shitposting about it now.

>I only check some official art
That's more than enough to realize the intro was a comedy gag. Imosae's filter was more like a complete retard filter than a pleb filter.

I never said I dropped it, but I don't think this first episode was a pleb filter, the reason that many people didn't watch it is because Eromanga aired the season just before and Imosae had this reputation of being "Eromanga with older girls" for a while until people actually realised it was a bit different.

just pause at any frame. They look horryfying. Are those double mouths or ballsacks under nose???

Popuko's shirt collar makes her look like she is hyper-salivating in some parts.

>complete retard filter.
That's more than enough, and i'd just assume the rest is filtered by Itsuki, Nayu and the author reputation.

>everyone on Sup Forums says this show is shit
>Sup Forums is full of contrarian faggots so it's probably good
>watch it
>it's actually garbage

h..haha well played guys

Not really much of a filter when people go around "spoiling" that the first minutes aren't like the rest of the show.

Now, the Ninja Slayer anime, that's a pleb filter.

How would someone think it's an /u/ anime given the series title and the prominent existence of main character in a lot of promo material and discussion

This, Tex's first and to a lesser extent second through fourth episodes filter the brainlets extremely efficiently

/u/fags will just go shitpost in any airing thread where there's lots of females and one male MC, no matter if this is justified or not.

Content and quality was same as many adult anime produced in recent time. If yout "friends" would be lured into an anime by these scenes then you should show them the actual stuffs

Do you know where you are? I was talking about myself because I picked up Imosae after seeing that scene back when it was airing.

wonder showzen vibes

See the double quotation mark.
If you are this kind of person then you can follow content of the post

I know what you meant, I'm just saying that this first episode wasn't anything like a pleb filter.

idk why you guys are complaining, i liked it, its not exactly funny but thats part of the charm how its a mishmash of whatever

They're clitorises

Super Milk Chan's direct translation was.


Yes, in a "you watched and liked it, you're a pleb" kind of sense.

Unironically the best OP this season.

https //my mixtape moe / jibont webm

It's not fast paced enough for that.

>everyone on Sup Forums says this show is shit
>Sup Forums is full of contrarian faggots so it's probably good
>watch it
>it's actually good

h..haha well played guy

Episode 2 is also a pleb filter

>>>>>>meme sites

It's really popular in every social media site.

I wish each episode was 50 minutes long with 5 different VA tracks. I haven't had this much fun rewatching an anime since forever.

Censored Leak: my.mixtape.moe/aavyij.mp4
Unscensored official: my.mixtape.moe/jibont.webm

more like pleb bait

I'd love it if they replayed the same episode a third time except it was playing at half speed and redubbed so everyone's speaking in fake slowmo


Which of you faggots are responsible for this?