Thoughts so far on "Violet Evergarden?"

i fucking loved it

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i want to fuck violets tits

Poorly directed mess with cringeworthy dialogue. It looks very nice though, in spite of the milky colour palette.

What is love?

yeah, it looks nice, the colour palette that they chose, match perfectly with the mood of the anime

boring shit

average, ruined by the instagram filters

FMA did it better.

Can you explain that to Bayoret-chan?


Boring directing, boring ideas, boring characters, vapid poorly done action scenes, horribly melodramatic, makes no sense what so ever.
looks pretty.

This show is standing at a solid 2/10, and that's just sad because it was so hyped up, luckily we have better shows to keep Sup Forums entertained like kwa, cirtus and franxx. I feel bad for anyone that was banking on this series to be any good.

its pretty and comfy
very warm, violet looks soft

What's even the use of bandaging metal hands?

I've been thinking about this for days. The setting elements in this anime are pantsu-on-head retarded.


Very mediocre first episode. Annoying gray filter makes everything look dull.

So the audience doesn’t know they’re metal.

Being honest? It was just really underwhelming, the lack of threads activity lets me know that i didn't really interest Sup Forums either.

Probably so she wouldn't unnerve other patients. She's already creepy enough as it is.

Having read the light novel's fan-translation, I'm pretty sure KyoAni's gonna continue to fuck up the adaptation.

>Hidgins: "Have you ever been to Leiden before?"
>Violet: "No"

Did KyoAni forget that the city Gilbert found her in was Leiden? Violet only lost her memories of what happened directly after she lost consciousness in the last engagement of the war. She should still remember Leiden and how she met Gilbert.

It'll be a good show, Sup Forums will hate it because contrarian culture utterly dominates Sup Forums now. Save yourself the trouble of trying to talk about it here and just enjoy it.

There's very little to enjoy about this show.

I was expecting KnK-tier writing, so this was better than I expected. No flagrant exposition dialog, no obnoxious internal monologue.

It's very washed out looking though, and the animated hair looks wrong. It all looks like the crazy animation minute in the first season of Nanoha.

>No flagrant exposition dialog, no obnoxious internal monologue.

There were a few of these though, specially during the first half

Personally, I'll be excited to see Violet's fights, but I'm also very wary that KyoAni will lack the brutality of animating her scenes. There's a ton of brutality, like ramming a knife into a man's head, slitting throats, cutting off heads entirely, and KyoAni has a pretty bad track record for good fight scenes (looking at you, Kyokai no Kanata). They're nicely drawn and animated, but lack impact and pain.

But everyone watched the trailers.

They've just been through a devastating war. I doubt prosthetic arms are enough to unnerve them.

I doubt they've gotten better at this though so don't get your hopes up.

>Sup Forums is contrarian

But it's exactly like KnK, down to the contrived "moe" scenes.

All style and no substance (at least not any thing of worth).

>Sup Forums loves Code Geass on release, a year later you can't even talk about it here
>Sup Forums loves Madoka, a year later you can't even talk about it
>Reddit comes along and if they love ANYTHING you can't talk about it.

Sure man. I've sat through this shit too long to bother arguing about it.

There was like one monologue, but it was relevant to the situation instead of being the typical KyoAni long-winded pontificating that makes me want to kill myself.

I don't think the exposition was overbearing. There was very little explained that was not immediately contextualized. Most of it's in flashback.

Baby don't hurt me

So far it hasn't been anywhere near as retarded or blatant.

There were several internal monologues. One with Violet explaining to the audience how long she's been on the hospital and also the other with Gilbert explaining to the audience what Violet is.

That fight scene at the end of episode one was comical at best so i doubt they are gonna be any good.

It's probably going to do really well in japan and Sup Forums will screech endlessly for it.
And if it doesn't do well Sup Forums will start loving the show.

If it's just Violet trying to live a normal life after being in the war then I'm perfectly fine with this.

She was writing a letter.

