She has to be Cute


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She's like the anti-Gurren Lagann, the anti-Transformer. She's actually cute.

So do the girls "become" the mechs while the boys control them?

vagina bones

Do robots have gender?

She is very cute.

Do they have the same designers, because I am getting major tauburn flashbacks.

i fucking love this.

as i started watching kill la kill i found it bizarre silly at first same with gurren lagan.
but trigger has this thing that these things grow on me.

i really like them the way the are. reminds me of the megaman crew

Apparently, yeah.

>but trigger has this thing that these things grow on me.
Well Im glad to inform you that this is mainly an A-1 pictures anime and only the action scenes are gonna be done by Trigger.


"Only" the action scenes

Oh snap ! Sad for an anime that doesn't look like something with a lot of action :/

So half of the show then

It can have the greatest action and animation in the world but it wont help the possible trainwreck of a script

Good thing neither A1 or trigger is doing the script

look like the megaman exe/z stuff

>not cute
what fuckin age are you living in

Mhhh, we'll see :I

For me, the only thing i saw from A-1 is the video of Shelter (the madeon song)

Get out.

Manliness > Cuteness

Get with the times grandpa. Cute robots are where it's at.

Nice English there

>implying both can't be great
Shit taste

Not that user, but that is actually proper and correct English.

I'm fine with the mech face but I really don't like that the mech actually talks

anybody else or am I just weird?

wat weird is the lipstick

it was surprising, but i liked it
The girl becomes the mecha after all

What about cute and manly?

Has there ever been a more obvious best girl then Zero Two? God I wish I were Hiro. The premise of this show is so fucking hot.

So the fun part?

How so?

I was fine with it. I hope it sounds more mechanical in the future though.

actual girl robot is better than that trap robot

I think they were talking about the English in the pic not user's grammar.

>That shit-tier tryhard design


It has to be relatable somehow user

Absolutely, but this is the 10s. The age of that kind of thing is truly over.

>tryhard design
>posts Shin Getter

The only way you could derp harder is if you posted Black Getter

He got pussy because he got in the robot.

Will we get FranXY in second cour?

He's not a beta though. Is he?

Summary states he's some sort of prodigy, and it seems like he only fucked up because his partner (Naomi) wasn't up to par. He decided to leave the space station and find his own way instead of staying behind and just leeching, which is admirable. He manned up and GOT IN THE ROBOT when shit got real. He's not an overt door rag like harem MC #4306.

The only beta thing he did was during the 02's naked bathing thing

>Try-hard design
It has fucking glasses, how is that try-hard?

How exactly is he a beta though?
He risks his life and pilots the mech, that has to take some alpha-points to perform.

>let me taste of you

He passed out after his first time.

He's a flightless bird, someone who for whatever reason never finds a partner to form a creative union with.

I think I'm going to enjoy this show.

Everyone else dies after three times
Just passing out is alright

when she was preparing the massive gun spear thing while the dinosaur was prepping up his massive cannon I was getting massive Five Star Stories vibes. Did anybody else get that?

Everyone else was hemorrhaging blood and breaking bones, just passing out is nothing too bad.


Inb4 Tattun boipussy shows up

how do robots procreate!?

put pOnOs in vagOOO


Why does the show look far worse than Gurren Lagann despite being made over 10 years later?

Honestly he wasn't even being a beta during the naked scene, for some reason he has no concept of anything sexual, that was probably his first boner can't really blame him.

You clang her real hard

>Torso is a face with glasses on it

Definitely not tryhard. I really wonder why Getterfags get their panties in a bunch whenever people even so much as mention Gurren Lagann. Inferiority complex?

because ttgl was made in an era where a fair portion og anime was still being made by people who enjoyed what they were making

It doesn't and you're retarded?

I'm gonna be real honest... I want to breed that robot.

What about the others?

That is the gayest, girliest fucking run I have ever seen in my life.

>me on the right

Genista a best.

dat mecha ass


Extremely uninteresting first episode, what do people enjoy about it?

Cute girls and decent animation.
That's about it for me.

It has potential to become a trainwreck and the girl is cute.
Most people are shitposters/studiofags though.

Cool/cute mecha designs. Also potential for neat worldbuilding.

gay mc
Well, that explains the mech design.

Time to leave them ALL BEHIND

It's not fair he gets pussy and I don't

I like NGE, and this seems like a giant NGE rip-off.

Zero Two. I am also enjoying the idea of mecha mahou shoujo way more than I expected.
There are some good shows airing but it's not like any of them is really interesting. Might as well watch this one.


I enjoy the fun dynamics between hiro and 02, I look forward to more flirty shit, and then falling in love and making 02 a happy women.
I love all the blatant metaphors for sex and companionship, I like the setting and subtile world building.
Music and animation is by far the best this season and the show offers us tons of interesting concepts and ideas to shit post and talk about, of course it's aots.

This. FranXX actually offers something that you can speculate on, or cute girls to fawn over. Whether it'll be good or not remains to be seen, but the start is promising.
Very similar to Gainax mecha anime: generic start, picks up later.

I'm interested in their world and story. Zero Two's past and what will happen with her and Hiro in the future episodes.

Also about the origins of Kyoryu. There seem to be different kinds and types as hinted in the intro scene. I wonder if there's a flying type or they all pop out from the ground. Looking forward to their fightscenes with the Franxx.

If the user who made that sees this, good job. That's a nice edit.

>I enjoy the fun dynamics between hiro and 02, I look forward to more flirty shit, and then falling in love
I agree but I'm not expecting to get it.
I got the heartboner.

>She has to be Cute
What do you mean by this, do you have some modicum of doubt that she is not cute?

She has the :< face

If they fuck this will be AOTY.

Cute stuff.

>music and animation
It’s been one episode, autismo

Delphinium 2qt4me
Also i'm unable not to call Ichigo 'Kyouka'

>he picked gunlance

>was excited because it's kind of like eureka seven
>fuck all the haters I like eureka seven
>02 like Anemone get excited
>they get into the robot
>it's a feminization of a mecha with moving eyes and lips
>it looks like moeblob garbage
I'm giving this thing one more episode before I drop it indefinitely

moe mechs
cute girls

that's all these faggots care about

>it looks like moeblob garbage

The mech.



I have a very different grasp on the definition of moe then friend. The robots are sleek and stoic and sexy, not fucking moe.

The large eyes and tiny moving mouth makes it moe to me.

what, so literally all anime is moe to you?