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How would you go about adapting FGO in anime format? movie and OVA format doesn't work for all of them, the OVA we had was bad, and some singularities had some really lame moments. Is it necessary to adapt them all? How can gudao be improved?

>How can gudao be improved?
By replacing him with Gudako.

Nice dress.

Anime format would need alterations to have more participation of the cast in each era. Take the OVA for example: instead of just Cu Chulain helping, they also made Archer Emiya speak and interact. Until London, everything is too simple and straightforward to be good enough.

It would also be nice if more people in Chaldea helped aside Roman and Da Vinci. Sure, Gudao is the only master awake, but surely they could show people researching and stuff on the other side, together with reappearances of previous heroes (for example in some arc have Gudao summon Cu Chulain as a Lancer to help them, also connecting to how he told them to summon him as a Lancer next time).

Now, where's my Strange Fake adaptation?

>a fate anime with female MC
never, probably why f/strange fake isn't getting an anime

Make three series about Muramasa where he falls in love with Arturia, Ishtar and Parvati respectively.

>they also made Archer Emiya speak and interact.
lancer medusa had nice thighs, if I'm not wrong it was the anime's original servant right?

what is that thing?

>Now, where's my Strange Fake adaptation?

after Stay Night?

>Stay Night
>Hollow Ataraxia
>Strange Fake

s/fake is not a sequel, just like apocrypha isn't, they're doing last encore now then there's the cooking one, HF movies will end in 2019

Berserker Jack the Ripper unleashing From Hell, that turns him into a demon because the letter he wrote led some people at that time to theorize he could be one. From Hell also makes the surrounding territory to sprout London buildings, lava appear on cracks in the ground, gremlins, imps, bats with faces to appear and poisons the air etc.

It's mentioned had it been another Jack the Ripper, the "hell" caused would be one created by humans, with kids starving on the streets, drug dealers, natural pollution, murders etc.

Not a sequel, but SF's world seems to occur after some Stay Night route, seeing as Faldeus mentions 5 wars having happened in Fuyuki.

Well, she is a shadow servant in the game, she is difficult to indentify

>summon Cu Chulain

Can that jobber die and be forgotten already?

she's still the rider from the silhouette, the OVA had different rider and lancer

>Not making a sibling duo

The dumbasses on Sup Forums I swear

I forgot

>flesh fang on Mashu

At least he didn't turn into nigger

>makes the surrounding territory to sprout London buildings, lava appear on cracks in the ground, gremlins, imps, bats with faces to appear and poisons the air etc.


>5 wars having happened in Fuyuki.
wait 5? the fate/stay was 4th right?

no zero was the 4th

2 chaldea masters surviving by being stupid and by accident getting rayshifted to the singularity seems a lot to actually happen, it has to be one or incest

1- The Three Famlies summon the grail
2- First proper HGW, everything goes to hell, Church is introduced as an overseer
3- WW II HGW- Dual Sabers, Midget Hassan, Angry Manjew
4- Zero
5- Feito Stay Nighto

what's Cu alter? isn't he a centipede nigger?

>WW II HGW- Dual Sabers, Midget Hassan, Angry Manjew
E-explain? so angra manyu had been summoned once before atraxia ? and midget hassan is serenity right?

Roman actually saved them by stalling with pointless conversations. Considering who Roman is, that might have been intentional.
According to Apocrypha, Darnic summoned Lancer Fionn in the 3rd war. Considering the big difference was Manjew to Amakuso, he may still have summoned Fionn in the Stay Night timeline

Who was the Saber summoned by the Edelfelt sisters during the third war?

Not him. No and no.

Avenger Manjew is the Einzbern servand in the third HGW, that happens around the time of WW II. The Midget Hassan is one that turnd brain into gun powder and then blows it up. In Apocrypha, Einzberns summon Ruler instead of Avenger during the third war, but Butterfly Effect shit causes Lancer's Master to have an oportunity to use Nazis to steal the Greater Grail.

Wasn't midget Hassan the one that used puppets and turns the inside of your head to gunpowder by touching it?

Unknown as of yet. All that is known is that they summoned two sides of the same servant.
The puppet guy was midget's master

so in apocrypha universe there's no 3rd and 4th HGW? I fast forwarded most of it thinking it's shit but it does add more to the multiverse

I mean no 4th and 5th*

Two-cour SoL anime starring Mashu talking to the camera.

there's a Mash VR game for you then

Apocrypha's anime explains it poorly compared to the LN.

