Is there a chance that Kiharas were gathering data from Kakine's abilities for researches involving resurrection of people (that might be useful to them for different purposes) with a bit supplemental magick mumbo-jumbo bullshit Kamachi decided to add just for some additional craziness?

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You can’t being people back from the dead.

Does anyone still care about Mami Kawada? Considering her career is dead and all.

Characters grown up.

Mikoto - soccer mom
Kamijou - janitor
Kuroko - law enforcement
Uiharu - law enforcement
Accel - ded
Awaki - law enforcement
Misaki - model
Kongou - inherit daddy money
Stiyl - bus driver
Index - beauty salon
Othinus - cucked
Kakine - in some kind of hyper prison
Saten - scientist / mech pilot
Hamazura - P.E. teacher / drivers Ed teacher
Mugino - ded / loony bin
Saiai - adult entertainment industry

Kongou would be a good match for Touma.

We’ve always liked the Railgun intro music better.

Mikoto is going to grow up to be the kind of anime girl that attacks people with a frying pan.

>Saiai - adult entertainment industry
Considering she likes obscure movies, it'll probably be a cabaret like that shit crazy horse or something

Reminder that Lessar is still the best girl

At least she’ll have some money. I blame it on her dysfunctional crew.

>Awaki not a kindergartner
>Stiyl not a fireman
>Saten not a prostitute

and Hamazura should be mech pilot instead of Saten.

But she was good. Why don't more anons care about her?

After NT19 he'd be best suited as a s&m latex model

Awaki is too old for that but she’ll probably abuse her power and spend all her time on duty helping kids find their way home while holding their hands and Style being a fireman is just ridiculous and that’s all I’ll say about that. Saten is only considered a “slut” here because of an old meme where everybody said she was their waifu.

That’s an obvious joke. Saten is the best mech pilot in the world.

I meant Awaki would be better suited to a kindergarten teacher

t. mobilecuck

That’s where most people wouldn’t want her. Not only that but I think that job would be too boring for her. Law enforcement is where she’s going to end up I think and she’s already on that path in a way.


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So, who would you want resurrected?

Well she is. She learned how to pilot the top of the line mech Kongou’s dad provided in one single day.

No one, Frenda deserved to die.

Amata didn't, though. Neither one of the robutts likewise.

I want the old Mikoto who smiled and wasn’t used as a plot device resurrected. She only lives now to serve Kamijou.

MP, be yourself, I like it

>have to learn something in order to use it instead of master it all of sudden when touch it without knowing how it work before likes Hiraga Saito from Zero no tsukaima
That's not raildex for you Mobilecuck.

Nah, she's good now, mobilecuck. Cry some more.

Of course (you) would think she’s good user. That’s like saying you enjoy getting a raise or something.

It wasn't necessary, though. You do realize we still see the deleted post, right?

Some people are just better at things than other people. You could train your entire life and never be able to spin yarn faster than Molly Brown because she’s just naturally got things you can never possibly have. Team Saten is the place to be on that one.

Saten is like the Sasuke of this crew. Look at her just playing it cool boys. She already knows she’s won from the very start.


Mikoto and Uiharu have already lost by turning their heads to acknowledge the enemy. It’s not even worth the energy for Saten and Kuroko to give them anything but a glance.

>Getting caught in non-canon arc
>Killed in Virtual-on LN
>Knocked out by Level4 in railgun game
Mikoto is vulnerable than I thought.

Shes a normal girl you can fight anywhere

That’s why having friends is important. She’s also been saved by Kuroko and Kurozuma.

Bikes soon

At least Mikoto hasn’t lost a fight against Kamijou.

Is that an anime picture of Mikoto on that kids bike? Typical Otaku loser sporting his waifu wherever he goes.

Sometime, The luck isn't always be with you even you think you have the perfect team

I know, right? That's why I love her.
She looks a bit fat in your pic

And Touma.

Touma doesn’t really count because saving people is basically his personality.

Kuroko and Touma has similar ideals can’t count one without the other

Kuroko could carry a slice of life anime.

