Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san



Theres a new chapter too you fuckhead

I want to paint her forehead white.









>humans, we are your friend




They know exactly what they're doing


Apealling to pedos?

God I wish that were me

Damn Nishikata grows up hot.

I love Takagi

> One child
Those aren't population sustaining numbers. Get back in the bedroom, Nishi.

Appealing to heterosexual males.

probably still has trauma from the last time

>1h since the thread was created
>25 replies and only 10 IPs
What went wrong?

Subs won't be out before 1 hour, and it seems that quite a bit of anons are disappointed by the adaptation.

Sorry, I slept through it all.

> Here Nishi, let me put the condom on. Oops!
>> H-Hayai!
> I guess I wrapped you in the wrong thing. Hehe!
>> B-but we should wear protecti---
> don't worry Nishi-darling, I'm very thin and stretchable. I'll be your condom tonight.
>> I-intense! But w-what if you get pregnant?
> Are you saying you won't take responsibility?
>> W-well, I didn't mean it like that...
> Fufufu! I bet you can't even last 10 minutes without cumming.
>> **A challenge!** O-oh yeah? Is that what you think?
> A-ahn... Nishi-baby! I can feel you rising to the challenge already!

Poor guy never stood a chance.

subs in half an hour


fuck off secondaries


>> This is. Really bad. I can feel it. I'm really close now!
> Oh ho ho. Giving up already? \
>> **That's right! I got this in the bag! I just need to hold out a little longer!** Old granny's fannys, old granny's fannys, old granny's fannys...
> Oh? Is that the kind of thing you're interested in??
>> Haha, maybe so? **I won't let her get to me! Just a few more seconds...**
> Time! You did it!
>> **Whew! I can finally relax! Now to pull out and** !!!
> Check.
>> A leglock?!?!
> And.
>> **I've already started relaxing! I can't hold it back any more!** Ta-takagi, stop! I can't escape! Oraaaa!
> Mate.
>> **Sploosh**
> Ne. Nishikata. I win. :)

>not being the author
Fucking tertiary faggots

are they gonna get married?

I was told this was a sexy show and its just a cute romance. This is sexy? What is wrong with you people?

They already did

The correct description is "perfect"

Is there any doujin of them having sex?

>Not finding the budding romance between a young girl and a young boy to be sexy as fuck

People shitposted themselves to death. Hopefully this week's threads are better and even slower.

They were always married.

>subs out for half an hour already
>no one talking about the episode at all

Is the adaptation really that bad? Sure the first episode felt slow and dragged out and Kaji sounded a bit too old, but they could easily fix that going forward.


Dropped after the first episode, so there's no reason for me to stay here anymore after I leave one last fuck you to you all

it's boring and only the boy gets bullied, tonari no seki is even better

>I'll show her next!
>gets rekt
>rinse and repeat x times
Wow so funny.
Also, terrible VA choices.

When will she and Nishikata fuck

To other people, yes.


In a long time.

It's sitting in a strange area where many mangafags hate the adaptation because they weren't chosen to decide on the show's cast, and many animeonlyfags are like .
This doesn't bother me though because slow threads are great.

Did this screenshot come from a fucking CRT TV?


I love this little group.

I'm 100% convinced that it's possible to impregnate her forehead.



God, I want to strangle that insufferable little shit.

reminder that they got a short spin-off manga

I want her to stranged my cock with her vagina. If you know what I mean.

>not removing the left's hair in the middle and sides.

How would you get back at her, Sup Forums?

Sounds expensive.

Fuck off, Lelouch.

dick in forehead

tell me about Lelouch
why does he wear the trip?

He likes attention.



I didn't mind her voice the first time around, but having listened to it again I agree that it wasn't a good choice.

I don't like the opening.


Takagi, do what you do best...


Can someone link the trailer where she is voiced by Katou Emiri? I can't find it.

Is this worth watching for Rie alone?

I will not do such a thing desu

Why doesn't he just pay attention in class?

Might be. Her voice itself is nice, it just doesn't fit the character.

It's impossible to get back at this manipulative mindreader.

Literally perfection

I understand that the anime isn't high-tier or anything but I think they did a pretty decent job adapting it for what a conversion to anime would be worth

Is the /r9k/-triggering anime of the season?

I want to eat takuan

Actually Takagi is the spin off, their manga was first, and going by the episode today it looks like this is an adaptation of both manga. That makes me oddly happy since this means they will get a lot of focus, more then the manga

that ayylien forehead though

No nono, get back here fucktard and explain yourself. Dropping the only hetero show this season? You giant cuck bitch

Do people really sit out from the pool for a little scratch? That's pretty pathetic.

infections my lad


Given their kid is about five and they are in their twenties, probably some time after highschool, probably in college

Did you write this now? Too funny.

If he was bit, he'd need a round of rabies shots. those can be ugly. Also, puncture wounds are more easily infected.

That's a big head

For you

Start dating the girl with the biggest breasts in the class.

Go away.