Why doesn't Sup Forums have enforced spoilering?

I noticed that other boards like Sup Forums, Sup Forums, Sup Forums, /vg/ etc. have enforced spoilering. Why can't this board have that as well?

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Akarin dies in Episode 9

Because you're not supposed to be in the thread for a show you haven't finished watching.

But people are posting spoilers from raws.

Why are you in a board where people discuss spoilers while wanting to avoid spoilers?


I'd like to discuss anime and manga without being spoiled, hence why I'm asking why spoilers can't be enforced on this board.

The entire board shouldn't change because a single user is unhappy.

The real question is why doesn't Sup Forums have competent moderation?

I think the easiest solution is to kill yourself faggot.

If we had competent moderation there would not even be generals that attract these subhumans.

I've seen many unhappy comments about people posting spoilers from raws. Usually it's the most controversial pages being spoiled as well.

And they all should lurk 2 years before posting.
Now fuck off.

unhappy >>>>>> sansha sanshit

Two years of lurking, that's a lot of spoilers to go through.

>why do all these shit boards hold children's hands
I wonder.

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Then I guess you have a lot of shows to watch before you start posting on Sup Forums.

Realtalk, it's common courtesy to spoiler major spoilers when talking about something that isn't widely available or accessible (like raws). But the vast majority of the time Sup Forumsnons do spoiler such content, so there's no reason to place excess rules or moderation where none is needed.
But if it's something that's already been translated and can be grabbed in a minute then tough luck, that's on you to avoid.

Sansha? more like Sanshit!

Why are you reading through DBS to begin with?

I agree. All those fuckers that spoiled Made in Abyss should get permabanned. If we're not going to ban people for breaking these rules why even have them?

You could just, you know, read the manga. No need to get so angry over nothing.

Time loop etc.

what the fuck is enforced spoilering?

I'm not angry. I'm asking a question.
>reading piss poor scans and translations
No thanks.

What about having the story spoiled by cucks who learned Japanese just so they can come into thread and spoil it for everyone else with their "HAH! SECONDARIES! GET SPOILERS!"?
I'm still mad about index being spoiled to me while airing, even if the angel arc was changed significantly.

There are plenty of safe spaces for you

Alright, the reason people don't get banned is because they are discussing Made in Abyss in the Made in Abyss thread.
>Muh raws
If a new chapter is out, people are going to discuss it. You can always choose not to enter the thread until you catch up to the material.


I'm usually caught up so I don't really have the spoiler problem but I do wish some of them would spoiler more often. They're just making it a problem for others.

>they are discussing Made in Abyss in the Made in Abyss thread
Yes. I'm sure 25+ threads with a single unspoilered snapshot were all discussing their show in the same thread.

You talk like Sup Forums overreacting to certain scenes is something new.

That's not what I said at all. You're just trying to find a way to call me names. You only posted this because you wanted to call me new without actually responding to my post in question.

No, my point is that you're complaining about something that should be expected.
If you know a show you're watching is airing a certain day, you could just not browse Sup Forums on that certain day until you watch the episode yourself.
And if you don't like how things are on this imageboard, there are a ton of alternatives for you.

Sometimes you have threads that are good about it, like Houseki no Kuni early last season. But there was a lot of whining about how the thread was full of black bars, and even going so far as to claim people were only discussing spoilers not because the story was interesting but because it made them feel important knowing things anime only viewers didn't. As if it was some monumental task to spend an hour reading the English translated manga. You can't have nice things with people unwilling to have any sense of responsibility. Yes they should mark things with spoilers, but it's also sort of on you to keep up with the latest information if you want to be in the threads. You'll be missing out on the real discussion either way. And something will always slip through, even implicitly.

>Why are you reading through DBS to begin with?
The OP literally says
You don't need to read it to know it's a shitty general.


Read my post again and stop replying with your irrelevant trashtalk.

Spoilers help me to know if i interested in a specific anime/manga or not.

Name a single anime worth not getting spoiled over right now.

Why do people care about spoilers? I got spoiled the twist of Planet of the apes long time ago but still loved movie abd i just watched it yesterday for first time.

>why do you care haha I don't care look I watched a shitty movie and look I didn't care haha I'm making fun of you for caring

Too fucking bad
The entire board isn't going to change to satisfy anti-spoiler babies. Either don't come until you've see what's discussed.

Your post is dumb. Either don't come to Sup Forums if you don't want something spoiled or get used to it.

>No argument
I guess that user can rest his case. By the way, as far as anime is concerned, reading about something can be quite different from experiencing it with all the context needed.

Because you're expected to watch shit when it airs you ass faggot.


>planet of the apes
>shitty movie
I see you are one of those fags

Wow. You sure convinced me with those hot arguments.