Sell me on pic related. I see it recommended all the time as the ultimate "Mahou Shoujo gone dark" anime...

Sell me on pic related. I see it recommended all the time as the ultimate "Mahou Shoujo gone dark" anime, but I never see any explanation why do people consider it such.

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It’s not really dark at all. It’s notable for being a mahou shoujo in a way that feels genuinely magical. I guess you could say it’s the atmosphere but that doesn’t quite describe it completely. It’s something you have to watch and feel for yourself to find out if you’ll like it.

Does it have any notable and interesting twists on the Mahou Shoujo formula, or is it praised solely because it executes the "typical" Mahou Shoujo formula in a really good way?





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ask /wsr/

Way ahead of you on that one. For now, however, I'm not really getting much help in there, either. Just some salty faggot arguing with me for no reason other than to ridicule me for asking a simple question.

Just watch the fucking series if your that invested in finding out. And yes it's actually great.

>And yes it's actually great.

WHY is it so great, though? That's the entire point of the thread. I see it constantly praised by people from Sup Forums but don't know what is it that makes them think this show is great and whether or not it's something that would grab my attention and convince me to give it a go as well.

What's a "typical" magical girl? Princess Tutu is an iconic series directed by someone famously good at directing these sorts of series. Did you like Doremi or Fushigoboshi no Futagohime? He's codirecting the new Precure season. You should just watch Princess Tutu, as soon as possible. It's definitely not something I'd call typical. Magical is a good word.

You can't just give someone a quick rundown of Tutu without spoiling a lot of shit that makes it great so just watch the first couple of episodes and get hooked into watching the rest.

>Did you like Doremi or Fushigoboshi no Futagohime? He's codirecting the new Precure season.

Didn't watch any of these. To be perfectly honest, I don't even like Magical Girls as a genre. I only got interested in Princess Tutu because I've heard it does a fresh spin one the tired formula of kids shows about cute girls saving the world from predictable, one-dimensional villans, using the same iconic attack every episode. I really enjoyed Lyrical Nanoha in that regard, and people generally said that I should check out Princess Tutu as well because of that.

It has amazing character development.
All characters grow and change in believable way. And the ending is both happy and sad.

It's anime Swan Lake, stop looking for twists and shit to enjoy anime.

>I've heard it does a fresh spin one the tired formula of kids shows about cute girls saving the world from predictable, one-dimensional villans, using the same iconic attack every episode.
Pretty much all Mahou Shoujo Sup Forums talks about are not like that. Even Precure changes the formula from time to time. And that is The generic mahou shoujo.

I see. Those are certainly good things to know. Very reassuring.

One other question: How are the villains in Princess Tutu? Are they just there for show and are just one-dimensional entities dead set on destroying the world for reasons unknown even to themselves, or are they more sympathetic and written not as villains, but rather as separate characters, with their own goals and development?

Tutu is really cute and fun, definitely very different from something like Sailor Moon or most Pretty Cures when someone is transforming to fight a monster with a beam attack after jumping around for a bit. It's nothing at all like Nanoha. Magical girls aren't typically about fighting bad guys with laser beams or whatever other magic. That's more popular these days I guess, but the genre itself is strictly there's a girl, usually younger, who has magic and then the plot happens from there. A series like Doremi for example has no fighting at all for over 200 episodes of amazing character devolopment and writing.

Tutu is very good. This thread should serve as a recommendation for it already. Maybe not what you're looking for though.

Precure is more about the fighting and the bad guys, very toku vibe. It even airs at the same time. I wouldn't call precure generic. It only took off initially because it was so different from typical magi girl shows, because Nagisa and Honoka kick fucking ass.

>How are the villains in Princess Tutu?
There aren't any.
The enemies of the characters are themselves.

Train your individuality, watch things without asking other people's opinion

The time you spent on this thread could have gone to watching 6 episodes to see if you liked it.

Sounds like something I'd be able to get once I watch the series and get a better grasp of what's going on.

I see. Still sounds like something I might wanna watch, just need to alter my expectations a bit. I'm really glad I know for sure that I'm not getting myself into the typica "save the world" bullshit.

