Dragon Ball Super: Pay attention, newfags

If you're still debating powerlevels/powerscaling, fuck off. Why fuck off? If the producer of the god damned show doesn't care about consistency, then that's it, it's done. The arguments are fucking dead.

Is SSB Goku holding back? Against Krillin? Yeah, it's obvious Krillin can't hold his own against Base Goku alone, this was already proven.

Is SSB Goku holding back against 17? Fuck no. It's obvious with all the Hype they had around 17, they intended for him to be near that level. This SSB Goku which went through hell and earth against Goku Black and Zamasu, fought a God-Level version of his race's killer, and has even fought a God Of Destruction and lived to tell the tale, struggled against a park ranger.

Quit arguing it, quit acting as if you can PROVE anything about ANYONE anymore. The shit I said about Krillin?? I could be fucking WRONG. If the producer doesn't care at all then obviously neither should you. Arguing endlessly is pointless.

Protip: Nobody is forcing you to watch the show. It may suck now, but if it stresses y'all out to the point where you have to blow up countless threads full of the same, spiteful shit; """""grown adults""""" who can't handle cartoons? Then you should stop watching it, seriously.

I myself am loving it, because I also don't give a shit what happens as long as it's cool as fuck. (Of course I, nor anyone wants anymore extreme situations like the ones we've had, especially if they're poorly animated or written as bad or worse.)

tl;dr: Literally nothing you debate about DBS powerscaling issues can be proven. So stop wasting hours trying to prove random anons on Sup Forums wrong when they can easily just fucking ignore you, lol.

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Basically, read the manga if you're an autistic powerlevelfag and watch the show if you enjoy fun. Basically what I've been saying for months.

MSSB Goku vs Hyper Blue Vegeta

Who wins?

>be me
>kids talking loudly near my house
>they're talking about dragon ball
>kid says he thinks gohan's going to lose
>everyone agrees
Non-spics will never experience these hilarious moments.

Will Gohans episode look good next week? Or will he look like a complete pile of shit when he gets eliminated?

Can't wait for the next episode lads.

back to Sup Forums with you, they love kike lapdogs there.

All these new transformations are shit, tori is just rolling some dice to decide what color the next super sayan transformation will be

This time it hit blue again


Vegeta's newest transformation is the WORST transformation EVER in the HISTORY of dragon ball. WORSE THAN SSJ3.

>shit animation
>no back story whatsoever
>trigger was CABBA and not protection of his family


Nah, SSJ Rage Trunks is worse. And Ultimate Gohan is lazier/more asspully
Also UI is shit and the biggest asspull in Dragon Ball

>he now has a red aura around his blue aura
>looks the exact same
>trigger was being an autistic retard

It's clear that 17 isn't anywhere near as powerful as Goku was in their scuffle. He's done much more poorly against Toppo, for example.

at least UI had some nice animation and music.

SSJ rage is fucking stupid as well.

Why is super so shitty? fuck.

why did vegeta get a snowflake transformation instead of UI?

I imagine Vegetas new form will look better and have better animation in the next few episodes if they have better animators working on the eps

GODku was holding back against 17 though

The problem this week was the holidays interrupting the production.

Imagine watching something you don't like through 123 episodes and counting.

Catch a DBS non-watcher up here, user friends. What's been happening and what's this about Vegeta's SSB being bluer?

>trigger was being an autistic retard
Fucking what? SSBKK had no trigger it was focusing your Ki dumb jobgetafag

Surpass Even a God! Vegeta's Life-Risking Blow

>After Toppo becomes the new God of Destruction for Universe 11, 17 is swiftly eliminated and turns his attention to Vegeta
>Vegeta struggles to hold off GoD Toppo
>in order to beat him, Vegeta uses his ultimate technique the "Final Explosion"
>this kamikaze technique eliminates Toppo but it seems Vegeta did not survive the blast and has disintegrated out of existence
>but then, a light appears and Vegeta surfaces with black hair and silver eyes


The Super anime is the opposite of fun.


Only pedros think the anime is fun

Trigger was training and preparation you stupid fuck

Kaioken is not a form you absolute retard

Fuck off vegetard.

What's the advantage to Super Daiyan God (red) over SS3 or Blue? Besides being able to hide your ki from mortals I guess.

>UI Vegeta

Not happening until next arc

No I can't take this bros.. this can't be the way it ends, GODhan can't dissapoint me like this



it's stronger than SS3 without using as much stamina
it uses less stamina than Blue, but weaker

Goku had echo-voice whilst in UI mode. One was granny, but the other was male. Anyone know who the VA was?

Fair enough, thanks

*blocks your path*

pretty sure it was just the oozaru voice

yeah, maybe. thanks again

Because Vegeta sucks and everyone knows it

He looks so fucking gay, what the fuck is Toei thinking?

Jippo vs Friehan / Frieku when?

Suprised so many people don't like it. It's like a blend between God and Blue (god eyes with god sparkles and blue hair and blue aura). What's wrong with it? I think it looks fine on him and it looks better than UI Goku

>it looks pretty
>also it's a little stronger than SS3

>It's a lot stronger than SS3 and doesn't consume a lot of energy like that form, so it's a better option
>SSB burns a lot of stamina (And CSSB fucks your body if you haven't mastered it) and SSG doesn't

he's so kawaii!!!

