Youve been workin at that backlog, right Sup Forums?

Youve been workin at that backlog, right Sup Forums?

this show was cute even if the characters did lack substance

you should've just read the manga

yeah but the animation and colors looked really nice and they were

I managed to finish 6 shows over the last 2 weeks that aired in 2017 Summer and Autumn. That's probably the most anime I've watched in such a short period of time in 4 or 5 years.

Started Hokuto no Ken and outside of the dated animation I'm enjoying it a lot. Surprised there wasn't any new Ken material with the new Mad Max movie this decade. Other than that been in rewatch mode lately with K-ON, Non Non Biyori, Monogatari and Code Geass.

I liked it, but the relationship tease dragged on way too long.

Yeah, I started watching Nanoha yesterday

Yes, I recent added like 15 series. This is hell.

a pretty good classic there. i still remember talking about it in high school.
youre in for good times user. Its been a couple years since I watched it so I might pick it up to rewatch sometime.
its shoujo silly user. What would it be without it. Honestly it probably wouldve been more bearable it Otani actually portrayed any indication of emotional thought. But hes pretty flat.

>manlet propaganda anime

You won't fool me, Satan!

I watched the movie long ago but I don't remember much besides that big Fate vs Nanoha fight so I will watch the series

>Youve been workin at that backlog, right Sup Forums?
Nope. I always end up re-watching stuff I earlier enjoyed.

just keep at it user! its about the journey, not the destination!

Checked satanic digits
I'm starting this week, now that I'm finally convinced that there isn't anything good to watch in the current season.

I'm always working on my backlog, usually I wach more backlog shows than current ones. From the current season I think I will watch about 5-6 shows.

Right now I'm watching

Kemono friends
Aikatsu ep 169
initial d s3
Mahoujin guru guru
princess principal
bang dream
alice to zouroku
rolling girls

Yeah, I've actually been making a bit of headway recentley. Got done watching Haibane Renmei about a week or so ago. Easily the best thing I've seen since finishing Aria about 3 years ago. It was just so damn good, it's all I've been thinking about for the past few days. Ordered a wall scroll and an artbook right when I finished it.

Just downloaded Sekirei, Bubblegum Crisis, and a Kafka movie iirc. Should finish those up this week. Even with a job I feel like 3 series a week is pretty good.

Watched 132 episodes in a one day without any skips.

Yes, that was Teekyuu

not in kansai ben, sorry

What's the longest you've worked on your backlog without giving in to boredom or sleep deprivation?

This is one of the worst romance anime I have ever seen

to be fair, the manga was written by a woman.

assuming you mean A Country Doctor. That films so much fun. Hope you have as much with it as I did.
I still want to watch all of teekyu, but theres so much.
back when I was in school, I stayed up for like 30 hours just watching stuff. I dont know why. I didnt even have any coffee.
but its fun!