Ryuuou no Oshigoto!

Episode 2 soon.

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Ai is wife

never I've been so mad about a show until this shit came out. This made my jimmies rustle more than poptepipic. Anyone who likes this is definitely a pedophile that needs to be put behind bars

Best doujin

Hi MAL, how's it going


Is Neetball still alive?


Ohys should be up in a few minutes.





kono ato mecha kucha yarareta


His match against the chuuni only lasted the first half?

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Thirsty yellow



Ai asking her parents to marry shishou

Me on the right

1:35 till CR


ED is focused on snow girl

Shogi players being chuuni is a stereotype in Japan?

No, it's just Ayumu and his master.

Dunno but their nicknames are pretty chuuni
Page 21, nicknames –

'the man able to read 100 million and three moves in a second', Yasumitsu Satou

'The Edison of the opening game'. Tanaka Torahiko

'the end game magician', Mori Keiji

'the youth preserver', Osamu Nakamura

'the offensive Yamato Nadeshiko', Eriko Yamaguchi, female pro.

the 'Fork Monk', Hiroshi Naganuma

'the Ruling Evangelist', Kazuharu Shoshi.

'the Woodchopper Daigorou', Daigorou Satou.

Is this the Imouto sae Ireba Ii of the season?


Old hag

More like the Tenshi no 3P of the season. It has absolutely nothing at all to do with ImoSae so I'll just question your sanity.

>[Ohys-Raws] Ryuuou no Oshigoto! - 02 (AT-X 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4

When asked about which character he'd play against the author picked yellow and then claimed to not be a lolicon

Same voice actress, and silver hair


She's not even close to Kani's powerlevel

Wasn't comparing her to Kani at all by the way. I meant it as "Is this the LN adaptation that will unexpectedly be AOTS?". I dropped Tenshi no 3P after that classroom scene.

That's blue.

Who is the target audience of this anime?

Pro shogi players

You should have just skipped the classroom scene. I did and it never comes up afterwards.



So, Ryuoh no Oshigoto. Or as I call it, Sangatsu no Lolicon.

I do believe lots of people have raised eyebrows over the first volume, given that it’s the winner of the past two Konosugoi rankings, and people are going like ‘this thing won?’. However, to the normies who don’t really follow shogi (basically everyone outside of Japan), there are lots of references that are missed out, as I have noted to Frog-kun (who has fallen to the dark side of wanting to see how Yaichi will suffer)

This page contains most of the references to volume 1 alone. petitbourgeois.hatenablog.com/entry/2017/07/19/232836

Here’s a snippet of the trivia. Pages here are according to page numbers in the original. (Why am I doing this?)

Page 10 – Lifetime Kisei, Kunio Yonenaga, as an Honorary member, once peed from the second floor of the Shogi Association. During a ranking match, after losing thoroughly to Kouji Tanigawa, he shouted and tried to pee from the fourth level. The other players couldn’t stop him from doing so.

Page 11 – Middle schooler pros. There are past instances, and also a current 15 year old pro, who debuted in middle school. Hifumi (literally 123) Katou, Kouji Tanigawa, Yoshiharu Habu (you’ll see more of his name), Akira Watanabe, and current 15 year old 4th dan, Souta Fujii. Except for the last guy, all of them ended up holding titles at some points in their careers.

Page 12 – ‘Release younger self along with my lower body’, a quote from 9th dan Kouji Tanigawa in 2007. This man was ex-president of the Japan Shogi Association, who resigned last year due to a tournament controversy.

Page 13 – Smashing a shogi piece onto the table. 9th dan Takeshi Fujii once lost a A class ranking match against Yoshiharu Habu back in 2006.

Page 15 – A Ryuoh with 30% win rate, Eternal Meijin Toshiyuki Moriuchi won 30% of his matches in 2011.

It wouldn't air on TV if that was true

>plebbit link
Fuck off.

Page 21, nicknames –

'the man able to read 100 million and three moves in a second', Yasumitsu Satou

'The Edison of the opening game'. Tanaka Torahiko

'the end game magician', Mori Keiji

'the youth preserver', Osamu Nakamura

'the offensive Yamato Nadeshiko', Eriko Yamaguchi, female pro.

the 'Fork Monk', Hiroshi Naganuma

'the Ruling Evangelist', Kazuharu Shoshi.

'the Woodchopper Daigorou', Daigorou Satou.

Page 22 – Female shogi circuit. Includes 6 titles.

Page 28 – Prize money for a Ryuoh. The prize money for the Ryuoh matches is 32 million yen. That’s the reason for the emphasis on this title. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryūō

Page 29 – 818 dan (81, Yaichi, who held 8th dan at that point, so 818 dan. Netizens would refer to 9th dan Hifumi (123) Katou as 1239 dan).

