What's the point of watching anime seasonal?

What's the point of watching anime seasonal? Couldn't you simply watch backlog anime where the chance is higher than you like them?

Organic discussion. I mean if you don't care for that you can do what you want but following anime with the other fags on Sup Forums enhances my enjoyment of the medium vs trying to make a thread a year later.

To give Virgin Cucks something to look Forward to.

I don't have a backlog
It's fun looking forward every week to a new episode and discuss the current one with friends
It's not like you can't rewatch anime either

You can just do both.

If I didn't follow seasonal anime I wouldn't watch even a quarter as much as I do now. I would call 90% of current anime mediocre and not worth watching. It's also fun to shitpost on Sup Forums as it airs. My life is literally nothing but anime and and shitposting now if I'm being honest though.

Half the enjoyment of watching seasonal anime comes from the shit you get out of the threads on Sup Forums.

Shitposting with Sup Forums

So you can talk to people about what's going on, what you expect,etc. It's fun for some people

Most anime communities have the attention span of gnats
Discussing old shows just devolves into muh best girl because no one wants to actually rewatch something just because an anonymous asshole brought it up out of nowhere

It's easier to manage time when limited by the single weekly episode

I can't afford to binge shows anymore

what i do most of the time nowadays is watch the first 3eps and then put everything that i am not too interested in on hold, which is usually 9/10 shows. then i binge the rest as soon as the show is finished. did so with mia, hnk, guruguru and a shit ton of other shows. the only ones i was able to watch on a weekly basis because of how much they interested me were tsuki ga kirei and uchouten2. this sesaon looks a bit different though. think ill watch yuru camp and franxx weekly, not sure about the rest yet but doesnt look very promising.

Or you can do both if you aren't a cuck

Why did you post this horrible picture? Did you want a reaction?

>with friends


How did you even get into anime if it weren't for peer pressure?

yeah man anime is what's hot right now, I need to watch it.

Why everyone likes 7 deadly sins so much? It's just a regular shitty battle shounen.

It's been for like 15 years

No, it's actually much worse than a regular battle shonen. First 5 eps are alright though

>having a backlog

>people are pressured into doing things
fuck that's pathetic

it depends. if you are with nerdy IT collagues or something maybe

>When you finish a show from your backlog and want to talk about it on Sup Forums but you see no threads and if you made one people wouldn't be as interested.
Plus some of the stuff that gets made from seasonal shows is hilarious.

clear card is suprisingly well written user as well this season, check it out

What's the point of reading recent newspaper? Couldn't you just read old newspaper and enjoy the better news?

People like you are the reason the buzzword "ironic weeb" flies around these days.

No, I'm sure anime has been mainstream for nearly a decade.

Huh? It's just normal

No. I can see why you'd draw that conclusion though. Ironic weebs are a different thing though.

wow everything you say is cancer

Don't worry user. I'm sure someone will love you

Discussion, shitposting and also it's easy to be spoiled if we don't watch it immediately

Easier to find seeds, less spoilers.

>How did you even get into anime if it weren't for peer pressure?
Is this what's normal these days? I hid that I watched it for 95% of my life. Anime was something highly looked down upon when I was in school. It wasn't until last year that I ever had an IRL discussion about anime with a very open weeb. I still would never bring it up in front of my friends.

>Huh? It's just normal
sure, it's still pathetic

Because binge watching is exhausting as fuck.

Same as with reading manga as it comes out, it's nice to be able to theorize with people about what might happen and just talk about the show with others watching the same thing as you as opposed to not being able to talk about a show you're watching because it's been over for 10 years and going into a thread has the risk of being spoiled.

because I have friends who watch this shit and if I don't stay caught up some nerd in the anime club will fuck my gf.

to have something to look forward too besides your own death.

I saw anime boobs, back in 2008 and thought the look sexier than the real ones and start watching anime.

It's fun.

>easier to manage time
What kind of shit life do you have that you can't even watch 2 hours of anime every night?

No, the reason you're dressed is due to peer pressure. Nothing pathetic about that either.
>inb4 but im naked lol
Yeah hilarious.

Kids didn't run like naruto at your school? Naruto started airing in 2002. I never seen DBZ but I'm gonna assume that was even more popular.

Man of taste right here

My family introduced me, pre-Kindergarten days. I watched Ranma 1/2 OVA's right after this TV show with a baboon and a worm that drove an apple-car in a town of animals, can't remember the name of that shit for the life of me.

>Kids didn't run like naruto at your school? Naruto started airing in 2002. I never seen DBZ but I'm gonna assume that was even more popular.
those people grow out of it or keep watching similar anime

Wow. I feel so sorry for you. Hopefully you've gotten better taste since then.

You guys are my friends

That's not really my point. My point is that's how you get pressured into watching anime.

Yeah, Naruto was popular at my school too. Inuyasha as well with some people. I knew several people that were obsessed with it.

Yea, I don't talk to my family anymore.

