It's January 16 in Japan. You know what that means.

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Every thread until Crusch-sama gets her memories back.

Wish him happy birthday.


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Happy Birthday, Felix.

Best boy.

Translate please!

>H-how's this, Felix?
>Yeah! That feels good, Crusch-sama!
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Thanks. Well, フェリス is Ferris, not Felix, for starters...

I can't handle that name. I keep thinking "Ferris Argyle's Day Off"

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What would a date with Anastasia be like?

You pay the food.

You give her all your money and rights to money you make in the future and you might be able to get a kiss.

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Chapter translation when?

Soon maybe.

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I fell asleep. Thanks, Rembro.

I'm not doing this for you

It's been a while since we've actually heard from discount right? When was the last time we spotted him in a thread?

I'm here right now, next chapter is giant and will probably wind up around 30 pages when I finish so don't expect it today. I've also been working on a full volume 15 comparison so expect that sometime next week.

Thanks, how in depth is that comparison going to be?

it should be similar to the volume 14 one, or maybe slightly longer. some of the chapters have virtually no change and some are completely rewritten, like emilia's second trial where dona apparently takes the form of arch, and everything with puck. I did some of that a few threads ago.



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I think putting Re:Zero in the subject actually scares away people. The thread yesterday before it was wrongfully pruned actually had discussion in it, even though it was the same "wtf why did subaru forgive Rem for killing him" and the new but completely retarded "women prefer Ram because I say so".

>and the new but completely retarded "women prefer Ram because I say so".
Who would say this? A third of Rem's fans are women. I've got a poll to prove it. And women make up about a third of that poll, if I recall the numbers correctly.

someone either stupid enough to think pretending to be a woman proves them right or an actual woman, either way it was someone who barely paid attention to the anime. The thread was pruned but here is where that retard started posting

I tried looking for that one, can you link it?

>missed most of that thread
I'm sad, it was the most lively thread we'd had in a while.

100 of Rem's 300 votes, out of 1000, come from women. Which makes her more popular among women than Ram is in total. However, most of Ram's fans are women. Notably above the general male to female ratio. Curiously, Roswaal's fans used to be mostly women as well, but something caused his popularity among them to go down.

Fucking applehell and that autist Emilia are back to their echo chamber I destroyed a few weeks back
I don't care about the LN that I'm going to waste my time arguing about it. I'm done.

Or, if my previous calculations were correct, Rem and Emilia are roughly equally popular between men and women. Women make up about a third of the overall voters, and a third of their voters are women. Anyone who has over a third is more popular among women than among men.

That's characters like Ram, Beako, and all the younger male characters like Subaru, Reinhard, Otto, and Julius. Except Felix. They aren't into traps. Curiously, they also don't seem to like Crusche much.

Ah right, the thread got nuked for the Sup Forumstard right?

Anyhow, noticing the last post of that thread.

>>Rem poison treatment should have been in the anime in arc 2 technically.
during the flashback scene specifically
>something tells me that this detail was something Tappei went back and added because his plans changed
I'm not sure Tappei's plans changed too drastically, considering he was dropping hints there was something up with Rem ever since she could smell the Witch. And ever since Aldebaran freaked out on her. Going by my own experience, I think Tappei's just been holding in an idea for Rem for a long time, one he's not been given the chance to expand on in the main story, But it's an idea he wants to start building up, and he's got to find some place to put it in.

EX novel anime announcement when?

I think the main problem is it doesn't have a compelling protagonist while all the side characters very much are.

Wilhelm, Rem, Felt, and Crusch are all somewhat compelling. It's just that although we know Subaru plays a larger role, it's taking a hell of a time getting there. Even if he turns out to be Pride or something, he's just not able to draw people's admiration as well as all these characters actually trying to struggle with or for their nature.

Every thread until Rem wakes up.

I personally find Subaru really good to be honest, I just mostly blame the anime for ruining a compelling character.

You should have accepted the WN tlers for help user.

Wtf are you even trying to say

>I think the main problem is it doesn't have a compelling protagonist while all the side characters very much are.
The problem is the anime can't show Subaru because Subaru is inside Subaru's head.

The best part is he actually has as fault, his pride. But the problem is that the series is such a slow burn to account or make up for this problem that it comes off as making no progress.

I love characters that have issues or flaws, but he just seems to take 4x as many episodes to get what is wrong. It's feels like I'm watching a Bleach arc before it's even began. I like those involved but they're not getting results fast enough, or at least progress.

I'm trying to say that a series is hard to like if all your extra or secondary characters (i.e. not Emilia or Subaru) are much more like able and easy to relate to. I love most of these side characters, but not liking the protagonist makes it harder to remain invested except for those you know will die repeatedly.

I could agree to this, it's a hard angle to go at when you know that he knows he can die, but no one else can.