Page 36 – 7th Ryuoh match. In recent years, the 7th match of the Ryuoh title fight (it’s a best of seven series) is held at Niigata, Onsen Onjuku Ryugen.

Page 102 – JS Uchideshi, Naoko Hayashiba, once a live-in disciple with Kunio Yonegawa. Once was reported to have a romantic relationship with her master, which the latter furiously denied. Currently suffering from Cirrhosis. Likes spicy food, and her favorite food is curry rice, thus first Ai’s curry rice dish.

Page 128 – Ayumu Kannabe, noble, inspired by current Meijin, 9th dan, Amahiko Satou.

Page 150 – “like the current Meijin. That guy’s godly.” Yoshiharu Habu, full stop.

Page 152 – “Kannabe? He’s strong.” Basically the remark by 7th dan Satou Shinya after a match against 8th dan Masayuki Toshiyama during the 2012 NHK cup. A meme in the shogi world.

Page 170 – Longest match. Officially, 390 moves, in a match between Hirobumi Serizawa (first) and Yasuo Harada (second), on February 3rd, 1969. It ended in a tie, by the way. shogidb2.com/games/1afe3102fbf2433771d5177e7fa3e8939ef4cee5

Page 172 – Unable to stay up late, 9th dan Makoto Nakahara, back when he was a 4th dan, did have this weakness.

Page 202 – female 1st dan Karolina Styczyńska, first ever foreign female pro, was inspired by Naruto’s shogi scene between Shikamaru and Asuma. Char's speech pattern was noted to be inspired by Chloe Lemaire of Girl Friend Beta.

Page 217 – “Twelve”, There’s a restaurant called “Eleven” at the Osaka Shogi Association.

Page 220 – “I am…shogi!!”, Gundam 00 reference, and the naked bit, well, when 9th dan Kunio Yonegawa won the osho title in 1989, his disciple 9th dan Manabu Senzaki went naked in joy.

Page 239 – “Just a Game.” Yoshiharu Habu would always refer to shogi “as a game”.

Page 262 – Hyperventilation, Meijin Kouzou Masuda once noted that he would start making his moves while his opponents began to breathe and let their guard down during his days in the Japanese army. And yes, he was born in 1918 and lived to 1991.

And a few notes from me.

A year after the series started, 4th dan Souta Fujii made his debut on October 1st 2016, and went on a 29 game winning streak. He's 15 now. Introduced as a shota in volume 6, to be Ginko's opponent.

Meijin is technically the biggest title in the shogi world, but this is "The Ryuo's Job is never done", so...

Do I need to do more now? (Please no.)

People who want to learn about shogi.

Not really. This anime presumes that its audience already knows about shougi.

I'm not a lolicon but I love loli!

Interview with author.

You're better off reading the LNs then, you won't learn anything about shogi from the anime.

And MC's title is Dragon King

I just like cute girls.

Me too lad

Too bad, you're a lolicon now.

>No, what makes Ai so insufferable is the transparent gimmick behind her entire existence. She's a grab-bag full of every wish-fulfillment nerd fantasy you could think of, but in an inappropriately young package; nothing about the way she's written even remotely resembles how a girl her age would think or act. The fact that Yaichi's “sister” Ginko seems to take Ai as a legitimate rival for Yaichi's affection only further indicates that the young genius is mostly a plot device with pig-tails that lives to solve our hero's problems, a magical girlfriend who's also a child protégé.

Stay on there and stop shitting up our thread.

The show should have been an all-loli main cast.

>The Edison of the opening game
Does he steals opening moves from others and claims as his own?

But then the difference between man's and woman's leagues wouldn't be a plot point.

>she's a little girl and she doesn't pander to me so she's shit
Let me guess, it came from MAL.

Nope, ANN.

What have they got against twintails?

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Just rework the entire plot into cute lolis playing shogi.

The faggot ruins all the scenes with his "funny" reactions.

>not being a lolicon

All his research about shogi world be wasted in that case.


>not being a loli

This is what the plot should've been about.


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Dragon King and his bride.

Kono ato mechakucha shogi sashita.

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Reminder that Yellow is the true victor of Dragonbowl.

>As Yaichi came back home right when the JS-Ken was having a meeting, Char suddenly asked to become his disciple.
>Yaichi refused her gently and told her “I can’t make you a disciple, but I’ll make you a bride instead!!” which triggered Ai’s wrath.


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The privileges of being the dragon king

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Why is this allowed? She is like 6.

This so much. Should've been all loli Shogi Saki.


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