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Correction from Oda: Flampe is 36th daughter, younger than Pudding.
Sanji did nothing wrong.

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As expected. Did anyone honestly think she was below 15?

No, I think she looks like she is 18.

I honestly didn't put it past Oda, considering both Rebecca and Shirahoshi were 16.

Why is Law such Gary Stu?
He has two secrets names and will be Luffys White Beard.

>Flambe is younger than expected
I knew there is a legit reason why she wears diapers


>useless should zoro eat it

Not really, she gets easily manipulated by the likes of Streusen, Perospero, and Caesar. She just compensates by doing insinctively what she wants and being strong as fuck.
Hell her childhood flashback lampshaded that she was a natural born retard.

Her age is correct, it's just her birth order that was wrong.

Oda just had a brain fart and thought that being the 33rd daughter would make her younger than Pudding because the number's lower. She's still 15 either way.

Would've been great if she was.

>two secret names
Nah Water isn't a secret name. Only D. is.

streusen didn't really manipulate bab linlin, he just said: "alright you do your own thing and i feed you, deal?"

As a 6-year-old.
In her eating disorder.
Not really. Caesar had some actual results like the giantified kids he could've showed her, so believing he could succeed doesn't make her dumb. She suspected foul play in the end, that's why she gave him a hard deadline.

It was implied that the whole Vinsmoke massacre was planned out by Big Mom.

And people think Oda plans all this shit out

Makes it up as he goes ever since skypea

Is Big Mom on her period all the time?

There isn't exactly anything smart or clever about the Vinsmoke massacre plan. It's pretty straightforward. Bait and kill, steal. That's it.

Linlin would have never wielded her power to kill defenseless civilians before Streusen came around. He asked Linlin what her dream was not because he cared, but so he could make her do his bidding while she believed she was working toward her own goal. And luckily for him that was easy as pie, with a goal like making a country.

Who should go to the all-women island to see them bathing? I think Zoro

>period joke

Yes, that's how she performs her ultimate attack

Zoro would just drink himself into a stupor.

I think the period stops at 50 years old.

You are not fooling anyone. We know who you are

He is probably gonna train away from the all-girls island. I wanna go to an all-girls island.


Humans live to 140 or more in OP, so I assume biological problems we have IRL take longer to manifest in OP.

Robin is the one who deserves the most happiness. Prove me wrong

so does childbirth. all the children she had after 40 should be increasingly retarded. and i'm not talking anana being batshit crazy, she should have downs or something

I wanna provide her happiness for the rest of my life.

Does anybody know that guy on Reddit who keeps hating on Smoothie?

I'm pretty sure that one hungry egg headed girl fits your description. She looks pretty retarded.

I didnt expected, but lets be honest, japan has done way worse

Go back.

He's right. You're only proving him right.

Except we already saw the 4 younger siblings, and Flampe wasn’t one of them.

Oda is a hack.

If there was a fruit that made their users more attractive, how would it make Zoran, Bartolomeo, Luffy, Caesar, Tamago and Pekoms look like?
Attractive in a bara or bishie way?


>Linlin would have never wielded her power to kill defenseless civilians before Streusen came around
dog, she was just a child at that time who didn't even realize what kind of unnatural strength she had in herself and mother caramel was always there to stop her before she started hurting other people
>He asked Linlin what her dream was not because he cared, but so he could make her do his bidding while she believed she was working toward her own goal
of course he didn't care about linlin's dream but that doesn't mean that his own goals twisted hers in some way. we never actually see streusen asking linlin to perform some other task unrelated to the creation tottoland, all we're left with is him listening to what her dream was and offering his help

I think Pudding might be 16 or 17 years old.

He's already the most handsome person. Eating the Mera Mera wouldn't help Zoro any more cause he's already the most handsome one. Thus it'd be useless.

Vivi was 16
Shirahoshi was 16
Rebecca was 16
Pudding is most likely going to be 16.

>big mom is currently pregnant and that’s why she can’t oneshot the likes of chopper

they would all transform into law

you're an idiot

Hancock, Smoothie, Robin and Kalifa are my waifus. I like me so some serious deep voiced women with short temper.
As long as it's not a high pitched overly - genki 'kawaii' high school girl obsessed with cute things it's good.

Who's Zoran?