Except I'm absolute trash at picking anime myself. I usually end up picking series I don't enjoy at all because the premise made me expect something else entirely, and wasting tons of time because of that. That's why I need a second opinion when it comes to that.


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Only normies care about twists more than a well constructed story.

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>Only normies care about twists more than a well constructed story.

What if I care about both, though? Should I just attempt to kill myself and fail in this case?

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Okay. Got any ideas how I should do it?

Magical girl series that aren't based on a Monster Of The Week formula, or just don't have any combat at all, are some of the best to me. You'll probably like Tutu and definitely check out more mahou shoujo by Junichi Sato. SatoJun.

Princess Tutu kind of starts off MOTW like, though. Follows that format for the first few episodes

>check out more mahou shoujo by Junichi Sato. SatoJun.

So... Ojamajo Doremi, Futagohime and Precure series. Anything I'm missing?

A few episodes I can handle. As long as it doesn't pull a DiU on me and roll with it for half the goddamn thing, only to slowly start introducing the story halfway through.

What's with the influx of threads asking for spoilers? Watch it and decide for yourself.

I'm not asking for spoilers. I'm asking for insight on the series.

I've only seen 15 episodes so far, and it's not very story driven so far. It's just a typical "challenge/moral lesson of the week" format, you've probably seen it a thousand times before in western cartoons.
It may change later on, or become a great thing when you put it all together, but don't expect anything epic from Ojamajo Doremi for at least a while.

Yeah, should be clear, but I'm talking about Ojamajo Doremi.

>or become a great thing when you put it all together

That's where Doremi shines really, yeah.

Actually, it wasn't clear at all because in the same post I replied to an user mentioning Princess Tutu has a monster of the week formula for a few episodes. Before you explained yourself, I though you were talking about Tutu.

Okay, I think I've got all the info I need. Thanks a bunch for help. Definitely gonna watch it cause it sounds like something up my alley.

It's a strange blend of a European fairy tale and a magical girl series, with far more complex characters than you'd expect at first glance. It definitely doesn't play out like a normal a mahou shojou. It's not because it's trying to be subversive, but because it was never all that set on being one in the first place. It's a ballet, not a story about a girl fighting monsters (although there's quite a bit of that in the first 6 or so episodes).

It's pretty fucking dark user. CCS feels magical, I wouldn't really attribute the feeling of magicalness over darkness to Tutu.

While everyone is playing nice though, are there any other metafictional anime like Tutu?

Yeah, there's this one called

Haha, very funny user.

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I think "melancholy" describes the show better than "dark".

I'm surprised no one posted the obligatory and spoilerific.

Jesus Christ Sup Forums, why did you answer him?
Mods should just delete threads like these, they're no different from recommandation threads.

>Jesus Christ Sup Forums, why did you answer him?

Because they're not petty faggots who get salty about everything? I recommend you try that sometime. It can do absolute wonders to your well-being.

Nanoha is just a battle shonen with cute girls.
It doesn't have the "magic" of a real magical girl show.

I really hope this isn't the exact reason why I liked it so much...

Probably. Tutu is basically a meta-fairytale influenced strongly by The Swan Princess. It uses all shoujo tropes to the point where it nearly codifies the genre and you can analyse nearly any other shoujo based on its archetypes.

Despite this it isn't up its own ass about symbolism like Ikuhara's work so it an easily be watched as just an entertaining show.

If you don't mind spoilers, this ancient amv is a good presentation for the show:

Haven't seen many Shoujo in my life (I think the only one I've seen was Fushigi Yuugi, at the age of 8, 14 years ago), so I most likely won't recognize most of those tropes anyway. I'll be watching it purely for the entertainment factor.

The story is that an evil spirit is creating an inescapable bad fate for everyone involved by writing in a book, and it ends with one of the characters dramatically writing a different one, in a physical. You're expected to take that seriously.

It's trash

>Mods should just delete threads like these,
i agree and on all boards.

Was drawing Ahiru's armpits like that really necessary?

>tfw Edel's theme is literally "Dance Of The Automatons" from Scene II of Coppelia
>tfw the choreography for episode 12 is literally the pas de deux in Act IV of Swan Lake

Princess Tutu is next level in ways that I'm too plebian to fully understand.