A slice of life anime with Kamijou as the main character would need somebody that absolutely nuts and has some sort of crazy power or something to help hide the fact that he’s a self insert character with no personality. So basically Kyon from Haruhi.

frenda zombie and high priest

That's kind of why the character works. She's insanely OP but you need to ram home that it doesn't make her invincible or there's zero tension. Plus it's difficult to care about someone when they're basically invulnerable.

That’s why nobody really liked Othinus. Too powerful.

I still don’t like Othinus.

Kuroko needs a straight man, they’re in the same spot

Most people say they like Kuroko better when she’s serious and she is pretty good when she’s serious although I like her goofy side as well. She’s just a well written character like it or not. Even the encyclopedia dramatica called her the best character in the series and their job is to make fun of things.

>. Even the encyclopedia dramatica
Ran by fucking racist loser queers.
Of course those low IQ dykes will love a rapey loser cunt like that.

>rapey loser cunt like that
It's just friendly banter bro. Lay off.

You’re a sad man.


Nobody likes the doughnut steel in the middle of an otherwise decently planned setting.
I think the biggest problem is that her goofy side goes waaaaay into 'why would anybody ever put up with this' territory. By the second or third actual legitimate rape attempt you'd think Zappy Dan would keep her distance. She's fine the rest of the time though.

Why if she’s only going to be a zombie? It wouldn’t even be worth it.

Well because they’re pretty much sisters. Kuroko could probably do a lot worse to Mikoto and be forgiven. They share a deep bond which was shown when Mikoto trusted Kuroko with her moms life knowing her memories had been wiped.

and yet accel is so popular

There's no accounting for shit taste, unfortunately.

Because he’s a hot goth boy who seems easy yet powerful.

Kuroko is the science version of Index, except with a few decent traits.

Itsuwa is the alternate magic side version of Index, except with a few decent traits.

Othinus is very cute

>with a few decent traits.
You mean both of her buttcheeks?

Accel got nerfed hard and it's been shown numerous times that people beneath him can handle him.
>hating accel
Mikotofags still seething that he's the better character, huh?

Index has a lot of good traits but her silver hair counts as a guaranteed so that itself already proves her worth.

Rikou is the science version of Index, except with a few decent traits.

Nephthys is a Magic God version of Index, except with a few decent traits

The anal pain is real.

Fuck off, Touma.

>silver hair
>positive trait

White Queen is an alternate reality version of Index except, uh, fuck.

I'm all for removing Index and putting Itsuwa in her place.

Last Order is the science version of Index, except with a few decent traits.

Othinus is very kind

Skogsfru is the russian version of Index, except with a few decent traits.

Indeed, you should get it checked out soon.

Himegami is the science version of Index, except with a few decent traits

It shows that she’s wise and knowledgeable beyond her years. You should respect it.

Really wise and knowldgeable.


You meant gemstone esper.

>that timing

>thinking a generic redemption seeking edgelord with melodrama substitutes for a decent character
Both Touma and Mikoto are much more interesting desu

How long until memequeen poster get banned?

When girls with silver hair stop being a shit.

It doesn't matter if "edgy guy seeking redemption" has been done before. What matters is that Kamachi did it right.
I'll take that over the poor excuse of a storyline Mikoto has that's taking forever to get anywhere. Touma wasn't getting anywhere either until mid NT.

>Mikotofags still seething that he's the better character, huh?
Why would they be angry over a subjective thing? Especially since Mikoto is more popular.

Nogi drew her with one of those rape faces Nanashi likes to draw

Why are Japs pushing this slag so much?

She’s nasty.


When threads stop being shit

>What matters is that Kamachi did it right.
The only thing that is right about Accel's horribly predictable story is its pacing. The rest ranges between mediocre and godawful.

She's a pure girl who just acts how she thinks a slut should behave, that doesn't make her an actual slut.

I fucking hate ressurection bullcrap. It takes away the meaning behind death entirely. I stop caring about the dangerous situations the characters get into and it takes away from the emotional moment when one of them is dying and you know he/she'll be back in like a day or two.