Which color would you color?

Which color would you color?

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Is there a subbed version of this webm?


Every color is worth it but blue is the best.

People playing on a 3DS whilst talking with their friends are the worst people, and you'd end up haivng to do yellow's bidding or be reported for rape if you colour'd her. There's only one good answer.


I usually prefer the blue type characters, but damn yellow is great in this one.

I love Sacchan.

Headpats for Sacchan while calling her cute!



the fucking armpit

Post smug Blue


I want Sacchan to taste my virgin oil.

What the fuck, all I did was walk calmly into the room, why are the Colors attacking me?


Extra virgin?



Yellow is my toilet.

If by color you mean adopt and raise properly, then definitely blue.

>yellow comes up to you and says you have to give her your game or she'll scream
wat do?



Well, it's refined or was it fermented? by at least 18 years so it's pretty pure.

I scream.

I thought Japan liked lolis.
What happened?

>read redo as pedo

What's wrong with red?


R-red is my favorite.

The ones who prefer Red are usually the most degenerates.

Captain is the best girl.

Blue, because just like me she's intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor.

Blue in a NON lewd way of course.

>So stupid she doesn't even know how to skip
Nice try memer.


Sacchan > Yui > Kotoha.


God damn roving gangs of lolis assaulting innocent NEETs in the street. Why hasn't the Japanese government done anything to stop this epidemic?

yui > kotoha > sacchan

Because the Japanese government is run by lolis.

That explains everything now!

But blue wants it lewd give her to me if you aren't man enough for her.

What goes through her mind at that moment?

Blue is the only lewdable colors.


the 3 are fine for me


Blue is the best

Too late.

There is only one correct answer.


yellow a cute

I'll sexualize all of them the same time.



Nice bait, but psychologists aren’t part of the medical community, faggot.

You're retarded.

Nice bait

Medics treat organs, not people or emotions. Psychologists are there to fill that void.

What is it about oni lolis?

Hai tenshon Japanizu goburin.

I'd color all their wombs white

Why would I? God is a lolicon.

How old are the colors anyway? ("old enough" is not an answer)

What are you implying, scum?

Too old.

Not old enough.

Old enough

Unzip and give her the game

Just right.

Age is just a number.

Getting a bit too old really, but still in the prime.

>you will never mercilessly fuck Sacchan's anus and watch her take a glorious dump afterwards

Shittiest Colors

Why does she look like an exact clone of miu from ichigo mashimaro?

Would you let her dominate you in the bed?

They decided to go with perfection.

Yes, then I'd mating press her into submission.

I would paint all of them in random box patterns of varying shades of grey and hire them to do security around my place.

Based on all the knowledge I've gotten from manga, I'd say they're somewhere around 5. Maybe 7 at most.



I'd paint Blue's face white if you know what I mean.

Fuck, I'm sorry! I meant, I would fuck the blonde one.

>I'd mating press her into submission
I'd love to see the expression on her face change drastically when that happens.

Those brats are too cheeky, they need to be punished.

The Mashimaros are 11 and 12.

That's more like it.

Stop it, I'm at work right now.

Is this show related to ichigo mashimaro at all? Why does it look so similar?

Go back to work, Saito.

Not in any way. They probably just decided to go with the similar art style because it looks good.

The colors are the mashimaros' granddaughters.

I didn't know I had granddaughters.