The 3rd was happened in Apocrypha. They explain that Avenger wasn't the only choice of the Einzberns, they had two options: the possibly super-strong Avenger or the Ruler that would be more strategical. Brawns and Brains basically. In Apocrypha's world, they chose to summon Ruler instead of Avenger. Ruler is a judge servant; it should never be a participant in the war because it would have 2 specific command spells for each other servant participating. They summoned a weak Ruler, but they managed to use him well and abuse his Command Spells over enemies to the point he managed to get to the finals. Problem is, Lancer's Master managed to get a chance to steal the Greater Grail with the help of the nazis and in doing so the system was exposed to the world, so everyone had minor Grail Wars that amounted to nothing because they didn't have the greater grail (It's implied Waver participating in a minor one).

Either way, Lancer's Master fled to Romania, a place that had strong leylines and was outside of the eyes of the assosciation, just like Fuyuki, and there he readied and modified the Greater Grail to start his own HGW 70 years later (he probably lost about 10 years estabilishing and modifying the systems).

He also claimed all the abilities of the 19 Hassans were exposed, so he got rid of that rule because summoning a Hassan was suicidal at that point, hence why the Assassins aren't Hassan in it.

What if Gudao/Gudako summons a bunch of servants and they gradually fill the role of support staff as well as aiding the protagonist in combat. That way in addition to the main story stuff, you can also have just all the servants interacting with each other and needing to be managed.

> (It's implied Waver participating in a minor one).

One if the biggest asspulls there is, Someone like Kayneth would never participate in a lesser war, so Waver wouldnt be able to aquire Alexander's catalyst and become less of a pussy.

but waver still took over kayneth's seat anyway in apoco

Whatever happened there, he becomes El Melloi II, had dude's cape and the tsundere aristrocat becomes his sister, so Kayneth dying may be a Multiversal Constant

>"Alright, Spooky Hassan, go kill that master whatever idk."
>"As you wish, my master"
>2 days later a bunch of assosciates of the target are found dead of natural causes

Waver becoming el melloi II is pretty much a time lock at this pont, dude has to become El Melloi II in every timeline one way or another.

Too-moe for TV?

so he failed?

is there a timeline where he cucks kayneth?

>Kayneth dying may be a Multiversal Constant

Sad stuff, its a shame he is not reused more, his magic style is rather unique and interesting opposed to classic magic lasers and balls being thrown around.

>It would also be nice if more people in Chaldea helped aside Roman and Da Vinci.
They get scenes in the stage show in Camelot, like a lot of the parts introduced in ebin including designs were in there.

Still on his way, apparently. It's implied that he is doing that to draw the master out to have the perfect oportunity to kill him.

Make Dantes Gudako's Servant, and be done with it. Or have Roman as her love interest, which is also popular.

He has to go to the other side of the country anyway, he just kill those guys in the way there

At least we still have mercury maid for that


What would his servant class be?

Amamusa Shirou, plz

>the OVA we had was bad

The one about Fuyuki? I didn't think it was bad; in fact, I'm surprised they made something as palatable as what we got compared to the situation in game of "and here you have another battle against 3 waves of skeletons!" Mashu dying from being crushed, Cu vs. EMIYA, and Olga being thrown into Chaldeas by Flauros were all great.

>some singularities had some really lame moments

If you have read the translation of that book that came out about the history of Type-Moon as a company, it actually addresses this. In the early days, they were uncertain about how much or how little story they should have because FGO was a smartphone game. They were afraid that too much text would turn people off. It's not until America and later that they decided they would just let Nasu do his thing, because that's what his strengths and inclinations were anyway. It's a big reason why Camelot, Babylon, and Solomon were so good, and it's why an adaptation of them would likely require some retouching.

>Lostroom OVA
>FGO2 prologue
This is really strong build up.

>Not making the siblings fuck each other while eggplant watches

>some singularities had some really lame moments
They are all hollow shit with epic action moments appealing to teenagers. Even camelot and babylon which are so highly praised everywhere. You can't make a story with servants alone. It's all too easy to just shoehorn some in because it takes the minimum amount of work to write one. Since there's no reason to tell their story anymore you just make some speedwagon references and blare out some grand music while jumping from one action scene to another in a format least fitting for it.

I really want them to expand the stories better. First singularities had their moments and shit, but only by Okeanus it feels this is heading to something and only in London it really begins to feel like a story

t. someone who can neither read Japanese nor has played the game

Something you are forgetting is that the Fuyuki Grail War was not a big deal in the setting until after the Fifth War, where the authorities found out that the Greater Grail was the real deal in terms of power. It was just one of hundreds of magical rituals across human history in different countries involving something with the name of "Holy Grail," and it had nothing to commend it to significance beyond the fact that it had been going on for almost two hundred years by the time Kayneth opted to participate.

Basically, if Kayneth elected to enter an obscure magical ritual in a backwater country like Japan purely for the sake of showing off his skills as a magus (because he had no idea that the Fuyuki Grail could grant wishes or was corrupted), why would he not enter a similar competition of higher standing once the nature of the Grail War ritual was disclosed to the world? It was never about whether the Grail could grant wishes or not for him.