I like the series, but I felt more emotion watching Wilhelm's 2 episode fights and flashbacks to his wife than I have for Subaru excluding the 15th episode.

In my observations the general consensus around Subaru is that he is basically a compelling protagonist in exception to when it revolves around Emilia. Not to insult Emilia or anything but the enjoyment people deprive from the series is when Subaru interacts with others rather than the elf. Even ayamatsu Subaru became a fan favourite so.


Really its because rhe anime tried to sell Subaru as a hero protagonist instead of a villain protagonist. Subaru is essensially villain turned good guy but they never emphasize that aspect of his character. I find him as lovable and compelling as Mr.Freeze.

Maybe it's the slow burn that makes me dislike Subaru. I never tried thinking about it too hard... I find him to be a wretched and miserable person. If I met him IRL I would beat him to a pulp.

It could be that I have a hard time reconciling him with Kazuma, who is just an unrepentant loveable asshole. Subaru is trying to be repentant in the last 1/4 after his torture arc, so that could be it.

I mean he is wretched and miserable, but that's what I mean. We all see the redeemable in him but it just never seems to actually happen when it needs too. He dies and then either takes 2 steps back or stays stationary rather than advancing most of the time.

>you know that he knows he can die, but no one else can.
That's due to them not displaying his lack of turmoil enough, the reason the respawn ability is a curse rather than a blessing is due to all the genuine moments he shares with others being erased. Think of it this way, imagine if your wife were to one day have alzimers and forgot you were her husband. Its that kind of pain, and its relatable but they never really expanded upon that in the anime but instead had Subaru running around crying but never showing why.

Well really that's because his ascent is never activated until Rem comes along in the story. Hence why I associate him to be likeable akin to Freeze, it is also why Subaru and Rem's romance gets praised to high heavens.

>it is also why Subaru and Rem's romance gets praised to high heavens
I think her dicklust is the number 1 reason though.

i mean thats just your opinion man, in other series characters are 100% dicklust but they never get the popularity Rem gets.

You know nothing about those two if that's what you assume.

They don't have that cute maid design.

Rem is dicklust, but more because of what she said rather than how she looks.

If you weren't diamonds when she wanted to start a family with Subaru, there's nothing more that can be done for you.

Ram doesnt have a cute maid design?
To be honest I am a hard man to please, I actually wasn't sold to them up until the end of arc 3 and arc 4 of Maid Maid Maid. They were a cute couple sure but that chapter and subsequent chapters after those took them to the next level.

Ram isn't lusting that MC cock.

>It could be that I have a hard time reconciling him with Kazuma,
Well, the WN kind of does more to sell Subaru as a kind of sleazy guy.
Personally, I just really likes how she plays along with WN Subaru. Because his behavior is rather more Subaru than his LN counterpart, it kind of balances out Rem's own role as the kind of crazy chick in their interactions.
Petra is, and she's not very popular.

Isn't Petra's dicklust fake dicklust?

Yes its fake dicklust but dicklust nonetheless even if it was due to gluttony's powers. even then she isn't even the most popular daughter either.

Translate please フェリスお誕生日か〜〜〜クルシュ様がいつにも増してハイパーイケメンになる日

Little catbug :3

there is a rem knock off who's character literally exists only to get the dick from the MC or he will die.

Who is Petra?
>t. anime watcher

you mean dog rem?

Admirer of Rem and Subaru. Well, just Subaru as of now due to Rem's condition that is.

>it's feris' birthday huh~~~~~the day when crusch-sama becomes a hyper ikemen more than ever
used google translate for that last one since i didn't know what いつにも増して meant.

This. Reading how arc 1-2 WN Subaru was like when he said Rem made him a better man you can tell he really fuckin meant it. The change was really visible too, near drastic even.

It's not because he'll die. It's because he gets so horny he can't think straight, and needs a massive harem to split his dickings between. Because he's afraid he'll fuck them to death.

So cute (that is a positive thing, right?), thank you. Can you translate ?

sorry, way too long.
right now im not really translating stuff like that, maybe someone else will.

>right now im not really translating stuff like that

just ignore it and move on. someone will translate it eventually.

No no, explain further.

im not too good at japanese yet, so translating just a panel of that would take me at least an hour. and i have to do something else right now.

I was honestly harder when she said "I would be leaving behind the Subaru I love the most".
That was the most the one moment that made me support her completely, even if she was blander in the anime.

Ok, thanks anyway!

I have to put in my hours or I won't get my salary to buy more animeshit.


Do your best user.

>I have the same birthday as the pussycat


Happy Birthday, bro! How old are you now?

Congratulations Ferris!



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It will never.

Emilia ruins everything and she will ruin the kingdom
Kek, even Priscilla is better than her.

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>even Priscilla is better than her.
I'm not so sure what you're implying here, user.