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Suite had my favorite confessions. Time to re-watch,

Apparently Bibury's official name is Vibry.


Hummy is cute.

>Regina and Bibs together
It is so beautiful. I need more of this in my life.


>official name
It's whatever the graphic designer intern decides to write it as. Taking that shit as gospel is autism. Like, call them whatever you want, who gives a shit

Girls lusting for boys are so cute.



Well, even that intern's way of spelling it is more official than some fat neckbeard

Cool Vibryations

Which one?


Everyone is good, honestly. Really like Pink's belly and armpits, and she looks the youngest out of them. I like young mother and want to impregnate her. Yellow is the most sexy out of them. Looks like strict and sadistic businesswoman. I want her to castrate and feed me my testicles. Blue looks like a gentle and caring mother. I want to be her shota son and impregnate her. Baby looks promising. I hope she would grow and become a core near the end. Really like such transformations. Hamster looks like the coolest and manliest fairy so far.


And the japs still are the masters of GOING FAST!

None, another season where the villain turned good girl is best girl I guess.


Which one has a boyfriend?

Blue is married. The baby is hers. Yellow is pink's mom.

The healthiest Vs The kanpekiest

Who you would drink from?

Blue. it helps that she goes best with the motif of the season


Did a jap made this one?

Way ahead of you


It was great.

Except that's actually her fucking name you retard


Which season is the most suited for a person crippled by terminal autism?


Either HapiCha or Smile

No boner. Don't.

I want to lick pink's belly






It's beautiful.



Dark Party too OP, Toei pls nerf.


Wow, the japs REAAALLLYY loved this...

I love it too.

I know I did, a lot.

Yes, pls nerf.

The other idol team barely have fanart.

I think i have only seen fanart of the fairy five and the bad boys (the group with close and juilo)

Is it just me or is Cure Honey the thiccest Cure?

The sex symbol of 2014

Since two thirds of the precure teams in Super Stars are ones who use fisticuffs, is there a chance we might get to see the Kirakira team fight physically in the movie, too?

I love the Vib!

No but their range tactics become an important plot point in some of the multi team coordinated fighting portions of the movie, probably.

Now you know where all that rice went


I need more Regina.

Watch the original Aikatsu, it's all about Regina's idol career.

>Ishigana will never again make a Precure doujin.

This is what it must be like marrying your daughter off to another man. You're happy that she's finding happiness drawing actual manga for another man but it hurts losing your daughter.

But strawberry isn't a brat.

KiraKira has enough of physical fights already. Akira fights with a sword and Aoi fights with Ice Fists.

He's doing official manga now?

Was wondering why he hadn't made anything for Comiket for two years so he was either dead or working on a manga. It was the latter.

It's called Hoshino Me o Tsubutte.

aw, you know its not the same...

Well, it's the same for me.


No one will EVER love you.

/pc/ loves me

I love precure



Turbo sluts

Make threadly posts great again

>the state of /pc/ memes



Pls don't bully
We've earned our memes and we're damn proud of them

fat cat

Enormous plump breasts belonging to felines.

You're right, my bad. That was too haughty of me

Eas is still the sexiest.


did not expect that vibry spelling but she stays bibury for me


me too.
turn it into a movie / special or something



Did anyone said Lewd Miku with a side order of catdog and eromanga sensei for some reason?

sadpanda Sup Forums1170395/820602e2a7/

How Miki became the sluttiest Cure

mktn knpk


Just saw Cure Berry appear in episode 16 HaCha's intro. Seeing her in higher quality definition reminds me, and draws my eyes towards how provactive she dresses-her lewd middriff exposing her navel, and those black thighhighs squeezing against her legs. Why is she such a slut?

What you guys think about AzenZone?

Hard work.




>think dirty thoughts
>blame everyone else for them

Delicious pudding