Ladies, this is what peak performance looks like

Ladies, this is what peak performance looks like.

You may not like it, but it's true.

>question mark pupils

Never noticed that before. Oku-san is so cute.

Please refrain from posting my wife.

Please come back Okusan


>Ashitaba had the main girls pregnant and now they both have babies
>Okusan is stuck in SoL limbo forever
It´s not fair

>Ashitaba shows nipples now
>Okusan at best has a foot sticking from under covers

Ashitaba-san also ended.

Post more about Okusan being pure.

>the mom's baby is alive and well thanks to milk magic
Fucking author had me worried for two weeks and then everything turns out okay thankfully


She looks like orihime

Same author.

kubo likes them tits

>Ashitaba shows nipples now

Ashitaba is fucking boring and the MC is awful

Okusan is 2pure2cute

I love women like her (no prior sexual experience) because they're the easiest to NTR.

Why is Kyouko so fucking pure


parody:okusan$ -netorare -cheating -swinging

>literally only one doujin

She's too pure so they resort to NTR.

Fucking hate that shit.

And they fuck it up by having her refer to Daa-san not as Daa-san, but as Hun. Can't fucking win

>NTRfags already here

Look, if Darling doesn't want to be NTR'd then maybe he should fucking knock her up already. Every moment she goes unimpregnated is a criminal waste of precious resources.

It's a sin that no doujin exists where a couple of shotas experience those thick bodies.

There is an Okusan /ss/ doujin though.

I can't fathom to like Okusan because she's so fucking retarded.

So Oku-san has only been with other men after her husband?

I just want to know why raws stopped coming out. Can't find anything past 83 and nothing indicates that the series is on hiatus or cancelled.

Pics like and are from chapter 87 so i think the magazine is still being scanned. Site just arent updating it.

>just hook up with the first soyboy you meet
>spend your whole day getting bored at home and enjoy some sex once a month when your husband comes back from work before 10 PM
the NTR is basically canon at this point.

Is this supposed to be funny?

I thought this was

>tfw no girls on Sup Forums to take some advice from beloved Oku-san

No wonder our society is so fucked up today.

Good to know, downloaded two copies of the magazine a few months back and saw nothing. Will get the rest and sort carefully.

>hurr, women can have sex before they're married!?

She sounds like a complete retard.

Okusan is designed for NTR.

>and enjoy some sex once a month when your husband comes back from work before 10 PM
They fuck multiple times a day everyday though. Do you even read the manga?

no you're the complete retard. she's questioning her own judgement since she mistakenly thought those women were good decent women not loose whores, not questioning whether sluts spread their slut legs before entrapping some poor beta

>every woman who's not a virgin is a loose whore

Found the turboautist.

What else would you call em?

don't put words in my mouth you faggot, there's also rape victims

You fucking idiot

peak performance

Stop being an oxymoron


Yes they are

go back


How did that end? Last chapter I read was with the wife and Mom giving birth.

You should go back to /r9k/.

>but mom, dad's still alive
>ara, is he?

Gets me every time.

Nooooo! But the High School sister and the aunt didn't get pregnant yet!

The mother's baby is fine now thanks to her milk and some ghosts and all of them returning home with their babies.
There is supposed to be a final special chapter to better wrap things off.

God I wish this show would get an anime adaptation.

How has Okusan not had like twelve babies already?
Daa-san needs to step it up.

This is Hootch's best series

One of them is infertile


Not providing the source should be a bannable offense

Are you fucking retarded?

I tried the filename "over 30" but nothing came up

Why should I have to be tricked with a red herring and sent on a goose chase to be able to read a comic and discuss with the community here?

I really want her to crush my skull with her finely, plump ass.

Here is a hint numbnuts.
The girl is the same from OP which has the name and it also happens to bet he manga everyone in the thread is discussing.

That's nothing.

You're supposed to ignore retards not enable them.

What a weird braphog thread

god damn, is kirara just shrinking or something?
i mean, i know she is young, but she is like 1ft tall there, okusan's boobs are eating her!

fuck, that is dangerous
i would probably be fucking dead and in fear
not boner!


>you will never a okusan

I'm 50% Okusan started as a stealth doujin. Also, Orihime is my wife.

Kirara isn't shrinking. Okusan is getting bigger.


Those gotta be doujins right?

Sauce me up senpais

Fuck off.

what in a brother out

anyways found the sauce for the first one, still looking for other 2 posts.

Learn how to iqdb or Google faggot.

Show me then.

> Why would a woman have sex with a man she did not love and intend to marry?
It's a perfectly legitimate question user. Only a whore would think otherwise.

i never thought of it that way
maybe she is getting bigger to prep for childs

Thx lad, found the sauce for 2nd one as well, only left 3rd pic

She enjoys a lot of anal sex.

Reminder that the author keeps coming up with ways to BTFO the NTRfags

Gee I wonder what most of this whole topic has been about?

I understand, you da real MVP




Milfs + Jeans = Perfection

>hairy armpits