Who's the best yandere? Waifu or otherwise.

The best yandere is a yandere that is yandere for a yandere.

There is no best yandere because they're all trash. I guess there could be a "least worst" yandere though.



My Lovely Angel Ayase-tan is the only right answer.

She was the only good thing to come out of the show.

Some may argue it was niggercat, but she’s just a short poorfag who can’t even provide for her family.

I don't know about the best, but this has to be the most adorable and cuddly one. She's not violent, just a wee bit off.

I don't mind them being violent though, but preferably to people they genuinely consider threats. I hate the meme that they would just kill the one they love at the drop of a hat.

Anna is a miracle.
I found her yandere for Kirino, given she even copies her look. To Kyousuke, she was more tsundere with yangire tendencies.

I want more girls like her lads, where are they in the 2D realm?


There are no best yanderes because all yanderes are inherently trash.

Get yourself a milky mommy waifu, OP.

Get it right, newfags.
> Lol I love you so much I want to wear your fingers as a necklace and bathe in your blood

>I will kill all your enemies, competitors and false suitors. Any inconvience in your path will be destroyed. The universe will burn until it yields to my wish where you can be truly happy.

so, both psychopaths. ok

To the small minded individual, yes. The key distinction between "crazy for you" and "crazy upon you" is whether the insane pleasure they seek is for their darling or for themselves. The lover can be trusted if you're okay with the world burning, while the thrill seeker is a straight up death trap.

Of course don't stick your dick in crazy, kids.

Yangire don't even have to love you, they're just nuts.

>> Lol I love you so much I want to wear your fingers as a necklace and bathe in your blood
Oh crap I just realized something. Back after a smoke.

A wild yangire appears!
Take note of the lethal outfit and playful attitude. She is adorned in death, and wears a suit of dog tags from her numerous victims. To her, blood is a sport and humans are her game. When she calls you "darling" a chill runs down your spine. It is already too late and you can not escape.

This. Yandere should love yandere.

This is your harem, what do?

Yandere should mate with yandere.


Anime when

Husbando and genderless yandere exist too.

a clue

This, goddamn I love that Manga, pity there won't be an anime on it.

The only producer that can handle Mayu is a yandere producer.

I think he meant the Oreimo VN.



Shit Taste as fuck

Literally imagined Goku/main boy's death because 'she' has no other way to express her feelings for him.

How do you decide who goes into the list?

>someone likes something I don't

butthurt much

Depends in thier personality