Galahad please.

She will comeback right?
Any clues who picked Solomon ring in the end?
Can Romani be final boss who triked everyone?
Isn't Holmes was very suspicious about him?

It's funny because Lancelot and Galahad are descendants of Solomon, and Galahad's quest involves him using Solomon's ship and David's sword, technically making him and Mashu even more involved in the plot due to fate itself

Make sure you watch the scene aftercredits.

What to do to adapt this properly if OVA or tv format:

1- Give Fujimaru a consistent personality and an actual character arc.
2- Wouldn't mine female Master as a sibling, too, they could put a Master in a different singularity for having a modified Dantes event about female Master who awakes and contracts Dantes to help after London.
3. Get the rid of the 'extras' in the cast which fill slots for gacha raid or fanservice, Camelot musical should be taken as example about how they trimmed to the essential. Fuyuki OVA changes were good for this, cutting Hassan and Benkei to add Lancer Medusa and more Emiya Alter scenes. Orleans essentials: Jeanne, Marie, Mozart, Siegfried, Jeanne Alter, Gilles, Sanson, D'eon. Everyone else can be cut, those would make good drama. Change in Septem: Make Romulus prominent since the beginning with Nero having doubts if her reign should continue (this happened but toward the end and was resolved too quickly), it would be better if it was the leading drama of Septem. Ax the island of the goddess shit.

The mysterious creature who totally isn't a Beast in the Prologue of Part 2 is almost certainly Olga after being fused with Chaldeas, which is her family's Mystic Code.

The OVA even foreshadows it. Does this image remind you of anything? The mask of that creature, for instance?

>Can Romani be final boss who triked everyone?
What? He's probably returning because he saw Chaldea fucked (which he can't see with his sight because it existed in a loophole). Roman is 100% good guy, read his entry in mats. Goetia came to understand his POV later so he's good now too.

>Isn't Holmes was very suspicious about him?
He was suspicious because he had a connection to Solomon, that's all. He uses the data he left behind to solve shit in Shimosa and works with Da Vinci to fulfill his instructions for Chaldea survival.

Olga probably fused with CHALDEAS itself when she was thrown into it, its a copy of the Earth's soul after all.
The spooky lady is probably her.

Holmes is only suspicious of Romani because he had no records prior to joining Chaldea. With Romani being Solomon, shit is explained.

>She will comeback right?
No, thankfully she's dead and left the Lost Room.
>Any clues who picked Solomon ring in the end?
Roman, or Goetia, most likely Roman. He's posed as opposite to Kotomine in the FGO Part 2 trailer.
>Can Romani be final boss who triked everyone?
What the fuck?
>Isn't Holmes was very suspicious about him?
He was only suspicious because he appeared out nowhere and he was connected to the mystery of the incineration (which he was). He praises him a lot and finds his data useful in Ebin.

The same scene tells you Chaldeas has a mind of her own. Her voice is in the PV and it's not Olga's.
It's likely Animusphere mystic code embodiment. She doesn't look like Olga.

it'd be even more funny if the gudas are also lightly related to them too

Roman is unambiguously good. He's Nasu's self-insert character. All this was foreshadowed already. All Gilgamesh interludes were used as foreshadowing for Roman related things by Nasu:
>Caster Gil: I wonder if you truly are okay with that. Even if you defeat the King of Magic, this fight would still continue. Aside from these people’s lives being in your hands, as the Director, their future after this war is over is also your responsibility.
Context is that Roman said they just have to bear a little more until the incineration is solved and Gilgamesh pretty much tells him to not fucking quit being a leader because Chaldea would need him and he should be aware of it.
He's not the "boss", he's implied to be the natural leader of all the posers, including Olga. The title of the interlude is the "King's Rest" which featured Gil bitching to Roman so he finally took a break, but chaos ensues when he seemly disappears (which was Merlin hiding him with illusions) and a lot of the Chaldea people are unavailable to do their posts (sounds familiar? it's part 2) which was staged by Gilgamesh to see how (you) handled yourself. After 4 hours (4 subsingularity species = ebin) Roman awakes and takes control of the situation.
The interlude ends with Gil being tsundere older brother/grampa and (you) tearfully telling Roman to stay with you forever.

Half the OVA revolves around Olga to clue you in that she survived in some form.

In all likelihood Chaldeas is the one in control but Olga's consciousness is floating in there somewhere.

Are you sure Lancelot is descended from Solomon? I know that Galahad is in some variants, but he could just as easily have gotten that part of his lineage from his mother, Elaine of Corbenac.

It is implied if not outright stated somewhere that the reason why Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines is because he propagated the system of magic he created by producing offspring. The oldest magical lineages all trace themselves back to him.

