What is everyone's opinion on the new Devilman Crybaby Netflix series?

Instant AOTY

They ruined Jinmen and Ryo though

Had it's moments but ultimately found it pretty underwhelming.

didn't show enough other devilmen

This. I like Yuasa better before he became a meme.

The rappers were the only good part.

Yeah, it seems like it's trying a little bit too hard to be a social commentary as well. You are right, it did have its moments though.

Netflix a shit, A SHIT

They were actually pretty good characters, it was pretty surprising.

Great art direction and wonderful soundtracks. It's the only anime I really payed attention to in seven years. Not that I watch a lot of anime anymore.

paid* ;; The rap songs were indeed really good.

It's soundtrack was pretty brilliant.

Without comparing it too much to the manga, it was very good overall. It entertained me, which is the reason why I watch anime in the first place.
AOTS for sure, but I'm not sure if it's right to call it AOTY yet.

>Last 10 minutes of the show

A lot of the show had this slapdash approach of steamrolling through things like this a little too quickly and i think thats the main reason i felt a little let down by the whole thing.

Just binged watched it last night. Was completely taken away by the ending half as I've never read the manga.

Probably one of the best series made in the past 10 years.

It was okay, the second half felt too rushed and I didn't like this version of Ryo. I hated how they changed his reaction in the ending.

Aside from the soundtrack, it was garbage.

Strong AOTY contender, if not, definitely AOTS. Been ages since finishing an anime made me want to rewatch it immediately. Top-tier OST too, made me cry like a bitch in the last two episodes.
Wouldn't say the only good part at all but they were surprisingly great and memorable characters. The rap in general was pretty nice, not even a fan of the genre.


Agree, the whole series concentrated on edgy killings and dismembering. OST is dope

Really user?

It made me depressed all weekend.

Gore is just a tool. Manga was a lot more concentrated on it.

Out of all things, how do you miss the messages Devilman goes for? It's as simple as it gets.

Pretty good but also really sad. I hope that Miki and Akira are now in a better place.

>AOTS for sure, but I'm not sure if it's right to call it AOTY yet.
you people suffer from some mental disability.

>muh crying for others
>muh humanity in adverse circumstances
>muh high moral ground

It can go suck a dick

I wasn't ready for episode 8. Or episode 9 or the end of 10.

Is this the first series you've ever watched with moral messages in them?

There is already another thread you massive faggoy >name: newfag
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She's reincarnated
He's in hell.

So I suppose they are.

Akira is in Hell in Devilman Lady so

Nope, it just didn’t do a good job at presenting those though

How so? It was a bit too on the nose at times but I found it to have portrayed those all pretty effectively and simply.

To be fair its better than Heaven.

I thought it was very good but that last episode was so rushed and that ending was pretty stupid

>Even though I possess power to rival the Demon King Satan
When did Akira get so full of shit

AOTY, pretty good adaptation with godlike soundtrack. Too bad the animation was pretty weak sometimes and I wasn't a huge fan of the "passing the baton" thing.

>ending was pretty stupid
Fight me irl not online

It was.

Power of love and hatw gives him stat buffs in battle.

OP is garbage tho, can't even sit through it.

No it wasn't. You just have terrible taste.


AOTY tbqh

This season's anime are either mediocre or suck balls, objectively Devilman Crybaby gets a higher score than the others - whether you like it or not.

Definitely had its faults, animation being a bit iffy at times and the story kind of fumbling around the latter half, but definitely AOTS, so far.
Then again, I literally just finished it so I could be a little biased.

Shit taste.

The manga version was better.

>most shows have aired one, maximum of two episodes
>they are mediocre or suck balls
mental disability it is.

The ending was rushed, but at least they had the decency to show the battle.

So story is?
>Autistic Angel has fight with daddy god
>Defeated comes to earth and fucks around w demons
>God nukes earth
>Autistic Angel falls in love with non gay guy
>Kills humantiy
>alone on earth
>gets nuked again
>This autistic angel really is /ourguy/

Now wonder Miura is a huge Devilman fanboy. In Berserk we also have the gay friend in love with the mc that hates the lover of the mc.

I wonder if Yuasa is going to adapt Devilman Lady and go for that or just leave it there.
Is a director that works on sequels?

