Darling in the FranXX

What's the point of this kind of mecha?

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Wait, shit, is that how they work?


They don't pilot the robot. They pilot the girl. The girls become the robot consciousness, but they need the guys's assistance or the robot will act feral. Like Strelitzia at the start.

It's a but different because the controls detach enough so that the guy isn't leaning forward towards the girl's ass. It just looks like Knights and Magic, really. The idea, that the girl becomes the robot's consciousness and feels everything that the robot does, is more suggestive than the visual representation.

>They pilot the girl.
Oh boy, wait until the feminists hear about this one.

If the girl has a strong will, like Zero-Two, she will be the one in control.

I don't even get the point of this setup. If they want fanservice, they are much better ways for that than this. This just feels like they did it for the sake of controversy.

I doubt the target audience will find it controversial.

Visually, it really looks no different from the Knights and Magic robot.

So far it looks more controversial in the OP image than in the show.

Because in the show the controls detach from their hips so the guy isn't leaning forward or rubbing their crotch in their ass.

So the guy is grabbing the girl by the love handles?

Even better

Don't worry LWA already killed TRIGGER. A1 will flop soon too.

You make it sound like they wouldn't have the male dry hump the female sometime down the line.

>implying the Japanese give a fuck about what SJWs think

Oh man, that's actually pretty hot.

Maybe if the crash and they have no seatbelts.

>They pilot the girl.
at least it's not incest this time

Nothing wrong with promoting some proper boy-girl relationships, you know.


That subtle edit. I dig it.

So that's what happened when MC and his girl failed the test or whatever. He literally just couldn't get his dick up from his partner.

More like she couldn't handle his dick.
MC is actually the best student there, his like a prodigy but the noami girl wasn't nearly as good and she couldn't match up with him.

I didn't think it was an edit at first, did a double take.

Holy fuck there are too many threads, this shit aired two days ago, fucking relax.

No that's what I mean. She didn't have the capability to pleasure him enough, even though he was a dick savant.

This is the official general thread, you can ignore the others, it's probably shitposting.

>his like a prodigy
He WAS a prodigy, it's different, rather than being able to pleasure everybody like we thought now he can only pleasure zero two

Somewhere out there is a guy who pretends he's piloting a Franxx during sex.

You should have seen Sup Forums before generals were a thing.

That would be an amazing vr game though. Fight huge stuff while fucking a cute 2.5d vr girl.

Couldn't she have handled someone else's dick? Why expel her over that?

Because monogamy

The head designer was a massive pervert. He put his dick before the survival of mankind.

Mankind can only survive through dicks.

Picked up.

It seems like they where the only ones left, and they wanted to keep hiro because he was just that good apparently.

It's probably more profitable to get a match from someone who is really strong opposed to someone who is really weak.

It's in service of the pseudo-deep sex metaphor they're going for. That's why the female pilots are called "pistils" and the male pilots are "stamens"

Shit I didn't realize that was how it worked.
I am speechless.

It's not pseudo deep.
It's as straight to the point as you can get without calling them Penis and Vagina


Guys, what if two cute female robots get in a third robot and they fuck to control that one. So it's two guys fucking two girls to control female robots, that then fuck to control a yuribot.

That would make the bird metaphor get really weird.

Double the wings, double the speed

Is this supposed to make the show appealing or interesting? Honestly I don't get it.

It is a neat take on coupling though.

Mecha anime are always about coming of age and lurid sexual awakening, user. Stop being so new.

You think? It only comes off as gross to me. Oh well, tastes and colors are different for everyone.

Unfortunately, this show got stuck with one of those autists who desperately tries to force generals. For the future, if you see a thread for this with the title in the subject, ignore it.

Yeah but it used to be subtle and wasn't the main plot.

To represent the perfect of female body and we came because of hers

It has literally never been subtle.

>It's been a while since I've seen a human smile
Her last darling?


Should I pick this up? Or is it geberic mecha.

papika and cocona are gonna carry it so yeah pick up

I don't even need other mecha anymore

It's super giant robot, don't try to think too hard on it. That's what breaks my immersion and interest in 80% of all modern gundam shows. They try to be realistic, then they start doing dumb retarded shit like flying and zooming all over the place, shooting giant beams out their asses, their eyes, and more. That's why 08th ms team, LoGH and Votoms are some of my favorites of all time.

It's called having a theme

Porn is usually thematic, doesn't make it interesting

Having a theme is better than not having one and being generic as fuck.
No guarantee that they'll do anything interesting with it though.
It's nothing new either, Simoun had a very similar needing a couple to pilot a thing, but it was yuri.

Maybe if your experience of mecha is more based on battle harem than gundam.

Protip: Everything has "themes"

So she rode him instead?

I really hope so. The metaphor would be more interesting if 02 was the one in the back and Hiro was riding bitch.

more likely that she bit his dick
what else is there that can actually hurt you during sex

Would be nice but I'll bet that's too much for Japan.


The show better not pussyfoot around the sexual themes.
Fucking Yabuki is on board for the manga, so the sky is the limit.
I want some canon sex to happen, even if it is offscreen.

there's nothing like missing and ramming straight into the vagina bone

for both sides

She strikes me as more of an upright straddle kind of girl. Eventually with leglock.

I mean that is basically missionary

I did my best. I hope I will not get banned, because it still a oficial material with minimal edits.

Well it's missionary with the girl on top
fits perfectly

>A common name of the genus is bird of paradise flower / plant, because of a resemblance of its flowers to birds-of-paradise.
>The bird of paradise represents faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness
>The symbolism generally associated with bird-of-paradise is freedom and good perspective. When a woman gives it to a man it symbolises faithfulness.
>The 9th wedding anniversary for a married couple
>Freedom and the ability to travel, due to the flower’s resemblance to birds in flight (note similarities with the bird monologue in episode 1)
>Magnificence, excellence and success
>Joy through challenges and successes alike
>Faithfulness in romantic relationships
>Optimism towards the future


I want to see the fat guy fucking 002 senseless with plenty of harapan.

Fat guy is for Kokoro

doujins when

What are the boy's uniform supposed to be?
They look like modernized version of something oldschool.

You're so insightful to have copied this from the other thread to repost it here and on 4*2ch. Here's the (you) you're looking for, fag.

t/u/mblr BTFO

Japan keeps making short VR "games" on PS4 so i would love if they made one for this.

made me cringe just from reading

good job

Found the homosexual.

Will that opening scene ever appear again?

>08th ms team, LoGH and Votoms are some of my favorites of all time.

So unrealistic edgy shows with gore are more to your liking?
Are you a burger by chance?

What if the girl farts?

He did not even mentioned 0080.

You both laugh.

They will unlock their final form.

Maybe. Some people think it's a flashback because 02 is wearing a parasite uniform, but she could easily throw one on since she is part of the parasite group now.

2D girls don't fart.

You push harder.


The wonderful thing though is that Japan doesn't give a fuck

What am I missing?

Why the fuck have we had like 10000 comments exactly like this shit.

Shit I missed the threads, where’s the raws again?

What if in order to increase the synchronization rate they remodel the cockpit placing the girl on top?
I won't be surprised if it happens.

Because not everyone has seen episode 1 yet.