What's been happening with Ippo anyway? Has anything new even come out...

What's been happening with Ippo anyway? Has anything new even come out? I haven't seen a thread regarding the loser in awhile.

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1207 was translated, Ippo is so brain damaged he soils himself and Kumi has to change his man diapers for the rest of his life.

At this point I wouldn't even doubt if that actually happened

He retired, said "I'm home" to his mom, then slept.
Kumi shows up and regrets shit, Ippo wakes up and goes out. Kumi and Mom talk, Mom says he's looking for a new adventure or some shit like that, last page is Ippo fishing.

Wait, is it over?


He's a fisherman now, like his dad.

We have no idea, but it's not over.

When will this ride end?

Just end it.

Offical Twitter says it's not over yet.
But as to how it'll continue?
I doubt even George knows.

The only logical way its going to continue now is that Kumi and Ippo get married and we have a time skip. Kumi already starts to feel bad that Ippo will stop boxing to honor his promise to her.

Eventually she will re-ignite ippo after lot's of therapy and hardcore sex to start boxing again. Ippo will get a new trainer and he will change his style completely to being a very hard puncher with insane dodging and speed.

tldr We get a 2-3 year time skip.

Does it really matter? The manga is fucked anyway. If it ends now, you'll just have to accept it and make up some headcanon about Ippo being an avatar for Morikawa who is unable to continue due to health problems.

If he somehow bounces back it will be the shittiest asspull in history, literally recovering from fucking brain damage magically, on top of making this entire arc nothing a pointless bait.

No way in hell will it continue with Ippo retired, he's not going to become a coach or some shit, he's a retard who only knows how to blindly obey Kamogawa.

>Date: electric boogaloo
Morikawa is enough of a hack I can see this happening

>We get a Rocky Balboa and somehow the brain damage is gone
I bet that if that happens we are going to get a new attack similar to the heart breaker just for poetry.

>Ippo gets back in the ring
>Ricardo is still the top dog even though he is 68 years old
>Ricardo beats Ippo so bad that Ippo spends the rest of his life in a hospital bed

A less stupid option would be lots of therapy and hardcore sex as it becomes a fishing manga.

>Ricardo beats Ippo so bad that pregnant Kumi feels the punches and the baby is born with brain damage.

Here's the raws for the latest chapter.

A nice way to end it, would be with a time skip with Ippo married to kumi and with a few childrens, they talk about the past a little and then they call their kids because they need to go somewhere. Then we have a page with everyone attending to kamogawa funeral, kamogawa leaves a few letters to his closest people, takamura show up, try to humillate everyone and talk about how he is the only one that the old man could feel proud of him, only him, some melodrama with the main charactes, Ippo tells takamura that he is always welcome in his house and then everyone leaves, but only takamura remain there. Then we see takamura in the gym, now he owns it, he is sitting in a bed, in a room where he sleeps with all his belts in the wall, alone and sad as he start to read his letter that kamogawa left for him. The end.

What happened with Takamura's match

Who the fuck cares, he would have just been bodied the how match but then spun his toe at the end to one shot the other guy.

he won by k.o in the first round, then told the audience that Ippo was shit and that they should only cheer for him because he was the best japanese boxer ever, and then they audience got mad and start to throw thing at him.