>Big mom is currently pregnant
Not no more, nigga.
And she really doesn't look pregnant. Unless she somehow digested her baby that's not even in her stomach. That'd be impressive.

thestrawhats aren't exactly pushovers man, it's ok for one of them to be able to tank one of mama's attacks

Zoro bishie
Luffy Bara
Barto Bishie
Ceasar bara and bishie


omg jinbei killed a baby in his mother's womb
what a monster

Dude straight up squashed a baby. Literally, figuratively, whateverly, squashed.
He's perfect for the evil Strawhat Pirates with their 4m tall Captain.

That just makes the baby stronger.
The greatest baby surpassing katakuri will be born now.

16 is the perfect princess age. the austrian empress sissi was 16 when she got married for example, and she's a poster child princess

Most probably, she could be 18 if she was born in the same year as the decuplets

>Anyone except Katakuri 2.0, aka Luffy, surpassing Katakuri himself

That user was saying it would be useless because the mera mera doesn't make you attractive and Zoro isn't beautiful.

Does Perospero want to hurt Nami and punch/kick her?

As discussed in last thread, she's most likely at least 17.

Nah he wants watch her drown in candy and lick her corpse.

No, I think you just misunderstood him. It's alright.

If the baloon twins are younger than Flampe than BM stopped giving birth 8 years ago


So did Linlin eat Mother Carmel and the rest of the orphans?

Ananana is the smallest

no way Big Meme wouldn't carry around her baby if she had babies.

I imagine she went to war several times with babies riding her. Like Ooga from Beelzebub on steroids.

>Implying most of One Piece fans have a decent brain
Oh silly naïve user.

Perospero wanted so much to see Nami and Carrot showering, yet he never got his wish even tough his little sister did.

>Counter carries a small girl with him when fighting
>He picked this behaviour from his own mother
Grandkid confirmed?

I think that was calculated when he found out Katakuri's age.
Katakuri triplets are 48 and the only ones older than them are Peros and Compote. So Big Mom started giving birth 50 years ago, at age 18, and had kids every year for 42 years.
18 + 42 = 60, she's currently 68, so she stopped 8 years ago.

I want lola to somehow end up marrying loki, without BM influence.

Though I guess we didn't know for certain that Compote is the only daughter older than Kuri until the latest chapter.

flampe is the 36th , and it's already stated that big mom been having children every year , so pudding is 16 and still underaged

>Perospero wanted so much to see Nami and Carrot showering
Nice headcanon.

Because she must have daughters every year too?

You realize she could've had sons between Pudding and Flampe, right? And most likely did considering Flampe only has 5 younger brothers.

There's at least one brother between Flampe and the decuplets

Oda, where's my friend Zoro?

16 is legal with consent, nice try though.

What if the 5 decuplet brothers are the 4 bowlerhats?
Like, the big one is actually 2 brothers, 2 minds in one body.

There's also the possibility of twins between the decuplets and Flampe
18 - decuplets
17 - Pudding/Twin brothers(40th & 41st)
16 - Twin brothers (40th & 41st)/Pudding
15 - Flampe
And 3 younger sisters and 5 younger brothers

Where does Big Mom enjoy holding her tea parties?

>you know there could be some between right
How much of a brainlet are you?

This is Nami's best ever design. She retains her natural gorgeousness, but replaces her over-the-top sexiness with a practicality that is both cute and respectable


Also her 'glorious island' Film Z rainbow bikini is her sexiest ever design. I'm glad they're both in the same movie. Beyond based

Whole Cake Island?

Holy shit this retard is the real deal.


It would turn them into girl.

>I imagine she went to war several times with babies riding her
truly the definition of a modern mom

I thought so too because Perospero looked way too much at home riding on his mom's hat.

or even carrying them in their womb, still unborn.
a 9 month pregnant big mom, high on hormones
shit's scarry

Sounds good, where do I find this fruit?

What do you think Big Mom's Bounty is? Will the SH's bounty increase at the end of the arc like it did after Dressrosa? The WG does have intel on what's going on due to Stussy so they can definitely have a means to know to increase the bounties.

>thread bitch cant change

We saw only three little girls, Anana, the one with big teeth and the fairy

Oda would have surely mentioned Pudding being one of the decuplets in the SBS

Isn't this Alvidas fruit?

Are you implying Zoro, Luffy, and Tamago aren't at the peak of attractiveness already?

Probably 2 billions.

Pudding still might be 16 though.

I imagine it might suck for human to eat the Human Human Fruit since it doesn't give you any power. It only works on animals.