Hayate no Gotoku!

What the fuck happened?

But what happened to Ruka? Still an idol?

>Hata doesn't know what to make of Hamster's future

I guess Hayate and Maria got the same hair design mean something to begin with

>With Kotetsu
I can only imagine what it is.

true suffering

>Kotetsu gets to be w/ Hayate
>Athena fucks back off to the island

Sounds like a happy end.

Living up to Athena the eternally virgin goddess.

I honestly didn't understand the bonus chapter. Am I retarded? What is Maria expecting to happen in two years?


Reading that was definitely not worth it.

I for one, am happy his mangaka career is burning just as Tamaki's

So amKotetsu got what he wanted?

In bad wih names. Which mangaka is that again?

Well didn't see that one coming.

>everything about Maria
but why

Im glad the ending was shit so I can not care about any of the characters anymore

Is 2018 /ouryear/?

>long running manga has a garbage ending
Name one long running manga that had a satisfying ending.

How could Hata ruin the series this badly is still a mistery to me. Just why did everything go so wrong at the end when he had literally more than 50 volumes to work with and come up with something decent and yet this is the conclusion he thought he was fitting? Are you fucking serious.

Was it axed or something?

well that's a bigger curveball than anything pitched by Cy Young or any Cy Young award winner right there!


>Maria is Hayate's sister
Time to re-tag all those doujin.

>Best girl Izumi goes off into space.

So what ever happened to Hata's new series?


Hayate ends with no one afterall?
If only Hata went with Maria route.

>>long running manga has a garbage ending
Fullmetal Alchemist

Kotetsu got to pound what he's been craving for ages.