What's up with all those people watching Death March?

People actually get peer pressured into watching anime?

Back in the day it was because you could have fun discussions on Sup Forums whenever a good show was airing week by week.

Normalfags are only aware of the most popular shit, and thats not to say they even like it. Most anime is not known and you are seen as childish if you watch a lot of it/have extensive knowledge past a certain age. So yeah, people knew what Naruto and DBZ were, but stopped watching as they got older or only watched those few shows.

for the Sup Forums memes. Watching anime in season can be more fun, even if the anime is really bad. Mayoegg was a great example of this.

How did you get into it if it weren't for that?

My point was that's how you get pressured into watching anime.

People get peer pressured into anything if they're stupid enough. Heard about the kids eatting tide pods?

>How do you get into a hobby without getting peer pressured?

This is how ridiculous you sound right now. No one fucking peer pressured me into liking /tg/ shit let alone watching chinese cartoons.

I'm just watching it because it's the garbage isekai of the season, and I wanted to try and keep up with the discussion of one of these shows for once.

>Kids didn't run like naruto at your school?
Never. The only anime thing I ever encountered were the two horrendously fat people who sat at my table in art class talking about one piece and FMA.

yeah,normal for normie

I cant handle the wait of new episode every week. So i havent watch any seasonal anime since Anohana. Now i just wait until the season is over and pick up interesting stuff and marathon it. The problem is, instead of new episode, now i have to wait for new season of the anime.

Fuck off. I don't want to be reminded of that shit here.

Most are shit, only new people or autist namefags watch a lot of shows every season.

There's like 1-5 shows maybe worth watching a season.

shit anime

Reading the WN at work helps the suicidal thoughts go away. Apparently the anime is based on the LN and slightly different so it's fun to think of it as another timeline.

>How did you get into it if it weren't for that?
I just watched random shit on cartoon network and later realized that I liked the jap cartoons better than the western ones.


I only watch anime if it gets to the top of MyAnimeList

>Not watching seasonal anime weekly to keep up with the discussion while also marathoning something competed on the side

I'm watching Twin Peaks The Return on the side, so even if the shows I'm watching weekly end up sucking, at least i'm also watching something genuinely interesting. After TP, I might finally get around to Paranoia Agent.

I have neither time nor motivation to marathon anime anymore. Last time I completed something during the weekend was years ago. Shit, I don't even feel like completing Devilman just because it isn't weekly.

tough shit nigger thats the new generation of f/a/ggots thats gonna flood in because of morons not telling them to fuck off

Most people only watch anime so they can talk about it on their internet spaces and shit. In this case, shitpost on Sup Forums.

C'mon, you can't be serious. That's just sad.

>How did you even get into anime if it weren't for peer pressure?
A classic case of normalfaggotry detected

The new Twin Peaks is shit, dont waste your time.


Better watch Dark it's actually good unlike nu-Twin Peaks.

Which part?

Thanks, user, I'll check it out.

>My life is literally nothing but anime and and shitposting now if I'm being honest though.

I have been watching anime since toddler and I have no more backlog.

Because I have watched all the old isekei and the only way o get more is to watch it as it releases.

the quality of anime is getting higher every single season

anime's general quality is now way higher than it was like 5 years ago

>being a dumb jojofag

>he didn't watch Twin Peaks as it aired
Those discussions man. You missed out.


Twin Peaks was good man. What's your beef with it


This. My girlfriend first introduced me to anime and I enjoy watching it with her.

Higher chances mean less pleasure when you find something good. It's kinda why finding some good nudity where you did not expect it will always be more rewarding than porn.

What else is there?

>Those discussions man. You missed out.

To be fair, I was watching the original series and FWWM for the first time this summer.

Have you tried knitting? It's really fun.

The absolute fucking state

I saw Escaflowne and Tenchi as a kid on the satalite television.

I guess some people enjoy the discussion? But I find discussion on new anime to be mostly uninformed shitposting, so I almost never watch current shows.

I think it's also a way to kill time for a lot of people, but I try not to waste time on watching mediocre shit so again, not my thing.

How can you even avoid anime? You must be one of those normalfags who only watches what everyone else watches and you got mixed into the wrong group as a child. Now that your circle of friends watches anime you watch them too, how about you try forming your own opinion for once?

Anime have always been around and I've always found it superior over western cartoons. I remembered watching the anime version of Transformers with Star Saber as a child and loved that more than the original. As well as Peter Pan.

Talking shit.

Plus, it's like 20 minutes per week. 2 hours for me, since I'm only following 6 shows this season. That's fucking nothing.

>How can you even avoid anime
Exactly my point. Not sure why people are jumping to conclusions though.

Because i already watched all previous good backlogged anime... Stupid qustion

Someone posted a clannad webm on /wsg/, I liked the music so I watched the show. Went downhill from there.

>As well as Peter Pan.
>preferring bootleg japanese peter pan to the superior australian bootleg peter pan