Is this an improvement?

Is this an improvement?

Busty is best, yes.

The bigger the better.


I prefer small Yui, but it's not bad either.

Improvement? Yui is perfection no matter how old she is.

Left is prettier, right is lewder. Just depends on what you're looking for, I guess.

It's pretty clear that Raita is past his peak.

I find that it is the opposite.

Big titties stick out because they are big, that is their natural state. However normal Yui has those modest things poking out as far as they can to garner attention; that is more naughty.

You can't improve on perfection.

No healthy minded male can resist drawing women with larger breasts forever. It's impossible.

Is this an improvement?

>Flat chests aren’t normal.
Fuck off, virgin faggot.

Raita needs somebody to keep him in check. Holy shit that's disgusting

Raita is a god.

Flat chests are an aberration that need to be eliminated from the gene pool.

>bigger tits

Are you a faggot? Of course it is

>liking big tits

Those are pretty tame for him.

Left is so pointy it could cut diamonds.
Right looks like a pair of volleyballs that's ALREADY crushed into her torso. They're also out of whack compared to her slender frame and thus shit.

Disproportionate tits are fucking terrible and every retard lapping it up needs to be hanged.


The only ones that are going to be eliminated are permavirgin aggots like you that won’t be able to reproduce, ha.


When will he stop ignoring her?

When she stops being a shit.

I still prefer Erika.

She's a shit. Her only redeeming feature is that her big boobed friend is shittier.


Is this that artist that draws more and more extreme hungry skeletons over time

Your taste is the only shit here. Brown is life.

Sasaki-san > Yui > Misa-nee > Puniyanka > Erika > Kirara

She's shaped like a dick.

Does that make fapping to her gay?


There's such a thing as too much.

Would be better if she had a threesome with Erika.

IIRC that's not an art change, she turns into an egg and molts into her new form late in the series.

But it's legitimately been like a decade since I read that shit. That was one of the first series I found on mangaupdates.

Truly an artist ahead of his time

source on this?

I like both.

is that body type even possible in real life without implants?

>adds choker

So obviously underage.

She had one for a while.

the first picture with the tits from the 2nd picture would be ideal

Didn't notice that.

name of the mango please.


Artist name is raita

Welcome to Sup Forums, newfriend. Now fuck off.

thank you.

Bigger tits are always better

but shes a poo in loo she'll never stop being shit

sorry if I don't know all ero artists that ever came to existence.

Shes challenging misa.

She can win too.
She's the only one with a positive attitude in the harem situation.
Misa is too overprotective and possessive.
Sasaki is too beta and can't even get into a threesome if she's not invited by the other girl.
Erica comes the closest since she lost her tsundere edge over time but she's still has some rivalry with Misa.
The brown duo is not relevant in the Asaibowl.

I really do miss Erika's tsundere edge.

>The brown duo is not relevant in the Asaibowl.
You'll see.

The Brazilian girl just looks like she wants sex on the side. She doesn't care about having a lasting relationship with the guy.

The scans are out?


>those nipples

Every anime girl should have mandatory puffy inverted nipples.

She's so cute and sexy.

kill yourself you fucking idiot
same for you

So what do we think of the VC4 characters so far?

Old Raita made better lolis
New Raita makes better cowtits

Other way around. The way he draws cowtits these days is too weightless.

>well-endowed Yui

It's just inside Asai's mind.
She'll be back to normal next time.

Just look at those puffy nipples

She was basically a boy before.


What manga is this

Bust or a bust.



No she wasn't.


No. Before they looked like tumors. They were unique, and dovetailed beautifully with Raita's grotesque style.
Now they're just beach balls like you see on every other anime bimbo.



She looks good with him.


It's shit

It's nice that she's the same size as him and not tall as fuck like Misa.


I imagined a grown up Yui as being more like Imca but taller (Imca's a womanlet).

is it the same artist?

>we totally ignored sex appeal


I imagined older Sasaki having that sort of figure while Yui developed a more voluptuous body.

This user gets it

God Raita's girls are fucking hot.

I don't give a single shit about muhproportionsfags or torpedo tits, shit gets me diamonds either way.

I don't even know what it is about them but I agree.

Yeah, I'm starting to like future Yui.

Exit is through here.

Seems like she has breast cancer

She's the most unpopular mahou shoujo.

Raita honestly fucked up by introducing her and retconning these two girls.

Maybe he will age her up into a similar design to her prototype?

No more cowtits.
She's only unpopular because she only featured once.

She was the one who wanted to castrate MC first.

That is why she is unpopular.

She didn't like how Erika and the rest were able to gather more shit thanks to Asai so she wanted to castrate MC with the help of the other brown chick and study his detached penis and sperm for science.