Why is this allowed?

Why is this allowed?

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To test your mental fortitude

you have no idea how dissapointed I am thats just something she's holding in her teeth rather than her tongue

Tits should be bigger, flatlets will never learn

This is what peak performance looks like

Can't tell if gay or a fucking virgin.

Literally what is the point of tits? I'm not a baby. I don't need to be nursed. Hips and well-shaped plump ass are all you need.

Why are you reading trash?


>not having both

Too much ass.

Is this thing still ongoing?

Last time i checked it was on chap 60.

Yeah, Japan is on volume 9 now. It's just not getting translated.


But your children needs breasts, idiot. You need to think further than your dick.

If I get extremely aroused by large breasts does that mean I got stuck in the oral phase or whatever it was called? I always feel something when I look at them, something way beyond simply getting an erection.

That's just instinct user. What you really want is to nuzzle against that pair of breasts and fall asleep with that girl petting your head.

>The size of a woman's breasts is mostly determined by how much fatty tissue they contain. But this tissue doesn't have anything to do with the quantity of her breast milk.

In other words, their size literally doesn't matter for breastfeeding.

Breast size on a slim woman, who cares about hambeasts.

Reminder that the MC canonically fucks this, and it's even shown. Translations need to fucking CATCH UP

Cowtitted whore btfo

Something about this body type really does it for me. It's perfection.

Big tits are for me, kids can go fuck off

I thought it would had already ended since the MC already fucked the girl


Post the bath scene with Ragi-nee
She will get the D soon too probably, harem end is likely

It's like a scene straight out of an NTR manga

He's probably going to fuck all of them. He was about to fuck the big-breasted childhood friend when they got interrupted.

>watching your love interest have sex until sunrise
Ragi doesn't deserve the D if she is going to be this pathetic. Did the crush on the phone ever show up?


Yeah, they rescued her and all three of them are now going to fight for his dick. They're not even being shy about it.

Infection just got a new chapter translated, let's hope they keep translating, they're like 30 chapters behind.

>Kirara promises Ragi to help her get with MC
>ends up fucking MC before Ragi does
What did she mean by this?

Link to the raws?

Here's where I was getting them


Can't beat the cock.




>god tier ecchi art
>cute as fuck girls
>MC isn't a wimp
>actually fucks girls
>shit actually happens in the plot that isn't just romcom hijinks
Why isn't this more popular?

Its pretty boring outside the ecchi

I see you're man of culture as well.

>was 100% into tits when I was underage, all I fapped to as a teen were big tits porn and stuff
>now adult and prefer ass
I don't know what happened
The ultimate proof of this for me is that I can totally appreciate a woman with a nice ass and no tits, but a woman with nice tits and no ass is not as enjoyable

Did she cut her hair, or it's another babe?

This is slut chan.

Is imouto still in non-zombified stasis?

Oh, i almost forgot about her

Are you homo or something

She woke up but we don't know what she's doing, all the other people who woke up turned to super zombies but she was still coherent. She went away after talking to MC.

No continuation of the bath scene?

The undertone is that she might be a villain now so no.

The author should just explode

Dont forget he fucked imouto

More translations when?

Hopefully soon


Men can have breasts, but no man can have hips
Unless you're cheating with "draw a girl, call it boy" bs

>>actually fucks girls
Answered your own questions


Because it happens to be complete garbage whenever it isn't a sex scene

The story is overall still pretty awkward.

Because the infected are pretty shit. And by infected I mean those mutations. The only decent next stage infection was the corpses coming back to life with superhuman strength.
Staying with worm zombies would have been better.

When will she change her panties? She still wear the same one from chapter 1.

The worm zombies are really weak though. Once they got the firefighters with armor and weapon there would be no threat at all.

I understand why the mutations needed to happen and am fine as long as it's explained decently later. At the very least they keep things on edge since they pose a huge threat.

Why isn't it encouraged more, is the real question.

Is she still using the same panties after MC takes her to pound town? Pretty sure he didn't use condoms.

I'm not sure this series is going to last long enough for the main plot to be resolved.

It's either going to end decent with MC keeping his harem or horribly with his harem killing each other over the MC.

or imouto kills them all and wins by default

Did any of the other girls get fucked yet?

Why? Is it not popular in nipland?

Don't think so. Based Kirara has known him the least amount of time and stole ahead of all of them. What a chad.

He and Ragi were deep in foreplay on a bed when the phone rang and stopped them.

He'll either fuck Ragi soon or a threesome is on the horizon.

MC is for Kirara only. Even Satsuki has more balls than Ragi.

No idea about its popularity, It's just while this series is pretty interesting, it feels likes one of those series that would drag and eventually get axed without anything getting resolved.

I could be completely wrong though.

>a woman with nice tits and no ass is not as enjoyable
strange way to type disgusting

Series can be brutal. That one zombie ripped that firefighter's arms off.

Good fucking lord.

Good thing Kirara is winning.

Still waiting for ch 88 to come out. It's been like a month since 87 came out.

It's that far already? Could only find up to 69

>NTR shit
No thanks

I don't think I'll be able to make it.

this is a good fix for the lack of highschool of dead

It's fine if its the girl getting cucked


So what are the zombies supposed to be? Their eyes just turn into pits of maggots with the pupils still visible

meanwhile in china

Damn, right. Girls being cucked is hot.


I thought everyone just ate too much mac & cheese

What chapter user?

Several chapters in the mid 70s iirc. They got as far as oral with each other before the phone stopped them.

I can only find raws til 69. Mind helping me out user?

Why are they so lopsided in the one bigger?


Because Japanese audiences arn't into sex. They are only interested in the chase.

What a bunch of fags, no wonder they aren't breeding

Kirara > Imouto > Satsuki > Ragi

Usually its bad news when a girl wins too soon

Considering this isn't normal harem where winning means awkwardly trying to confess, but instead literally fucking all night until the sun comes up, I'm not concerned.