>have 700 wives and 300 concubines
>Nasu somehow bullshits his personality in a pure-hearted cherry boy idol fan anyways

If you think about it, Roman's symbolizing Nasu's desire to end his duties as main writer of Type Moon and leave this in the hands of new generations, but just when he thinks his role is complete, he has to return to clean up after them. Truly tragic.

>Half the OVA revolves around Olga to clue you in that she survived in some form
She's from the past. The Lost Room connects past and future. She's surprised to hear it was 2016, user.

Nasu based Roman's personality on his. Read his interviews in moonrunes and then read the dialogue and he even uses his phrases and way of speaking.

Anyway, what Solomon did following God's instructions doesn't mean Roman has any experience. Emotionally, he's as old as Irisviel. A lot of their cheerfulness is similar. They have maturity but some childlike mood.

So Tiamat will 99% join to us in future battles against Nyarlathotep or Beasts? She's not evil after all.

Goetia will rescue her when he join us. He was fond of Tiamat and Kingu in his own way. He even named her Brain Femme Fatale.

What is this a meme? So far these are used as fucking fodder to power up cute girls completely unrelated to them so they can be Servants.

>What is this a meme?
Because Nasuverse in full meta mode now?

Did you forget Roman is ten-eleven years old? He never chose to marry or fuck any of those women, he had no freedom in life. Even David's interlude highlights this. Nasu never brings up the matter of consent when a guy is involved because apparently it's not rape if a woman is doing it which is unsettling 'cause Solomon was married off when he was just a kid.

When I researched the Vulgate Cycle and the genealogies in it, it was written both Lancelot and Galahad were Solomon's descendants.

Meta about what exactly? So far all the foreigners are your allies. The bad guys' goal is to reestablish the Age of Gods as far as we know and that's not really aligned with the Foreigners either. It's more likely some butthurt old earth god (or a hive) is behind this.

"Solomon" is just who Roman was when he was on the job and had no agency over his life or actions. There is a reason why, now that he has choices and freedom, that he is an internet wizard whose only quasi-love interests are a guy pretending to be a girl online and a guy who turned himself into a girl with the power of super science.

Is it explained why Roman didn't recognize the Demon Gods appearance yet David instantly indentified one by looking at it?

How many people seriously thought that Fou is Primate Murder? Everything is possible. Especially when "Cosmos" in the title of FGO2

But the furry wife-concubine-riddle sex friend loves him. Yes, even as Roman, she yearns to see and hear things about him. Goetia trusts Sheba too.

This isn't connected to space. Cosmos means Order-System in Greek, the opposite of Chaos: the order collapse and is now being decided in the lostbelt, is pretty straightforward.
There will be more foreigners, some may play an important role, but keep in mind the Lovecraft reference was just kickstarted by Raum (read Hakkosai quest) and only after that. Shimosa happens before Raum opened a gate and the last boss was foreshadowed there, in Shimosa. With Douman musing that they finally found a lostbelt, etc.

It's implied that the original appearance of all the Demon Gods matches their descriptions in the Lemegeton and that they changed into their current form of Demon Pillars instead once Goetia began its plan to incinerate human history.

Like when you come up against the Demon God Raum in Salem, it is initially in the form of humanoid with a giant crow's head on it as it is traditionally supposed to look. It's the same deal for at least one of the others (the one in Shinjuku I think?) as well.

David didn't recognize them, he just simply didn't know so went with it. Roman knew their appearance or lack threof and didn't recognize or wanted to acknowledge they turned themselves into this.

This is what their flesh is made of.

And then there's one of his actual lovers.

Nasu likes Bloodborne for sure

Yes, but Roman certainly wouldn't believe his MUH SAVE HUMANITY pleading demons were now looking like eyeballs mounted on human suffering and flesh. It was just incomprehensible. It was easier to accept they were fakes.

Tiamat is just angry.

Some appreciation to her for being the best mom would help a lot.
Deep down, she still loves her children


Remember to conserve electricity!

Why do you think that the other seven masters decided to enact the apocalyptic plan they did, and why do you think Galahad condemns Gudao and has been refusing to help out Mash in EoR?

Rather than this just being the machinations of the forgotten gods or aliens, with the twist being some Shaymalan-tier drivel like "the other masters were brainwashed!" or "Galahad has an inhuman viewpoint because he is too perfect and is not an ally of humanity!", I think what's more probable is that what Holmes implied at Atlas is correct and that something lay beyond the year in which Goetia enacted his plan that would have destroyed humanity otherwise.

Alternatively, it's possible that the destruction of Goetia itself was the trigger for disaster. The 72 Demon Gods were the foundation for the system of magecraft that King Solomon created, and Solomon returned everything he created to nothing when he used Ars Nova. I can totally see a scenario where this causes humanity to completely lose access to all mystery unless they do something as drastic as choosing to bring back the Age of the Gods.