Well, at least is better than the 2000s live action. But this story just can't keep with the years and has been milked way too many times.

To be fair Griffith wants to fuck Casca too.

At least Ryo is a committed homosexual who enters a relationship with Miki in Violence Jack just to torment hinself.

You can tell a lot by one single episode. Direction, writing, if the plot is consistent or it's character-driven etc.
So far it's just boring shit. AOTS is right here in this thread.

I distinctly recall Akira getting completely destroyed by Satan in their fight.

It can be done well I feel if we had enough episodes. And it felt too short. I'd easily have it for 15-18 episodes and include more actual fucking things feom thw manga cause they haven't been animated.

Maybe even include Koda being a dick in post alocalyptic earth so there's some meaning to his death. Same for Devilcat.

I never said it was enough to win.

Not a mangafag here

Who bombed Ryo's apartment? I think they said xenon but why?

I don't remember a battle happening at all.

Being in hell for a long time is bad for your mental health.

The battle was added in the Deluxe Edition of Devilman, with the additions being specifically referenced in Lady.

i liked devilman before it was cool

>Miki in Violence Jack
Miki was in violence Jack? I remember Jack and Satan being reincarnated, but not Miki. It was so long ago though.

Xennon did it because he was tired of Satan pretending to be human and wasting time lusting over Devilman's dick.

Why was the animation so terrible?
I really expected more after Castelvania.

>Xenon being a powerful demon lord is only obvious in he manga.
>Even the anime he cames across as a disgruntled underling with his own faction compared to Psycho Jenny

I liked how basically every major villain in Lady other than Michael was just a demon that made up Xenon, really made him feel as big and intimidating as he should.

Just finished it and holy shit... Best anime I've seen in YEARS. First anime that managed to bring me tears and that multiple times. First 3 episodes were kinda boring though. Episode 4 is where shit gets real and from there on it's literally AOTY.

>posts a still


>to be fair Griffith wants to fuck Casca too
Did he now? Then why did he wait so long to do it?
Casca wasn't exactly hiding her desire to do it.

you don't watch many anime, do you?

Heard in other threads that he might be working with the Ryo that is likely Michael in Saga. Or I could be remembering wrong.

It's something I'd expect of a guy jealous of Akira for getting Satan and fusionblocking him.

Not surpriaed if he never gets arts made unlike Koda, Devilcat, and Devilman Taro

I easily watched +200. Thing is, most of them were trash or simply animes that aren't sad at all.

Because muh ambition. He waited so long he found a hunk he'd rather fuck more, then rapes her as revenge against both and tries to fuck her in his crippled state and Casca is filled with nothing but pity.

Why do you presume that because he enjoyed Devilman this much he hasn't watched many anime?

>I easily watched +200
Sure you did.

because he's retarded

AOTS, and opens the door for netflix to fund even more outlandish shit that japs wouldn't be ok supporting.

Netflix is /ourguy/

Mediocre overall but had some good moments.

But Devilman is already a pretty solid contender for AOTS. AOTY might be pushing it but he isn't wrong.

I wouldn't have a clue how legit that theory is, I understood so little from looking at the raws I might as well have not bothered.

What you're complaining about is the art direction, fucktard.

post the devil dash

makes sense if all you watch is shit, you have no standards whatsoever

I don't exactly count how many fucking animes I watched, but since I watch like one or two animes a week since around 6 years, I wouldn't be surprised if I already watched +200
>Stop enjoying things I dont like
fuck off

never said those words, you can enjoy whatever you want and I can call you retarded for thinking it's actually good


Honestly that comment alone makes it so obvious Im honestly expecting a twist. It's fascinating how different both of them are if it is the case, but still love them men.

What makes Crybaby so irredeemably shit that people are retarded for thinking its good? I'm curious

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if all other anime this season are directed by toddlers, sure

But the direction of Crybaby is solid? Did you confuse direction with art style? That's what it sounds like.

>a retard calling others retarded
Really activates the almonds.

Yes, she and Ryo were treated as dogs by the Slum King. Ironically, Ryo was forced to fuck Miki. Akira never got a chance to fuck Miki until Saga.