How the fuck do you pronounce this?

How the fuck do you pronounce this?

Ni shi giu? Ni chi zhu? Ni shi zho?

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it's pronounced Rìcháng

I pronounce it knee-chee-joe.

How retarded do you have to be to have trouble pronouncing Japanese words?

He's probably an *nglo

nee chee joe you fucking amerifat

Ironically, "nee chee joe" is pretty american way of pronouncing that.

I have no idea how an American could get "Ni shi giu" out of Nichijou.


definitely gaijin pronounciation

Fucking wrong. The j sound here isn't pronounced like in John or Jerry.
It's pronounced as zh, like in the name Zhang or j in the French expression 'je suis'.


It's pronounced learn japanese newfag

It's been 7 years and he asks this question.

Smart people don't waste time learning useless languages that they will never master anyway.

Nii(san) Chea(p) Jo(e) Fu(ck) (you)

>autists that finally understand how to pronounce it will never truly be able to say it because they have an autistic lisp


This is wrong.

t. speak Japanese

That's only a problem for anglos.
Most other languages do have the 'j' sound from Nichijou, including French, German, Polish, Russian, Mandarin and others.

In fact even english has that souns (the s in 'occasion') but anglos are just to braindead to notice, so they keep pronouncing it like Joe.
It's just evidence of the missing intelligence of anglos more than anything else.

No smart person would be wasting their time browsing Sup Forums either, what does that have to do with you not learning japa

She fucking says it in the recording you fucktard. You're a fucking basememt dweller who learned basic japanese to read manga, yet you will claim that a fucking native speaker is wrong?


I'm telling you you're hearing the recording wrong.

I know more Japanese than you.

Japanese is a useless language that is completely irrelevant on the world stage. You only need it if you wish to work in Japan.

You only really need english nowadays. Knowing languages like russian, spanish or mandarin is useful too. But learning nip is a waste of time.

You're retarded

Ni chi llou

Not wrong, though.

Yes you are

Again, you're wasting your time here right now and it doesn't seem to bother you so how is that relevant? Your time is clearly not worth as much as you're pretending it does.

>You only need it if you wish to work in Japan.
Also to read/translate porn.

Nope. I'm 100% correct.

t. Japanese speaker

Underwater Ray Romano

I am enjoying myself while posting here and it satisfies my need for communication.
Thus, my time spent here is not wasted. Learning nip would, however, be a waste of time, since it involves the investment of a lot of time and effort into somethint that does not give you any kind of reward, unless you seek employment in an obscure East Asian island nation.

You pronounce it exactly like how it's written, you filthy EOP.


People who learn japanese for their hobbies are also enjoying themselves, so by your own standards it's not a waste of time.

Are they? I would presume that trying to learn something that you will never be able to correctly pronounce or understand anyway is more frustrating than anything.

Well, that's the sort of mindset you develop when you're someone who never challenges himself and never takes joy in learning


nich e jew

It's pronounced selamat pagi

You mean seramat pagi.

Is Sup Forums even allowed and approved by the CCP back in China, Zheng?

why being a native english speaker makes you a retard at foreign pronunciation?
they even have spelling contests and act like brainlets on them
poor people

To be fair I've yet to meet a person who can pronounce every language correctly without practicing. I'm 100% sure you'd sound retarded trying to pronounce my native language unless you're also a native speaker.

Unless of course you could gain personal satisfaction from learning the language because it pertained to a hobby that you pursued in some capacity daily and one of the evidences of this hobby was that you post on an imageboard dedicated to said hobby.

There wasn't a day that went by for me without being exposed to Japanese in some capacity, so it made sense to start learning.

>amerifats have trouble pronouncing letters pt. 315