When does Yamcha join in?

>dragon ball fanbase
>surprised that everyone is bitching about something

It's a complete asspull

>and it looks better than UI Goku
nigga fuck off

Well, 17 is a vegan tho

Every transformation is a complete asspull

UI came out of fucking nowhere. How does falling into a spirit bomb give you a powerup that GoDs, who have trained for millions of years, can't obtain?

>and it looks better than ui goku

UI was mentioned in Battle of the Gods movie.

The Super anime is way more fun then the goddamn manga just by virtue of having voice acting and music. Now that the dub is on the Black arc, it's gonna be like watching two new episodes a week.

Jiren will win

Holy fuck epic dude. It was mentioned in a movie so now it makes complete for Goku to unlock an Angel-level transformation after he slipped into a spirit bomb.

these threads are so fucking insufferable, braindead gokufag patrols

>Gohan's Last Stand
Ohhhhh noooooonononoooo

Krillin and 18 are gone as well

Whis said he and Vegeta were capable of it, so it's only angel level in that they already knew it at the start of the series.

Why do they look so goddamn kawaii?

When will you learn how to ignore and report this faggot so the threads can have actual discussion?


Unbelievable how the presence of one guy can fuck the entire thread over.

>be a God of Destruction
>be millions of years old
>have your Angels train you for your entire life
>after thousands upon millions of years of training, you are finally getting close to obtaining "Ultra Instinct", something only Angels are capable of

>be Goku
>fall into a spirit bomb
>5 seconds later you unlock Ultra Instinct
>Ultra Instinct disappears
>2 mins later get beat up by a retarded monkey girl
>enter Ultra instinct again

Because Goku trained and the entire ToP had Goku taking hits by letting his guard down so his body could begin to fight on instinct.

>Gohan beaten beyond belief
>Makes himself stand up
>He starts glowing a familiar color
>This plays

The form being mentioned doesn't make the method by which it was obtained, which was never ever foreshadowed by the way, any less of an asspull.

Kale was able to match Goku Blue on literally her second time being a super saiyan

Saiyans have cheat codes user. It is known.


>S E E T H I N G

Soon. And I mean it this arc.

W̹͕̖͔̥̯͚̓ͭͯ̓a̩̬̮̟̱̖͑͌̊͆̒̎̇r̵͕͍̗͔̆ͫͧ̊͋r̰͔͖̆͒̈ͅi̠̟ͯ͑͂͒̀ō̪͈͖̟̃ͯ̔͂r̳͍̪.̮̳̳̟̝͔ ̃̔̌ͤͧ̇S̘̜̳̦ͮͬ͟ĺ̫͖͕̠̞e̡̪̹̮͑ͨ̈́ě̤̜̰̟͍̤͚͐̽͗̉̋̐͜p̱͚͌͊ͧ͘ͅ.̈̓̈͛̉͑͠

So you're saying it's an asspull.

>just by virtue of having voice acting and music

Oh my god, it wasn't a meme. The absolute state of toeipablos

Sure, but so is everything so don't act like it's uniquely retarded that he got UI like that


Jiren will stop being such a arrogant asshole when an Angel tier fusion appears in front of him ready to fuck his cocky face

What else is it supposed to be? A well written story? Where fuck do you think you are?

It's a medium of entertainment.

Are Toeishills too retarded to play music and read at the same time?

No, Jiren will still win

Jiren isn't arrogant. You're just mad your precious heroes are getting BTFO despite five hundred asspulls.

Not him but >Every transformation is a complete asspull

It's literally the first thing he said

He also said UI came out of nowhere, which it didn't

I want Jiren to fuck my wife

Matt, stop posting.

Why is that pic so hot? Is their more?

Unless your wife is an Angel, I doubt she could handle the JD

Was "Warrior, Sleep" an insult or a compliment?

I've seen some state that it was actually respect from Jiren by stating he was a true warrior, while others say it was an insult that he didn't use Vegeta's name (and that the supreme Kai of u11 was just lightening the blow)

He went from saying Vegeta's pride was a joke to calling him a warrior. I think he gained a small, small amount of respect for Vegeta.


b-but they said KEKhan has the strongest power of all so why's he jobbing

Even if she dies, she'd be living a better life. Jiren is the only man who I'd allow to cuck me without protest.

I'm sure he can hold back. He's just that good.

>Cell Dorado

Cell has been reincarnated

Girls are cute when you throw water at them.

He kind of is, though? Not all the time he switches between arrogant and noble it's confusing

>can't even have one thread without caulifags and gohanfags baiting each other


Because it's Caulifa fused with best girl.

He can't defeat Gogeta, retard.
>You're just mad your precious heroes are getting BTFO despite five hundred asspulls

Actually I am, it's fucking retarded that Goku AND EVEN VEGETA got new transformations and still can't beat this shit designed asshole. Thankfully that's going to change when Gogeta comes back ready to fucking murder that faggot and make him disappear like he did with Janemba

Does Jiren fuck it?

If you're referring to the MasakoX video where he said it was an insult, don't pay attention to that cunt. He has no idea what he's talking about and is a trash tier Youtuber.

Watch MastareFusion and AnimeAjay if you need to watch someone