It's doing alright, will probably sell 5-8k, which considering this is supposed to be Kyoani's magnum opus and has been shilled for over 2 years now, doesn't really sound like much

Probably because the source material isn't anywhere near as shit, but as far as the "mise-en-scene" part of the production is concerned, it's extremely similar. The same awkward editing, the same trailer-y usage of music mid-episode trying too give too much oompf to every scene, the same dissonant sense of mood in scenes (dramatic bits accompanied by eerie music, comedic bits in the middle of a dramatic scene out of left-field, etc.), the same "cute quirk checklist" approach to characterisation.

I could go on.

That has nothing to do with being contrarian.

kyoani shows are the anime equivalent of oscar bait

Hodgins wasn't writing anything.

Considering that a third of the first volume is dedicated to Violet's violent history in the war, and probably consists of her killing dozens, if not hundreds, of soldiers and criminals, I really doubt KyoAni will do a good job at depicting that level of goriness.

Which is why I didn't try to counter you on that. He really was having a monologue to explain that she's a monster.

It's garbage.

Yep. Increased enjoyment and exposure of certain things directly relating to how much the board later shit on them has nothing to do with it. You win. Not that you were here for any of that anyway.

Also this is another aspect in which it is extremely similar to Kyoukai no Kanata: the action scenes feel fake as fuck. Polished but limpid.

The whole anime is grossly overproduced.

She was awkwardly monologuing what she was writing, something that the audience could've easily caught if it wasn't for their gimmicky gibberish language that serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever. Hodgings case is even worse, lazy exposition.

Maybe limiting the movement so she doesn't break them while getting used to them.

Bored me to death.

You know, people monologue about what they're writing when they're writing it. We can't help it.
>gibberish language in animu
Nothing new.

Why did they include a butchered version of Gilbert's confession in the first episode?

>“Violet, stop it… ve you…” Gilbert choked, “…ove you… I… love you!” He shouted, his vision blurred by overflowing tears, “I love you! I don’t want to let you die! Violet! Live!!”

>KyoAni: Gilbert says, poetically and gallantly and like a guy who's not on the edge of death: "From the bottom of my heart....I love you"

I'll hold out hopes to Episode 3.

Explain how Sup Forums is still talking about Evangelion you dumb shit. Also, you can still talk about Madoka.
The reason people get annoyed about stuff like Code Geass is because no one wants to discuss the same shit again. Code Geass is the type of anime that doesn't stand up to scrutiny or a rewatch since it's too reliant on plot-twists and cliff-hanger endings. Once you know what happens, it loses it's impact.

That's why Sup Forums no longer discusses stuff like CG, not because Sup Forums is contrarian. Discussion will pick back up when S3 is released, because then there will be new stuff to discuss.

You really have no idea how Sup Forums or fandoms work in general.

VERY rarely in fiction do you have someone writing or reading something and not have it narrated to the viewer at the same time. You're just being picky. Besides, if they did that, you'd complain it's "too boring" and "nothing happens" because there's nobody talking and you're just seeing a pen move.

Being nothing new doesn't mean that it's OK.

If anything, they were right to turn that melodramatic shit down a notch. What garbage writing.

KyoAni did a good job. Having "I love you" as his last whisper worked out great.

>you'd complain
I wouldn't, that's exactly what I wanted. This stupid director treats the audience like kids, no wonder the retard likes big dumb Hollywood flicks

Yep man. RE:ZERO was crap the whole way through, the most widely popular anime of the season will always be shit. It's the same thing, it has been for years now.

Soon Fate/Zero will wind up where Madoka did and if you talk about it, you're appreciating a crap anime.

Why do you think every 3x3 thread is Madhouse shows/Obscure psychological anime in every slot? Do you really think Texholyze was that good, or just accepted here because 10 people watched it total on release?

Pull your head out of your ass. Its been that way for a long time. People with the sense to still enjoy things just left.

>plebbit spacing
This explains why you're upset.
Fuck off.

>treats the audience like kids
The last time he told a story subtly and used show-not-tell direction people shitposted Kyoukai no Kanata for being trainwreck and having an asspull ending.

Sure man. I can reference all these old events because I properly space things and must be from reddit. Make sure to dismiss more opinions based on stupid garbage like you and the whole board has for the last couple of years.

Doing a wonderful job of proving my point.

