Sasuga Edition

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Don't we get Episode 2 today?


best meido

Why is lupu such a pervert


I know, Im fucking furious too. That fucking user from yesterday lied to me.


I know the CR episode comes out tomorrow, but doesn't japan get it today?

Someone make another thread before this is nuked.

Aura is best girl and will win the Ainzbowl.

I thought they were Pure Pure Pleiades.

Lupu explicitly metioned that she was not pure at all


So who fucked her? It must have been during the NW since you couldn't do that stuff in the game

Dead thread for a dead shitty series

Nobody wants to post in this thread because it's going to get nuked for having "edition" in the OP.


Will they expand on Mare's betrayal in the next episode? I want to hear about her motivations. Was she just trying to take out a rival by having Shaltier killed?

Mare was behind the NW transfer all along, she's only playing a timid trap to get everyone to let their guard down so she can be the true Overlord Revealed in latest LN.

We are all just resting so we can watch the new episode when it airs.

>Mare's betrayal

Mare was the one that mind controlled Shaltier. This was revealed to the audience when we saw mare's eye during the end of the Shaltier fight. It seems like Aura is in on it.

It was auras eye

>I want to hear about her motivations
Maruyama hinted about her motivation all the time in the WN and side stories. It is because of the will of her creator, Bukubuku Chagama, who was a lesbian lusting for her own sister Peroronchino, who secretly loved Ainz while pretending to be his male friend. She therefore hated Ainz with a passion. The twins inherits her enmity for him and have always been planning his downfall.

Ah. So Aura is definitely in on it then. Makes sense. Still curious about their motives.

Unless it was written into her character background.

Fixed that for you.



>aura can affect an undead from miles away
>strength in numbers is always on her side
Aura is the actual strongest guardian.

Aura and Mare were designed to take on a whole party by themselves. She defends him with all her pets while he spams his AOE. She can probably buff him to raid boss levels as well once he goes Druidzilla

Renner-sama is confirmed smarter than Albedo/Demiurge despite being a human. NW keikakus and plans are too much for Nazarick. It's basically an expansion character vs a vanilla.

that does not bode well for Nazarick.

Reminder that Lupu-chan did literally nothing wrong.

Fuck off general morons. Sage.

It's exactly because she dindu nuffin is making it wrong.

new episode when?

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Episode 2 air yet in Japan?

does any one else want them to lose?


Just delete this thread already


aren't you guys worried the anime will just water down every moral questionable action he takes?

Because of pull-pull.

They were, before pull-pull.

Why am I still telling you assholes about the pull-pull?

The Chad demiurge and the virgin Ainz


Mare doesnt exist in the Web Novel tho

How will they water down the fun farm and SPLAT?

Killing the lizards is bad.
The kidnapping of all the women and children is demiurge’s fault.
The worker thing shows his autistic rage but they lied.
The weasel slaughter is aura’s fault.

Lupusregina never gave me a boner but now she does. Dayum!

It's not fair if you pretend to be innocent, user.

But Lupus is innocent user-kun

Lupus usually ticks people off, I wonder if she can piss of another NPC enough to merit physical violence (not kill, just enough to punish her)

Flat-chest vampire airline would punish her in some way

>Shalltear hears Lupus call her flatchested (again)
Do werewolf hymens grow back? Otherwise she wont be able to marry.

> Regenerative ability
Pretty sure they do

But why does she tease Shalltear who's much higher in level and hierachy than her? Does she want to get raped?

She's on Albedo side remember? Only solution and entoma is on Shalltear side

>mare's eye during the end of the Shaltier fight
Maybe I did not know what I was looking for, but what about her eye revealed this?

I mean the maids kinda shit on PA as well and he is basically Ainz son and a guardian. I imagine they can bantz with each other unless someone takes it really personally.

Dunno why they even went through the trouble of subjugating the lizardmen honestly. The highest of them is what, low 20s? So the average warrior is probably between level 10-15 and they don't even have many of those. How good of undead would they even be? Can't he just send a squad out to hunt down some powerful monsters or something and turn them undead or MC them?

perhaps undead are race specific, lizardmen are bigger than humans?

Did he even go through the trouble of raising all their dead or did he just conscript their entire race into his army?

The eye in this scene is the same green eye that a certain someone has. The same person also acted slightly exhausted and perturbed by blowing a puff at the end of the battle.

They say in the last couple minutes of the last episode in season one that lizard men bodies can be used to make undead that are higher than level 40 (the highest level a human body can make). Basically he wants their corpses for cannon fodder.

wait was it mare or aura who betrayed him?

I have no idea if people just play off each other for this kinda stuff but in the event that you are just being roped in, be aware that there is a lot of fanfiction in these threads because people are suffering while waiting for more LNs to release.

Both. They always work together.

I wonder if they're going to commit to making the first half all about lizards, or keep throwing in assorted Ainz scenes from side materials to keep the MC in the spotlight?

I wish they'd animate Death Knight-kun's short story or something to pad things out.

>best girl is a traitor
every time

> falling for fanfiction

It's true Clementine did betray the ST.

Lizard arc's adaptation isn't going to be nearly as long as people here seem to think. I would expect episode 2 to cover everything before the battle, and for 3 to be about that. The OP established that they're getting to Jaldabaoth after all, and they don't have time to waste.

Pleaides porn sounds like a great idea,

I can't believe Ainz fucking died to Demi. Who could've seen that coming?

I'd like some in their true forms

> died to demi
> implying it's not part of keikaku

Pleiades NUTS

Ainz with his 10k years keikaku


It is obvious the MC will not be killed off. Likely Demi will have to be killed and not resurrected otherwise the other guardians will never respect ainz.

Doesn't meido tea party happen around this time? Would be nice to see it fully animated

>Who fucked her
I bet she fucked some glob and villagers when she was bored. Or maybe she ordered some of Demiurge's demons to give her their cocks

Would be easier to count which of his NPCs are not betraying him.

>Aura and Mare have some secret plan against him and mind controlled Vampire.
>Seb betrayed him for a prostitute.
>Demi is off doing his own thing for personal gain.

I saw it coming fron miles away. It was obvious that Demi was colluding with Aura and Mare to betray Ainz.

Just as planned

>Respect Ainz
They would try to just keep Demiurge out of any position of power and bully him even if Ainz forgives him, but they would still do whatever Ainz says.
Narbeal said it pretty clear, even if Ainz was a retarded baby they would still follow his every command. They just need a leader, it doesn't matter who is as long as said being has a player aura that they can identify

Animated by Queen Bee

He's fucked isn't he?


now hol up
Eins gave him like all the legendary items, if she wanted enins dead that would have been the perfect time. Also should eins not know if he has mind control of an undead?

Don't forget how potato is incompetent. Lupe cannot keep a tiny nothing village in order, and Shaltier doesn't take her job seriously resulting in her being mind controlled by the twins.


stop confusing animeonlys

>if she wanted enins dead
It really isn't clear if that is the end game or not. She may just want the other female NPCs out of the way due to jealousy?