Galko finally sees clearly with Otako's glasses

Galko finally sees clearly with Otako's glasses.
What does she notice first?

A handsome black actor.

A sexy group of young black men.

Sexy group of black shota actors. Jaden Smith is a gyaru-bait

>Galko thread
Seems about right.


i'm actually really ugly and she splits

She finds the deleted twitter image from

She's THICC and blonde so it makes sense.

Otako's penis


That she's a slut

that niggers are disgusting

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So when will Charao drop his shitty girlfriend and fuck Galko?

It's canon, get over it.

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>character clearly says what she perceives as attractive
>cuck fantasies

Well those are meme subs. She actually said cool not handsome but cuck don't care anyway

Not sure if that's true, but it would be the same thing anyway.

Not really. She basically said that Wesley Snipes was cool in Blade movie which is true

>Being THIS upset because she said one black guy is handsome
>Being THIS much in denial
>A year post date

>cool people can't be attractive especially when girls discuss actors
user, I

Nigger can't be attractive you know. It's common knowledge.

Galko prefering black dudes doesn't even matter, because this manga isn't about her getting laid by anyone. Don't see why people still get triggered by it.

my pure love

Holy shit, I don't know why everyone obsesses over Galko because Ojou's body is criminal!

Galko is super unrealistic. You see, girls that go to the lengths she does to be always sexy and hot are always flocking together with other sexy girls. I get that the point of the series is that "looking like a slut doesn't mean you are a slut", but in general, people looks will reflect how they think. If Galko was "pure inside" she would end up looking like Ojou or Otako. I'm not saying "OMG Galko is such a slut". She seem to be "pure" in the way that the series portray her, but it's unrealistic as fuck.

>anime girls are super unrealistic
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I'm also not saying that "people who dress sexy are sluts", I'm just saying that if a girl dress in that manner she is probably at least looking to flaunt her goods and look desirable to men.

how mad are you, user?

I'm not the one so obsessed with black dongs that I need to shitpost every thread the moment it's created.

>is upset about people talking about black dongs
>is the only one doing it
grow up, kid

Cletus really feels insecure about black people.

Are people actually mad at the bait or are they pretending to trick the baiters?

>You see, girls that go to the lengths she does to be always sexy and hot are always flocking together with other sexy girls
Fucking wrong, retard. If you ever went to highschool you'd every group had a higher ranked girl than the rest who would just use the group to make herself look good.

my lust for her body

there's no difference at this point, user.