Exactly the complaint I have with KnK. I don't think their workers understand how action and reaction work when choreographing a fight scene, because they all look like this.

Hardly anyone complained about it having an asspull ending.

Found it alright. I don't like how saturated it is at times, but I'm also not losing my shit over it. Pic related for Violet's character, but I will let my suspension of disbelief do its thing for now.

The autists on Sup Forums are freaking out over the filters which might be the funniest thing ever

Are you kidding me right now?

Because hardly anyone cared about the show in the first place.

>literally one post above is a guy complaining about the fights in KnK

Oh for fucks sake.

People have been dragging shit from Sup Forums to other sites for years. You're obviously a plebbitor who visits Sup Forums also, and you're mad that people are shitting on your shit taste.

>he thought Sup Forums enjoyed Re:Zero while it was airing
You don't know how this site works.

Oh look, the cretins who think KnK is good are finally here.

What does that have to do with it? The guy is complaining about the fights being shit on a technical level.

Sure man. I actively research this boards history just to ruse you. Re:Zero was post-reddit, so naturally since they liked it Sup Forums hated it. That's the whole point

Maybe if you paid more attention to content instead of spacing you'd fucking get that, but you're busy trying to find out who I AM to disprove me rather than trying to disprove what I say because get this shit. You're a fucking contrarian


So I guess that means no one ever complained about the ending?

Literally the first result when you search "asspull ending" in the archive is KnK.

This board is full of contrarians and I'm genuinely surprised with the amount of people lately trying to claim that it's not. People who come to just shit on shows for their popularity are all too common and every season you get the same people in these threads throwing everything they can and hoping it sticks. Any popular studio or project has infinitely more shitposters and retards throwing around "it's shit" with no actual substance behind it. Now, a bit of elitism has always been accepted as a good thing, but don't pretend this hasn't been a problem for a while now and hasn't only been increasing.

This is the biggest normalfaggot show since SAO. It may be even bigger due to the netflix deal

I'm okay with this because it's contextualized and relevant to the situation. It's not like Hyouka where it's completely aggravating.

But that is what the majority of the KnK criticism was like you doofus. See for a reminder. The biggest complaint, by far, was how fake the characters were, especially Kuriyama Mirai and >muh glasses fetish.

Sounds like you should go back to your echo chamber of positivity, r*dditor.

The vast majority of the people who have seen the first episode are saying how underwhelming it is and pointing valid flaws in the characterization, filters and mood swings, the contrarians are actually the people praising the show.

Fuck off.

You don't seem to know the difference between contrarianism and elitism. Sup Forums is elitist. It is not contrarian.

No shit. The more popular something is, the more people who dislike it will also exist. You could take your logic and apply to everything talked about in this board, because there's always someone saying how they don't like it.

its hard to follow an autistic lead. kyoani seems to have a habit of using those

>the vast majority
Leave that bubble son.

So you're right on every point except the cute quirk characterization. What's Violet's quirk?

Right back at you

Stop making quantitative arguments user. You'll fry his little brain.

I love reading the result of when redditors come to Sup Forums and absolutelly cannot fathom that every thread isn't some circlejerk of positivity in which shows' glaring flaws are ignored

Remind me how the vast majority disliking something causes it to not flop.

Stuff like feeling stuff with her face like a baby.

Probably because Sup Forums is not the normalfaggot audience, and the normalfaggot audience (aka you) decides if a show succeeds or fails.

You're retarded.
If a show has a lot of threads on Sup Forums then it's at least worth checking out, shows can be popular for many reason.
re:zero was horseshit, but it was far more interesting and entertaining then anything this show has put forth.
If a show gets posted a lot then it definitely has some entertainment value to worth of gripping everyones attention.
What's good and bad is purely subjective, the amount Sup Forums talks about a show is a purely objective value.
Violet evergarden despite being shilled to death for like a year has failed to capture Sup Forumss interest, it present nothing worth thinking or talking about, it's pale and boring and they are far more interesting and entertaining show this season.

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Maidragon tier preorder ranks, if this is your definition of success I guess your standards are very low.

I did too user in spite of the haters. The only bad bit was the flying paper sequence which was just a little too ridiculous. I loved the rest of it though.