Toji no Miko is going to have 24 episodes

Toji no Miko is going to have 24 episodes.
>6 BD volumes
>4 episodes each

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Mobile game shilling I guess.
The plans they have for the story couldn't be executed in only 12 episodes.

Really old news user

Well I don't use Sup Forums every day so.

There better be a second season.

>36-50 episodes in total
Probably not.

We already knew it would be 2 cours, but the exact episode count is new.

You also probably didn't browse any Toji no Miko threads so far.

Depends on how popular game is.

Cute homewrecker

Do people on here like it?
Eeeeh even if it's popular, it's really rare for 2 cour shows to get second seasons unless they sell really well and are really popular.

This circle is really messy

Cute girl.

Koihime Musou got 3 seasons and few OVAs.

Yeah but Koihime Musou is Koihime Musou.

Which one is the gay one?

All of them.

Every one.




>first and second episode
>already have CGI girls running about
How can they even keep this up?

Old news.

>How can they even keep this up?
You answered your own question.
I don't mind it.
Yes I know.
How old though?
I'm surprised no one I hang out with have mentioned this show being 2 cour.

Can't have CGI girls if they're dead.

Maybe you should go back to your animeme discord

Maybe they're using CG girls from the get-go so that they can keep it up.

>being this stupid

both are quick to resort to violence I see

It could've been 26 and CCS is 22.

Guard girl

cute ojou-sama

>hey look our kouhais are about to fight
>kouhai gets slashed down almost instantly
What did she think at that moment?

Is she virgin?

I'm not in any anime Discord servers.

Fuck off to where you came from.



The only cgi model cut I was annoyed was in 2nd episode when Kanami blocks Mai's sword and the cut is in regular 2d but then the following cut resorts to cgi Kanami going back to her stance and Mai/Hiyori just standing there while uglyKanami stands near motionless and talks so it pops out pretty badly.

I want Maki to rape me.

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Only Sayaka can pass as a boy and barely for that matter.

Cute girl!
Oh hey, they finally made a battle system trailer.
Full voice events?

Pure is very important
This girl can control these "boys"

>Cute girl!

Hiyori is indeed very cute!

Too generic, a system like houkai 3rd would have been better.

But not for long now that she's a fugitive. Sooner she'll be sleeping under bridges and smelling like garbage. The same also applies to her girlfriend.

Impure girl
Will be angered "boy" retaliation

Last season people were already worried about gokumi production schedule with respect to yuyuyu because this show have 2 cour

Who is top and who is bottom?

What is this? Bullying for ants?

You already know the answer.

Stop posting boys in my yuri thread.

new Nippori Station


A side effect from watching Hakumei to Mikochi

Looks like I was into boys all along.


>two shows about gay katanas airing this season
Has anime gone too far?

I'm surprised it took this long to establish an all-girl version of it.

Looks like genderbent Rudy.

Kanami is top, Hiyori is bottom.

I want Maki to give me the K.

Time for some Mai bullying this week. She can't catch a break.

Still can't get over the fact that the game OP is sung by Kanami's and Hiyori's VAs. When will the bullying of the game MC stop, I wonder.

She and her future will be?

They'll impregnate the sword of the other and get married to take responsibility.

Hiyori is sexy but I wish she had bigger breasts.

The boy on the left is very cute and feminine.

But small is great on her.

She will probably get bullied even in her game.


Why are all the Toji so trigger-happy, pulling out their sword at slightest provocation?

she will overcome the odds in due time

>lesbian sword fighting: THE ANIMATION

literally who is the target audience for this show?


Are you capable of asking non-meme questions?


Is Megane-chan not actually going be in the anime? Just in the mobage?



There's plenty of time left for her to show up in the anime. Will most likely just be in the background, though.

Ryona fags.

She looks cuter in her 3d form that her 2d one.

>24 episodes
As long as I can have 3 or 4 episodes featuring best girl.

If there actually was Ryona in this anime it'd be AOTY.

But it's a kid's show, so we won't get it.

Yes, just like the big girl and this one.

When are we going to see this doggy in action?

ryona isn't guro you retard.

When we get close to the mid season climax.

Megane are shit

Do you guys think at some point a character is going to die or get seriously injured because they're not in their Utsushi mode?

There will be bood, trsut me.

This doesn't look fair.

>get seriously injured

I was waiting for the pink haired girl to stab one of the characters and keep stabbing even though they're just in normal mode.

Where is this from?
Who are the girls on the left?

>designated MC's gfs
>mai is far away
Maifags BTFO.